Take the \”Huang River Beach\” into a beautiful and rich \”Happiness Beach\” – Visit the National People’s Congress, Heze Municipal Party Committee Secretary Zhang Xinwen

\”During the 13th Fiveth ‘period, the economic society in Heze, Shandong Province has been long-term development. The total economic volume reached 348.3 billion yuan, an average annual increase of 7%, ranking from 13th in Shandong Province to 8th; The per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents increased by 7.6%, 8.8%, especially 17015 million people realized the poverty alleviation. The scene of the masses crossed the fire, full of support and gratitude to the party. Government work report proposes to join The development of the poverty reduction, improve the agricultural production, improve rural production and living conditions’ and ‘do a good job in expanding the effective connection to the country’s revitalization. This is the development of Heze’ 14th Five-Year’s development. \”Recently, Representative of the National People’s Congress, Zhang Xinwen, secretary of Heze Municipal Party Committee, Shandong Province, told reporters.

It is understood that Heze is large as the underdeveloped area, and the poverty population is large, accounting for 37.7% of Shandong. After 7 years of hard work, Heze integrates agricultural funds for 9.62 billion yuan, 58,000 help responsible people, 20,000 first secretary and residential cadres, and fight the poverty alleviation, high quality completed the decentralization task.

Zhang Xinwen introduced that in 7 years, Heze adheres to the problem-oriented, innovation leads, and fully implemented accurate poverty alleviation, precisely remove the poverty, and created a large number of experience of poverty alleviation work that can be reproduced. For example, innovation implements \”one household case\” precision poverty alleviation, \”one village one product\” industry poverty alleviation, \”one person, one post\” employment poverty alleviation \”three one\” project, in the country’s first \”three poverty alleviation map\”. In the country’s first employment, the \”Polytead\” represented by \”Pick-altered Board\” has been built 3107 \”poverty alleviation workshop\”, and 380,000 people have achieved \”two incorrect mistakes\” in achieving money. In Shandong, he took the lead in purchasing medical supplement insurance for all poor people, and constructs a \”six-defense line\” of health poverty alleviation and cracking on poor problems in the disease. Innovation Establish 12 full-time boarding public welfare schools, solving the problem of specialty children’s education. Built into 2279 sets of old turnover, 28,848 poor old people realize \”old people to raise\”.

Decisive Battle \”Yellow River Beach\” is Heze Prprincinal Promotion of Legity. Heze is the first stop of Lu Rou, 185 kilometers in the Yellow River, 147,000 people in the beach area, accounting for 1/4 of Shandong, and the people’s per capita income is only half of the average income level of Shandong farmers. Residents in the Yellow River Beach area are also trapped in the Yellow River and trapped in the Yellow River. I have long trapped into the \”three-year savings, three-year mats, three-year construction room, three years of payment\”, how to fundamentally change the mass of the beach Living and living conditions? In 2017, under the Party Central Committee and the Shandong Provincial Party Committee, the provincial government strongly supported, Heze successfully launched the residential relocation project of Huanghe Tan District. At present, the 28th village community entities are all caught, and the six foreign communities are all built. The people in the beach are about to achieve homes in thousands of years. At the same time, Heze adheres to the new residential area and the employment park, the industrial park synchronous construction, and built the foundation for the promotion of rural revitalization in Beach District.

\”Deep the poverty is not the end, but the new life, the starting point of the new struggle. During the ’14th Fiveth\” period, we will implement in depthImplement the party’s central decision-making deployment, solidly promote the consolidation of the effective connection of the country’s revitalization, grab the effectiveness of the villages, grab the native strategic opportunity of the Yellow River Basin, and do a good job in the planning of the functional area along the Huang Range, vigorously develop the rich industry, and strive to put the pastThe ‘Huang River Beach’ creates a beautiful rich ‘happiness beach.\”Zhang Xinwen said. (Source:\” Farmer Daily \”Lu Bing Bing)

Source: Farmer Daily

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