Suitable for 10 jobs for full-time Bao Ma, there must be a suitable for you

There is a mother, it is not as good as it! It can be seen that it is more important to self-reliance!

Especially after the child and the parents are old, I hope that I can give my child better, let my parents enjoy my old age … and these require economic base!

And for various reasons, many people can’t go out to work, so today I will introduce you to the work that is suitable for work at home!

The first, short video is due to the development of 5G, short video, especially these two years of epidemics, everyone can not go out to brush short video at home, so as long as you have a color, talented, very special, You can choose to do this! A video is broadcast, it can bring millions of income!

Second, self-media text work, there is a special lecture, you can choose this! Write a social hotspot, mother-in-law relationship, raising a baby, travel food, etc.! Like headlines, knowing, hundreds of these platforms, writing well, according to the amount of reading, the fans can also take the store

third, e-commerce this can be Entrepreneurship, where you can work! You can do an outgoing e-commerce, zero-foundation zero experience, do not use the goods without delivery, just apply for a store, put the goods to the store, and then go to the family to send

fourth, e-commerce service With the changes in people’s shopping habits, e-commerce is rapidly developed. Every year, Alibaba and major e-commerce platforms need a large number of different site customers! Typing is fast, will communicate, you can be competent! Work content is our usual shopping, like the customer service of our communication

Fifth, Taobao Taobao customers are helping Taobao sellers to promote products, then earn certain commissions! Can be promoted by QQ, you can also promote short video and WeChat! In short, as long as you promote the product, you can make money, and you don’t need to invest in a penny.

Sixth, buy a family with a population of cute baby and high value, the merchant gives you a product, you shoot pictures to the merchant, the merchant pays you commission, the transaction is completed! This picture is mainly used for the merchant’s Yangmao, buy a family show, and the details page, etc.! Do this is that the model will be beautiful, or the model of the model will take pictures!

Many parents in the seventh child Takan have to go to work, or have a conflict with the child’s time, so I need to take a look at the child during my parents! The home is spacious and clean. It is easy to succeed in the people, which can earn any income, or you can bring your own children!

The ethnoconger’s education teacher education started from the doll, so there are many kindergartens in all places! These kindergartens will recruit teachers to assist teachers’ teaching, so you can apply this baby at home, you can take this baby, you can have a baby

Ninth, open a small shop, this shop does not need too much Big, you have to sell more people in the population, you can sell fruits.Vegetables, breakfast, snacks, but don’t choose to sell clothes shoes headdress, because these online is very cheap and easy to buy, physical stores are not competitive

tenth, collecting express deliveryThe so-called express generation refers to the act of entrusting others or receiving some generations because the recipient cannot recount some of the record, and you can act as this collection person and collection point.]

The above is Li Sister summed up the part-time job that is suitable for the mother, no matter what you are, no matter what you have agenized, as long as you understand, do your business, overcome difficulties, you will have a suitable for you!

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