Social circle powder, operational performance, copyright management … cool dog live broadcast to the musicians

社交圈粉、运营变现、版权管理……酷狗直播让音乐人被大众聚焦 社交圈粉、运营变现、版权管理……酷狗直播让音乐人被大众聚焦

Many musicians entered the era of media operations through the cool dog live broadcast platform. This ecological and trend is under subtly changing the music industry.

February 1st, 2017 Cool Dog Live Annual Music Festival held in Guangzhou, live singer and professional singers, singing, all the flour lines interact, completed a refreshing audio-visual feast. This marks the 2017 year in the past, the live industry has passed to a more robust development phase. As the \”just need\” in the young group, music live in music as the core content is also gradually become the main gifting position of talents, resources and musicians in the pan-entertainment audio-visual market. Among them, the live broadcast of cool dogs has become the active core platform for young music people.

It is worth paying attention to a batch of live singers that live in live broadcast platforms are entering the music industry to become focus. What is their daily working status in the live broadcast? How to publish music works? What impact will it affect in the future?

Music live broadcast let the musicians are focused by the public

On this Cool Dog Live Annual Music Festival, Cool Dog Live Singer Chen Yaisen and Li Yuchun, Lin Zhi Xuan, Yang Zongwei, Li Yugang, Mao Mao, Many Stars A music feast was jointly created. He brought the \”Wen Fu Township\” \”Wen Fu Township\”, \”Cool Dog Superman\”, boosted the atmosphere of the ceremony. From the live broadcast to the professional stage, and can sing with many well-known singers, which is inseparable from the promotion of Chen Yassen’s personal talent and platform. In addition, you can also see more live singers like Chen Yassen. They have accumulated experience in singing with professional singers, singing to the mainstream public, this \”biography\” method is also live broadcast One of the charm of the platform.

At present, Chen Yassen has 430,000 fans live in cool dog. Since it is busy with the line performance and music creation, he only has a long time to interact between the lives and fans every month, but each time is crowded, the gift is constantly. Before the celebration, Chen Yassen released a new song \”Solving grocery store\” in the cool dog broadcast, and the live broadcast is not flourishing, and the popularity has been maintained in the top three of the platform list, and the enthusiasm of fans has expected to end at 9:30. Live broadcast, it is extended to ten or a half. Chen Yasien sang his original new song and many old songs, \”Wen Fu Township\” in the two and a half hours, \”My happiness is what I want you\” and other popular songs sang in the requirements of fans. It is better.

社交圈粉、运营变现、版权管理……酷狗直播让音乐人被大众聚焦 △ Chen Yassen in the cool dog live music ceremony

In another live broadcast, singing the people in the rain, will be broadcast on time, live a lotus screen, folding fan Decoration, green plants and water ink Danqing as embellishment, style and his work, with Chinese style. If Chen Yason is a \”gentle brother\” of the cool dog live broadcast platform, then the rain in the rain is here. \”The neighbor’s brother, the usual shy is in a live broadcast, it is like returning to the home. In addition to singing, Fang Yu Chen will interact with fans, not only, it will be spit, joke.

Chen Yassen and Fang Yuchen, is the shortage of countless musicians on the cool dog live broadcast.

According to Ai Rui consulting United Cool Dog live broadcast released \”2018 Chinese Music Live User White Paper\”, 2017, on the Cool Dog Live Platform There are nearly 300 live singers and more than 420,000 real-name certifications, with the signing anchor of music talents, the total live broadcast of the platform is more than 30 million hours, the user is more than 377 billion hours, and the aaters will really sing more than 160,000 songs. The platform has issued a 702 payment album for the musicians.

More status of the data is more likely to be the smile of the singer in the live broadcast. Chen Yassen always promotes the user’s live broadcast \”Green, Health\” live attributes and various gameplay, he believes that the platform creates a pure music live environment for music people, and many musicians have entered a good development track through the platform. \”Now the musicians are more and more, The way of development is more open. It is very good for live platforms and musicians, and more people love music. I like music, I think this can go longer. \”

The live new export of musicians: the choice of live broadcast platform

Chen Yassen often grateful because he has experienced\” doing music and understanding people in the industry \”.

Chen Yassen, born in 1987, I like music very much from the little brother, but my brother is not going to the end because of various reasons and conditions, so Chen Yassen told himself that he must insist on the end, When a good musician and singer. In 2007, 20-year-old Chen Yassen often sang samples for others in the middle of the Central Music Academy, and also accumulated a certain creation experience, he was in charge of his original song to When the record company was seen, in 2008, it was signed a singer, \”Visit, Performance\”.

However, this is not smooth, and the Chinese music industry will enter the strict winter in 2008. Chen Yassen cannot Singer identity, the following year, after graduating from the Central Music Academy, he can only endure it. Return again is 2014, the live broadcast industry has risen in China, and has always adhered to the creation, echo on the digital platform, did not give up Chen Yassen, the music dream, saw the opportunity, \”The appearance of the live broadcast platform is very good, because the music market is relatively small, the industry is positioned for musicians and singer and the experience and feelings of the public, so it is a bit less clear, so Singer and musicians, live broadcast is a good exit. \”

社交圈粉、运营变现、版权管理……酷狗直播让音乐人被大众聚焦 Chen Yassen looked at the starting point of the cool dog as a re-beginning, because he believed that the content of the content here is very accurately positioned by music.\”\” Music candidates are important to live broadcast platforms, cool dog live is able to serve music, many musicians, and singles are really like music, love music. Secondly, fans, in my fans, cool dog live broadcast platform The fans should be the highest quality. \”

Chen Yassen is currently the 7-crown live singer of Cool dogs, and will carry out the promotion of original works through their live broadcasts. When he lives, he has joked herself. I don’t sing another song. \”Because of more than one hundred, live broadcast,\” \”\” \”Chen Yassen got satisfactory income through platform music live + digital music sales, Chen Yassen received a lot of performance opportunities I have also established my own studio, record shed, a lot of friends around us to visit and write songs here.

The sensibility of Chen Yassen is very proud between talks, saying that he is willing to do more positive energy, good things, to help people in the industry, he often calls for your fans in the live broadcast Focus on other anchors, the song \”Cool Dog Superman\”, aimed to convey \”The anchor of the live broadcast of cool dogs and the audience is a family,\” Although my strength is insignificant, but I think I think I To know grateful, because the cool dog gives me a lot of different opportunities, these are what I should do. \”Chen Yassen said.

△ Fang Yak in the live broadcast 社交圈粉、运营变现、版权管理……酷狗直播让音乐人被大众聚焦

Chinese style singing in the morning, also one of the rapid growth of the Cool Dog Live Platform. After 90, he officially issued the first EP to enter the music industry since 2013, caught up with the stage of the industry, but the industry’s ecology is still unable to provide too many resources, how to be able to Let the fans hear your song? By live broadcast platform, he released music and Xuanfeng and other issues have been resolved. Fang Yuchen officially settled in the cool dog in 2015, with the original Chinese style song and the distinctive personal image advantage of \”Five Again\”, \”Five Against\”, \”Five Against\” He has accumulated 100,000 fans during the year, and the continued income of continued high is being invested in the favorite music creation.

\”Music People Self Media\” Next: Write more good songs

There are still many stories of \”Chen Yason and Fang Yu Chen\”. Most of the music people on the Cool Dog Live Platform experienced the 2017 live broadcast market gradually entered normal development, and most of them became stable and developed. On the one hand, music live broadcast has become a major source of income of some musicians. This part of the income will directly support its music creation; on the other hand, through the multi-business model of digital music platform, musicians can more flexibly obtain resources and Potential Line Charges and More Long Tail Effects.

In the eyes of the new media era, the independent music workers settled in the digital music platform, which is self-operated, self-management, self-management, with the aid of the platform.User base, operate with works and personal charm, circle powder, and show.

Young Fang Yakai likes to use his creative and fan interaction, which is also a lot of powder. For example, in addition to being a funny and interested in the usual live broadcast, he will also hold a fan of singing competition, design sea election, preliminary competition, final, let the fan put the song you want to sing through the K song software. You will also come out for everyone when you live, and you will be a reviewer. Fang Yak believes that this approach can enhance the fans to cognition of music and improve the enthusiasm of fan interaction.

社交圈粉、运营变现、版权管理……酷狗直播让音乐人被大众聚焦 In addition, Fang Yuchen will also improve its own music creation from communication with fans. As the lyrics of Chinese style songs are relatively deepest, he will discuss with fans in the live broadcast between China. He believes that this \”self-media\” operation method is good for musicians and fans. \”The creation is actually a very lonely thing, and I wrote a song, I don’t know if this song is written out. Everyone will accept, or how is it accepted, there will be questions in my heart. But I will feel recognition after communicating with fans. In fact, this feeling is very good. \”

Chen Yassen also said that herself and fans Regular communication, and will receive a lot of valuable suggestions, which is not from creative, but let \”see your own angle and the past is not the same. There will be an inexplicable, suddenly a clear direction. A kind of feelings I should do, \”such a feeling will further affect the creation, let him write more songs.

As the industry enters the \”Starful Age\”, the platform has been helping the musicians through the \”self-media\” model operation, the traffic algorithm of the digital music platform, the list recommendation, etc., the music people receive live There are more exports gained in the platform. For example, Chen Yassen wrote a song as a narrative story. The studio can often receive the work of custom film and television songs. Many friends in the industry will come to the song as theme song. He recently hopes to be able to involve more film and television music creations; Fang Yichen is hoping that he can accumulate more works. When you can see the fans in the live broadcast, he will listen very well, but there is too little, he tells the fans to work hard, \”more and more songs will be more and more\” This is also the consensus and determination of all musicians on the live broadcast platform.

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