Stall Barbecue make money (stall grill profit)

The case brought to you today is: BBQ stores do activities, free to send 1,000 yuan to customers, no loss is more than 300,000.

Case Background:

This barbecue shop is in Chengdu, the boss is a pair of 90-year-old couples, the two don’t have children, just married, they are all in the countryside. Especially the wife, typical rural girl, come from familiar family, very good one.

Then the barbecue of their store will be, not very difficult, but it is also possible to go to the sky. When I start, I will go to this store, for their service. Rural people do business, there is really a kind of ripe, and there is a big side.

So the start of this store is not bad, and nearby residents like it in this store, sit down and drink some small wine, the boss is happy, will also send some homes to bring over Earth specialty.

Said that the real business is actually, it is also possible, it is busy every day, every day, there is not much, but it is busy satisfaction.

This state has continued until 19 years, and many things have been controlled, especially the barbecue, saying is a pollution environment, what is impact on the city, all of the barbecue stalls must turn into BBQ store, all barbecue stores must not be overtaken, etc., the result is a small stall, business is not as good for a day, although the old customers will often patronize, but it is also discounts It is to send things, the profit itself is also relatively small, and the new customer is not enough, so it is necessary to close the store, and I have a rush to jump on the two.


If the business is not good, you can do activities. You can generally store the little boss, there is no knowledge, you can only have a hard sleeve. What do others do, I have moved in the cat and painted, and if you are lucky, you may succeed.

But this is not much successful, because many activities, if you only look at the surface, you can’t see your profit point. Maybe people do make money, but you will move, basically immediately lose money.

For example, this case will be said, free to send customers 1,000 yuan, the boss does not lose more than 300,000, how do people do it?

Activity introduction:

The activity is particularly simple, it is not complicated, which is directly to print a batch, the card, 300 yuan, 500 yuan, 1000 yuan, etc. of the front prints, 800 yuan, 1000 yuan, etc. , Reversely print the detailed address of the store.

Of course, these cards are not directly like sending a single, if so, if so, there is no basic effect, just like business in reverse profit column. Telling, traditionally changed the way, there is no effect, there is no effect, and the flyer is a poison in the customer’s heart.Sick, so replace it. 夫妻俩摆摊卖烧烤,“借”超市客流,月盈利做到30万,太牛了 Profit Analysis:

A no-worth of cards itself, wanting to make him valuable, the simplest way is to find a credit book. Just let the bank help you send you and let the street sweep, the two make cards, and finally the effect is absolutely different.

The method of issuing the card above is to find a vendor near a nearby supermarket or a vegetable market, and contact customers more frequent stores. As long as the customer consumes a corresponding amount, it will send a corresponding welfare card.

And when sending cards, be sure to bring gambling, use gambling way, increase customer gain, and cherish the feelings.

Example: Customer consumption 30 yuan, you can get a lucky draw chance, a benefit card worth 300-1000 yuan, randomly pumped, and pumped it.

Cooperative merchant, because you can send your own extra value, and increase your own product added value, you will increase customers to enter the store and improve your profits. And the customer has a sense of trust and cherish the active itself because of the threshold restrictions, it is equivalent to a welfare that is equivalent to paying.

and finally getting much benefit card, is a probability problem, subconscious again, increasing the emphasis on this card, and adding this welfare card to get the feelings, so I will go to the store The chance of offset this card will be amplified.

The card, although the above amount is large, but it is not a one-time deduction, but it can only be deducted 20% each time until all The deduction is complete, it is equivalent to the boss just a 20% discount. And in order to facilitate customers, then launch direct online or order, call a call to report a dish, free to you.

Although such an activity is simple, the cost of the guest is not large, but it is also in this place. It is not cost to do it. It is also a \”borrowing\” customer.

There is less passengers of their own, unable to expand natural traffic, ordinary guest customers don’t buy, don’t spend money and surrounding merchants, come to a \”force\”, he is given Offer, winning double customers, you also get profit because of the customers he get. 夫妻俩摆摊卖烧烤,“借”超市客流,月盈利做到30万,太牛了

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