Software that stepped by earning money (the software that earns money is reliable)

Shang Gui learned that Taobao Tmall has recently launched a \”gift\” app. This is a related product based on exercise.


The user uses the app, and the virtual props can be obtained by walking – \”ingot\”, these ingots can be bound to Taobao Tmall live broadcast In exchange for the rights of cash red envelopes, coupons.

In addition to walking in exchange for related rights, the app also embeds the product function, but the user clicks and cannot jump to the purchase page. Shangyi learned that the app can be docked by the merchant, and can help the merchant improve the key data indicators such as its brand exposure, enter the store transformation, final sales, and may be a merchant. At present, \”Gift Hair\” App has been removed from major app stores, and the specific reasons are unknown.

There are still many products that earn gains through walking. For example, spelling a lot of walking of the road to make money, users accumulate healthy gold through a certain number of steps or complete related tasks, when the amount reaches the extradition amount, it can be directly uplink; Tencent’s QQ sports and dripping APP also has a way to make money Related functions.


It is worth mentioning that the Taobao Tmall has also launched a function called \”friends and relatives\”. Currently, this feature can be displayed in the channel bar of the Taobao App home page. The main purpose of this feature is to achieve the purpose of helping friends and family save money by collecting Taobao Tmall red envelopes, coupons, low-cost good goods. After the user uses this feature to complete the purchase behavior, it will directly obtain the corresponding \”Tao Lijin\”. When you are shopping, \”Tao Lijin\” will automatically be deducted simultaneously with other offers.


It can be seen that Taobao Tmall launched \”friends and relatives\” function, its purpose is truly through the way of fission, attracting more The traffic enters the Taobao Tmall platform to expand traffic for the entire platform. At the same time, the increase in traffic is also a good thing for Taobao Tmall businesses, meaning that there is more opportunities for their own products to pay attention.

For merchants who have not yet entering Tmall, Shangcao recommends that it is most important as soon as possible. This year, the cat has been launched in the station or operated, and it has successively launched various support policies. It can be said that this year’s merchants settled in Tmall, compared to the success rate of previous years. 尚策资讯:淘宝天猫或上线走路赚钱App,是真实还是又一个套路?

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