Soft writing: A part-time job that makes money than typing

There are many readers in the few days of the readers, the WeChat, saying that they were deceived, or the typing part-time was cheated, or

is hang up to be cheated, I am also very helpless reply \” I don’t have the relationship, long exposure is good \”

In fact, what kind of typing, brush single, hang-up, and hang up, but why is so many people

? The answer is: because of simple, attractive! The newcomer has no obvious ability

A lot of projects, regular micro business, Taobao, self-media ….

In fact, I have done a survey very early. In a brush group, I recommend Taobao,

explained very clearly, they also understand the principles of the project, I also analyze the limitations of doing brush orders, [ 123]

But unfortunately, 10 people don’t have a willing to do Taobao, they feel that Taobao needs to drain, too trouble,

They only want to earn a dozens of pieces a day …

How do you say this, you have a possibility of Taobao, you may earn dozens of pieces, hundreds of pieces, thousands of pieces, tens of thousands of pieces,

But do brush, you can earn a day How many? To die dozens of pieces, and this industry belongs to gray nature …

There are a lot of projects that are reliable by the single, and today I will share a soft text. Item Idea.

[1 】 Project Analysis

From a personal concern, soft writing is a regular and long-term development project, which can be part-time, and it can be

full-time. From the market demand, the current Softwood market is very large, and has formed a relatively large industrial chain

, many platforms are in the contribution, public account, APP, website, etc.

But There are very few people who go to this formal long-lasting project, causing the current \”inquiishing\”.

For example, the public number: the public number operation or WeChat operation, mainly the content generation operation, the general individual or small company

There is no ability to continue the original content, this is the opportunity.

There may be someone can’t help but say, not anyone has ink, in fact, this is the story of the story, engage in soft

text mode, and learn some learning skills It’s not difficult, unless your resistance is better than your execution

, you will feel very difficult.

This is a quote of a soft text to write a company. You can refer to the price:

After reading the picture, you may want these major The treatment of writers is also very good, in fact, you can,

You see some professional writersAfter the text, you may feel emotion, this level is worth 1000, I can write it!

The core of this problem is, you dare not!

[3] How to pick up the task

Now on the style of the media, the draft fee is also high, how to pick up the task!

Pig Eight Rings Net, Tower Otte App, Public Submission, etc. These are channels, all of which are the tools of your knowledge.

For the public account, the following is some of the people I have found, most of them are the contribution of the three-digit draft fee

things, these drafts are not very high, but the threshold is low, The chance is high.

Because of timeliness or authenticity, everyone is still applying, it is best to contact it first, I just move

Fun, those notice interpretation rights belong to the public.

There is also the misunderstanding, everything, flexible, not to die, need to pay attention to the skills,

, such as the contribution of the public, Many of the articles At this time, you can take some measures

, brush fans, brush reading, brush point hit.

In the late customer accumulation, you can write the soft text to develop and grow, and you will help you write, you don’t have to write,

You just review soft text quality, or make soft text training, This is a matter of entrepreneurship.

[12] Write a small skill

To note that the originality of the article should be evolved.

There is also a self-media pseudo-origin editor, but I don’t recommend it, the editor is always alive.

Soft text is actually not difficult, solve several problems

1, psychological problems, in fact, a lot of novices can’t make money or being cheated What extent is caused by psychological problems, just like

I have done above, most of the people who brush orders feel that Taobao is too complicated, but not as long as they do it, worry I didn’t return myself! I just want to say that you do tens of pieces a day and 0

What is the difference between income? Is it possible to improve your condition? Is it possible to make your life? In fact, it is not bad, the most

The bad situation is that it doesn’t work in front of him?

2, writing level, many people think they don’t have ink, copy you will always? There are more inks that have copied your own, when

This copy does not refer to copy paste, but a fake origin, to learn people’s content, the ink improvement is late.

3, focus, persistence, learn to continue solving problems

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