Small procedure earns money (how to make money, how to make money)

Traffic Lord is a small program to provide developers a way to make money, implant advertising components in a small program (there are a variety of components, corresponding to different intervals), and ordinary users enter your applet, how much is If you have income, this income is not too expected.

Why do you say this, because traffic owners have rules and requirements, not online, you can make a lot of money, pay attention to a lot of money Most people who do not operate the applet are a few pseudo, a few more pieces of better than a good point.

If someone tells you that you can make a few hundred thousand in one day, make a question mark first. They want to get anything from you, this kind of revenue is existing, but more such income is obtained by nothing. People who really have to make this money maybe people are busy with the number of small programs that they have, one can earn hundreds, 10, 20 small procedures, it is not beautiful.

The income is definitely, but it is not expected to earn a lot without operating a small program. If it is made by unfair way, it may be deducted when the last settlement will be deducted, and the loss is you, not a person who will build a small program.


This may be the real benefit of most people playing the applet. If you want to play a small program, go to play. Want to make a traffic master, first understand the mechanism of others, operate, you can also make a good benefit.

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