Super detailed community fission implementation plan (case analysis)


Step (1) Determining the explosion

in line with the three criteria: the needle, the threshold is low, the strength is large

small case – special spike fruit

[123 ] \”The original price of 39 yuan 5 catties of avocado, second killing only 9.9 yuan\”

\”The original price of 39 yuan 5 pounds of rock sugar apple, second killing only 1 yuan\”

Don’t ask for money, only to drain, you may have a few dollars in front of you, but you will find a complete set of steps will find that not only don’t lose, but also make a small earning.

Step (2) Screening the customer

to operate: group hair friends, friends circle poster

Example: Picture of avocado spike + text description

Make a picture of kiwi spike ( Product map + spike price), and with a paragraph of event instructions, then send it to a circle of friends, and the group sent to the friends to promote promotion. Customers that can guide interested interests are convenient for later construction groups, such as friends circle to release content: Interested friends buckle \”1\”.

Step (3) Building a group preheating

to operate: Invite customers to participate in the spike

to invite customers to participate in the spike, if there is a customer consultation, tell customers, seconds to kill cattle fruit activities It is carried out in the WeChat group.

Example: 1 yuan or 9.9 spike rules (1 yuan effect is the best)

start spike at 9 o’clock every night, 3 1 yuan spike every day, in WeChat group 3 A red envelope, each red envelope has only one spike, and people who grab the most red envelopes are qualified for 1 yuan.

Step (4) Fission Group

Action: Customer Feedback + Group Witness + Guide Action

Remember, before the fission must be arranged before the second kill customer is sent back to the group!

Guide action – Forward + invitation

1, forwarding activities poster 19.9 yuan purchase

2, invitation 2 friends into group 19.9 yuan purchase

3, invite 20 friends to enter the group 9.9 yuan to purchase

Tips: Forward + Invitation Remember that the screenshot sent to WeChat group @ 主 私 私 获


Steps (5) Frequent strategy: Timed spike, limited time limit, gift marketing, 0 risk commitment

The second kiose event, no guest qualified customers, you need to buy kiwi to buy kiwi, this part is us Target customers, fully shaping the value of goods to complete high conversion.

combined with a deal of preferential conditions, such as 1.9.9 yuan in groups in the group, do not want to pull people 25 yuan (the original price of 39 yuan outside the group), that is, the following 4 price: [123 ]

1资 资 资 资 资 【资】】】 资 资 资 资 【【【资 资 资 【【格 格 格 格 格 格 格 格 格 格 格 格 格 格 格 【【【【【【【【¥ 25】

[¥ 39] [¥ 39]

is conducive to the customer’s hierarchical screening, and it is also conducive to meeting the customer’s vanity to reach a transaction

step (6) Circular operation

to operate: continuously evacuating continuous drainage customer multiply order violating

group small game: Solitaire, sieve, red envelope, etc.

in the group in the group,To the second killing, customers witness, and then continue to let the people come in to enter the group.

Is the action ended here?of course not!!!

Putting the first round of community, the material is continuously screenshots, hairpins, and strive, to the next round of activity, etc., etc., to form the activity mode into a fixed module to become a self-growth engine.For example, \”Spike Day\”, \”Member Day\”, etc.

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