Talking about DNF moving bricks (2)

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Auxiliary starting No. 1-30 sanctions Many open starts 50-70 sanctions One hour of sanctions benefits can be ignored.The five-day sanctions appeared, indicating that this QQ can bid farewell to DNF.Five days will constantly loop.Money can save more than 85 or more, save 1-84 level

50-70 must be careful, it is best to play less for a while or have a day to take a day, must be stable, over 70The level will be safe

50-54 level in the snow mountain map, the strange monsters will be fast.That picture is slow to brush.It is easy to seal 5 days

The most stable starting method: two sets of numbers in each number, upgrade to level 85 and go to other roles, the most stable starting method.But very waste time is about a month

All, the more I want to upgrade the quotation of the next quotation.The more steady, the more it is not easy.The more you make up, the more it is not easy to seal, but it’s going to make Money, who will put it into that?If you want to move, even if you spend more time, is it?

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