\”Tang Tong Town Information 19 01 11\” Job Recruitment, Housing Rental, Making Promotion, Listening

「行唐同城信息19 01 11 期」求职招聘、房屋租售、做推广、打听事

▼ [Recruitment] Honest and trustworthy, responsible (Tel: 18032480809)

▼ New Year’s New Meteorology, New Year’s New Offers, Mud Spicy Skewers, Don’t want money! Free delivery in the bottom … One yuan a string casually eat, eat it is mane, eat it, red fire, big luck, tonight, tonight, the mud spicy skewers, the activities are not important, and they are reliable. More activities, in-store consultation … (Contact number: 18032236897)

▼ [Recruitment] Recruitment black land simple wine and league business, public holidays 3000 plus, require no family to drag, can have a long time Dry, hard work. male or female. (Tel: 15612111887)

▼ iQiyi, Tencent, Youku, Mango, more than 20 film and television APPs As long as 28 don’t spend money

▼ [Business] Centennial Luzhou Laojia (Tel: 15612111887)

Recruitment Job Search

▼ Recruitment】 Zhifu Eco Restaurant Recruitment Wages 2800, bar 2600. Address: Xue Yue Huating, West Street, Longzhou. Please call us for details. (Contact number: 13931883831)

▼ [Recruitment] live broadcast high-pay high-paying – live operation (company training) Beijing Xinyuan Yihai Culture Media Co., Ltd. is a 15-year artist and film and television drama investment enterprise. \”琊\”, \”Hua Mu\”, \”Flower Bone\”, \”Northern Boys\”, \”Good Day in Life\”, \”The Good Day in Life\”, has a company’s artist or participation in investment. Due to the business development needs of the company. The company decided to set up branches in Tang Dynasty. It is now recruiting business people according to the business needs. Job Description: Live Operations ★ Work Responsibilities (Company is responsible for training): … (Tel: 13121100724)

▼ [Recruitment] Today, 6-20, Tianjin Enterprise, Tianjin Enterprise, recruiting 500 age requirements : 18 years old, men and women are not limited to do the first month of the 15th work content: organize books, easy health salary: 140 / day, welfare is good, (Tel: 15130654829)

▼ [Recruitment] Recruitment Telecom broadband fault handling customer service monthune 8 days, welfare treatment, comprehensive salary 3000-5000, work does not involve sales, belongs to after-sales maintenance. The company’s various item rewards, cash rewards, wages are issued on the 15th, and there are dormitory. Work location: Tang Tang County (Tel: 15383338801)

▼ [Recruitment] Recruitment Hotel Waiters, Experienced Priority, Salary Negotiable, Address Hong Kong Road Traffic Building South Bank 100 meters east. Interested parties call (contact phone: 15176991214)

▼ [Recruitment] Sign Free Shijiazhuang Airport Airlines: Hebei Airlines: post, administrative, finance, land, information technicians, infrastructure, aircraft maintenance, marketing. Job requirements: Bachelor degree or above, English 4 or more. Wages (3500-6000) Five insurance and one gold. (Tel: 66882555)

▼ [Recruitment] ❗❗ Recruitment Beijing Zone City Management Requirements: Male, age 22-35 years old, height 175 or more, good health, no agriculture, no academic requirements, package to eat . Salary: Every day, I have to go to work eight hours (there is something attendance, nothing is resting in the duty room), four days of the month, the holiday is normal, the upper five insurance, the comprehensive salary of more than 4000. ️️ Someone has a quick report, after the end of the year, I have reported to work! There is a driver’s licensee and veterans preferred. (Contact number: 66882555)

▼ [Recruitment] Recruitment agent \”All Silver Home\” is what is \”the Silver Home\” is a social financial platform with 16 banks, providing free online handling, Through your promotion, others to do, business, you can take bank commissions without any investment. \”All Silver Home\” platform is on July 18, 2017, there are currently more than 1 million part-time promoters, more than 15 million users; more than 200,000 cards per month. Most part-time promoters revenue: 200-700 yuan per day; promotion is more experience, have their own team, daily income 15 …

▼ [Recruitment] Ruifeng Seiko recruiting car Welder fitter network sales of civil energy workmanship milling of milling mandabashi Male and female unlimited payment monthly has a live Binhe District nearby (Contact number: 13832133797)

▼ [Recruitment] Recruitment package dumplings work well, intentional phone contact ( Tel: 18032142486)

▼ [Recruitment] Tang Tang County Training Course Recruitment Frontai 18 to 35 years old, love sports have communication skills. Serious work, responsibility Require carefully, responsible. For details, please call the call (WeChat synchronization) (Tel: 13784313091)

▼ [Job Search] job search: Moon! I am female, 30 years old, Tang Dynasty, married, health, good person, calm, clean and profit. If you are looking for a mother and baby care, or you are looking for a reliable guardian for the baby from January to October, please contact me, the price, you said something (contact number 15930169587)

▼ [Recruitment] 尙 尙 优 精选 酒店 酒店, hire a front desk. Requirements: Female, between the ages of 20 and 35, between the five officials, hard work, and responsible. Address: Yanke Preferential Hotel, Dangdang Driving School South side. (Tel: 13832315499)

▼ [Recruitment] Urgently hiring USA 3500 – Assistant 2000-3500 students 800–1500 salary from excellent experience preferred (Tel: 15532141151)

[ 123] ▼ [Recruitment] Chen’s prawn hot pot: now high-pay sincerity, rear kitchen, waiter, etc. Experience with hot pot stores can be prioritized. Interested parties please go to the store. Address: Tang Dynasty Driving School, Taoism Prawn Hot Pot (Tel: 17778224606)

▼ [Recruitment] Best Recruitment Waiter, Best Fu Cheng About your joining position: 4 free cashier, then kitchen 4 requirements: women 18-38 years old, good health, five senses, hard work, teamwork spirit, experienced priority! Working hours: 8: 30-15: 30-22: 00 Two classes (contact number: 15200016242)

▼ [Recruitment] One product 品 门 招 厨 师, a piece of food, a number of waiters. (Contact number: 13363111234)

▼ [Recruitment] \”Dong Buy International Health Club\” High-pay Recruitment Beauticians, Students (Tel: 17732814451)

▼ [Recruitment] Waiter Wages 2800, bar 2600, (Tel: 15612132322)

▼ [Recruitment] Shijiazhuang Metro Substance Debt Recruitment Guide 1 Good health, hard work, self-discipline, self-reliance, up, no bad records; 2. Tail of railway power supply, other professional academic outstanding people can break the admission, the degree of cultural degree of secondary school; three, salary: 1, internship period (or Trial period) six months, basic salary of 2000 yuan + 600 meals. 2, after turning forward, comprehensive income of more than 3,500 yuan (basic salary 2000+ position subsidy 1000 yuan – 30 … (Tel: 18000313660)

▼ [Recruitment] School is looking for excellent teachers, need to try Speaking, the interview will go to work directly, the salary is talked about. Interested parties please add WeChat concurrent resume. Thank you (Tel: 13230402641)

▼ [Recruitment] Job Requirements: 1. Age 20 to 35 years old, good health , High school or high school degree 2. Good image, responsible, out-of-time, agility, strong expression ability, strong communication skills and communication skills 3. Higher sales workThe enthusiasm, glasses sales related experience, priority position responsibilities: 1. Reception customer consultation, understand customer needs, and reach sales 2. Recommended and sales of products independently 3. Do the responsible area. Health clean work 4. Timely and accurate feedback, please provide suggestions, solve problems for customers … (Tel: 13643301668)

▼ [Recruitment] to find two soldiers and small workers, require long-term dry, work location A band in the West Bridge. Please call us for details. (Tel: 15132162569)

▼ [Recruitment] Hebei Zhengmater Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. high paying request: 20 welder. The two soldiers, a number of apprentices, 2 people who are handled, and the salary is more than 150. Sales of internal staff, accounting, library tube, salary. Our company has a formal procedure, which can be stabilized all year round. Address: East side of the Government of Beihe Township in Tang Tang County. (Tel: 15100167471)

▼ [Recruitment] Old Walk to recruit salesperson, shopping guide. Treatment: Bottom salary add a bonus to add rice to make basic computer operation, female, under 32 years old, long-term, responsible, good at communicating. Please call us for details. (Contact number: 13333389646)

▼ Recruitment】 招 修 学工, woodworking. Long-term lives, high pays are high. (Contact number: 15100145458)

▼ [Recruitment] 2 school cafeteria recruits 2 women workers, taking the tube, and the wages are talked about. (Tel: 13230402641)

▼ [Recruitment] Cowboy Wang Shoes Plaza recruits salesperson, wage treatment is excellent! Interested parties (contact phone: 18034538507)

▼ [job hunting] will be soldier to find a temporary can do the life to eat, hard work, not afraid (Tel: 13663219446)

▼ [Recruitment] Yong Yong Advertising Recruitment has 2 work experience, please call us for details. (Contact number: 13930164555)

▼ [Recruitment] Mandu Shan Jewelry Tang Tang Dynasty New Store opened, recruitment: 1 store manager, 1 shop manager assistant, 10 sales elites. (Tel: 13930164555)

▼ [Job Search] I am studying a graduate student. During the winter vacation, I want to find a tutor in the Tang Dynasty. I can have a pair of key points, high school children’s college analysis. knowledge. Have multiple work experience. (Tel: 18875128532)

▼ [Recruitment] | friends in the circle, our company due to business development, natural voice-owned and hearing aids nationwide chain big city store need to be recruiting staff members. Working hours: 8:30 early 5:00.Next: 1, male or female, age 32- and 40 years old 2, academic qualifications, professional unlimited, have a priority of sales experience. 3, articulate, strong communication skills, strong implementation, hard work, good character. Will computer-based … (Contact number: 15373114880)

▼ [Recruitment] Careful part-time due to the increase in business, is now looking for a 50-time holiday, a part-time 50-speaking, can benefit: Provide Electric cars (non-deposit) control, upper insurance, 6 yuan per single, more labor, more than 30 or more computer automatic send orders do not have to grab a single request: 18-50 years old, male or female, self-confident smart phone, I will use navigation, I will ride electric vehicle salary to leave the job, do not arrear the salary. Interested in Shijiazhuang (Tel: 18032408590)

▼ [Recruitment] Tang Tang County Natural Voice Declined Hearing Aids Due to the four famous sales staff, recruitment is as follows: 1 Good look side love clean . 2 old loves and young temper. 3 There is a certain computer related knowledge. 4 age 30__38 years old. 5 Treatment, three months of salary of two thousand yuan. After entering the job, the salary is added to the fifth insurance plus public break. I hope that I have to join the team to join together. Contact: Pei teacher (Tel: 15373114880)

▼ [Recruitment] Hunan Xuan Da Food Co., Ltd .: 诚. (Tel: 13317304360)

▼ [Recruitment] Star Beauty fried chicken burger monthly salary 2500-4000 is now hired: waiter, cashier, reserve operator. Requirements: Long-term, short-term. Good health, hard work, responsible, Mandarin standard, male or female. Salary: salary, three salary, high temperature and low temperature subsidies, overtime subsidies. Once hired, treated favorably! (Contact number: 15511662344)

▼ [Recruitment] Pedestrian Street new open Internet cafes recruit female cashier. Salary Negotiable (Tel: 13138087695)

▼ [Recruitment] Find two soldiers and apprentices, work place in the West Bridge, (Tel: 15132162569)

▼ [Recruitment] The leather wine recruits county and township business, male or female, basic salary 3000, and additional commissions. (Tel: 15612111887)

▼ [Recruitment] Recruitment Recruitment drivers: B2 and C photos, B2 photo 6000 yuan +1000 rice supplements, manage. C follows 5500 + 1000 meals, manage. New Year’s Eve will not go home. Note: Work location is not in the Tang Dynasty, in Suzhou, you can’t do it without calling, and you can introduce the factory to the factory. I am Xinle Mile 137, 7322, 7329 (contact number: 13773227329)

▼ [Recruitment] School high salary is hired for excellent teachers, there are teachers qualification priority. Formal work salary treatment 3000-5000 (contact number: 13230402641)

▼ [Recruitment] School recruitment clerk, skilled operations Word, Excel and other office software (contact number: 13230402641)

▼ [Recruitment] 1. Beijing organs will recruit winter holiday, (security police), work eight hours a day, more than counted, eat (especially good to eat), free of charge! Indoor post, ask boys, height 1.70-1.80 meters, can not carry glasses during work (can be invisible), girl height is 1.60-1.65 meters, monthly salary 8 hours 3000! New Year does not go home! 2. Beijing Building recruits security guards, monthly salary 3,000 yuan, height 1.67-1.85 meters, male, no age requirement! Eat 8 hours, beyond the calculation overtime! 3, Beijing Metro Recruitment Administrator, Eight … (Tel: 15230809807)

▼ [Recruitment] Recruitment Festival Gift Box Promoter 2, has been dried to the twelfth Year of the Month. Salary is coming. Requires women in 18-45 years old. Address Tang County New Opening Road (Tel: 17730550919)

▼ [Recruitment] Huikang Conditioning Health Museum painless prolactation [Rose] [Rose] [Rose] [Rose] [Rose] Service Range: No milk, no pain, milk siltation, pain, breast inflammation, breastfeeding guidance. [Love] [Love] [Love] [Love] [Love] [Love] Adult Massage with cervical spondylosis, pillow, shoulder, headache, insomnia, acute waist, lumbar, constipation, constipation, sciatic pain, stomach pain The waist disc protrudes is the main feature, and the efficacy is remarkable.  The first time I adult massage half price experience once  Address: West Side of the Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine … (Tel: 13473398117)

▼ [Recruitment] Recruitment: Architectural Engineering graduated, will be bidding , The preferential, pay negative (contact number: 13832341836)

▼ It quietly knead: computer, newspaper, mirror, camera, radio, recorder, flashlight ,Bank card! Mobile company jumps! The main thing is that it is broken, our eyes! So this is the trend of the eye market (contact number: 18931118973)

▼ Where there is a neck and shoulder and shoulder leg pain patient! Free for the first time! Rhinitis sinusitis free check! Effectiveness guarantee invalid refund! Please tell each other! This room features: 1. TCM bacheal therapy specializes in cervical spondylotransplicing patients with anti-inflammatory spraining brown kidney deficiency back pain and other bone disease! 2. Safety painless specifies all kinds of rhinitis (rhinitis sinusitis nasal polyps caused by headache, orache, resection, memory loss, etc.)3. Chinese medicine bubble is tied to the bubamer hand and foot and azimuth caused by the blister itching and the feet. Address: Tangnan Road Animal Husbandry Bureau, oblique (Liu Nhinitis osteogenesis) Tel: One or five13149 … (Tel: 15130149189)

▼ Happiness Snacks Shop Feature Bun Bone soup noodles all kinds of cold slap hot fried rice fried cake happiness snacks welcome your arrival this store also sold the jujube wine Welcome to the East Street and Yongchang Road Intersection Westbound 30m Road South (Tel: 18131122289) [123 ]

▼ surgery wounds do not heal, what to do, hurt injuries, no longer a big problem! Figure 1 is the case where there is no surgery after surgery in Shijiazhuang! I will listen directly after discharge, I have already basically recovered! The knife hurts, and there are many of the blood sugar high, the wound infection is not healed. It is recommended to pay the traditional Chinese medicine for the people to pay for the people, and inherit the bleeding of bleeding, a few generations of people, and cure Many folks, also make many people from fingers infection amputation, and if you need it, you will know where you are in trouble! I only gave people the medicine to see the wound from … (Tel: 15910317025)

▼ You don’t know, see you called! In October, I brought to Tang Dynasty, there have been more than 600! If you don’t have this message, you may also spend thousands of tens of thousands of to buy water purifiers! (Tel: 13230159349)

▼ Shijiazhuang 靓 点 餐 小 小 培训 行 招 招Zhonghua Street and the North Second Ring Intersection Party Suzhuang, intentional private chat (contact number: 18231189895)

▼ These people you might know! (Tel: 13230159349)

▼ Don’t tangle me, I just want to give you a good thing! After all, one point is worth it! (Tel: 13930455901)

▼ 出】 西 头 金桥 水岸 观 南 南 南 南 南 南 西

four bungalows, unique Alienate, South Neighborhood Longzhou Middle School, road smooth, there is a simple furniture, bed, tap water, solar energy, you can burn yourself, best to rent! The annual rental fee is 4,000 yuan. Interested parties please make a call! Read the room at any time, stay in the bag! (Contact number: 13630832740)

▼ [rent] Garden head village room (contact number: 13730117973)

▼ [sale] 3 room 2 hall 1 bathroom, Shijiazhuang City Tang County Wu Road

County City Center, multi-storey elevator, 120 square meters three rooms, two halls, north-south transparency, clear kitchen, geographical positionSuperior; municipal heating, heterogeneous, unparalleled; renovation can stay, can look at room at any time, each household is equipped with ground garage, you can choose to purchase. (Contact number: 15233619536)

▼ 【】】】 净 净 净 净 净 净, 净 净 净 净 净 净 净 电话 行 行 行 行 行 行 唐 行 唐 行 行 行 行 行 行 行 行Renting homes near primary school, unlimited room of unlimited houses. Some can contact me, or leave a message. (Tel: 15710311756)

▼ [For Rent] Search: close to the river housing, require hydropower to warm, (Tel: 13012145604)

▼ [rental] Shijiazhuang City County

I have 3 acres of rental address in Western Ring 2 Middle East Neighborhood (Tel: 13930110631)

▼ [Rent] Tang Tang County

rental house, four four Layer, the whole rental lease, there is an elevator belt backyard, address, Xihuan South section, see a telephone contact. (Tel: 13832129120)

▼ [rental] Tang Tang County

2 acres of room venue, two rooms, pumps, water wells, three-phase electricity, take over Can be open, address: the intersection of the old road and outer ring in Anxiang, China Petrochemical north, interested parties please contact. (Contact number: 13081127970)

▼ [rental] Tang Tang County

There is a office building in the county city, more than 30 office, two large conference rooms, total area 1000 square meters Around, with an independent institution, suitable for companies, hospitals, kindergartens, tutors, and hotels. Please call the phone, the rent is negotiable. (Contact number: 15081853518)

▼ [Sale] Buying the land 20-30 mu of the development zone can be sold, and the procedures are required to be fully sold. (Tel: 15333112616)

▼ Transfer Operating Cosmetic Body Center, superior location, new decoration, (Tel: 15849777829)

▼ due to home Transfer of fast food restaurants, 20 square meters of business area, near the post office street crossroads. Please call us for details. (Contact number: 15230838663)

▼ because there is something that can’t look like this, tolerance, low-cost, an emergency transfer business car wash store. There is a fixed customer source, and the pickup can be profitable. Interested parties call for details. (Tel: 17367818971)

▼ Rental Transfer Operating Cosmetics, good geographical location, convenient transportation. There is a fixed customer to take over to make profits. (Tel: 17336411134)

▼ Transfer of an operation of an operation in an operation of an operation of a small dinner, two air conditioning with table and chair bench, electrical, bedtop, people, interested parties, lowest price, phone with WeChat (Tel: 18712959035)

Automobile transaction

Acquisition of second-hand V or Oeman, require no accident (contact number: 18132690686)

[123 ] Single row, the car is 2.5 meters or more. After 12 years (contact number: 13246573696)

Sold a 2008 six rounds, the price is negotiable. There is a call to the phone. (Contact number: 15931163926)

For 11 years six rounds, 20 forklifts (contact number: 15031139980)

Good condition, four-drive off-road (contact number: 13231178910)

▼ [Sale] Selling 90% new tables and chairs. Bar station. Cook furnace. Display cabinet needs (contact number 15613371556)

▼ [purchase] Buy 18 line small bombing (contact number: 15100166664)

▼ [Sale] Selling 90% new water heater. (Tel: 13613315764)

▼ [Sale] Time to hurry to contact me, expect this few days to send goods, no price of 4900 yuan, regular after-sales service. i Cool fixed-frequency air conditioner_KFR-50LW / (505511) Nhaad-3 (tube) top (silver) (WIF) (TM) kg118001600 (Contact number: 18732199824)

preferential information

[123 ] ▼ 15 yuan snapped up the original price of 30 yuan, Tang Tang Yuan Night Light Festival ticket, in addition to visual feast, we also have a wonderful performance and trend. (Tel: 13231122880)

▼ Tianyuquan Art Course Winter Chase starts to enroll! ️ Promotions 1 ⃣ Original prices 450 yuan 28 sects of the national class, registration payment before January 20th, only 298 yuan, pay the payment, send ✨ full art course special material ➕ winter vacation class 7 days cultural class counseling ✨ offer Event 2 ⃣ The annual class is now only 1980 yuan, including two semester courses, summer vacation courses. And before January 20th, the payment is also given to the winter holiday class all art curriculum and the winter holiday class cultural courses. Winter holiday class time: January 25th to January 31, 1 year (Tel: 18032868615)

▼ This holiday is you behind? Qingda total brain development of optical wave speed reading, thinking map, super memory, holiday class began to register! ! Your child can also have ten lines, or you can have amazing memories, how to learn! (Tel: 18931186177)

▼ 78 yuan snapped up the original price of 133 yuan 2 ~ 3 people shrimp package, including Chen Shrimp Shrimp 1 small, spinach, 1 winter melon, black fungus 1 3 copies of small materials, 1 fruit plate, 3 meals. (Tel: 18032783010)

▼ Fast New Year, a wave of porzzling glasses welfare is now logistics, it is still walking, hurry to order, beautiful New Year! ❓9 ⃣8 ⃣ ⃣ ⃣! Frame ➕ ultra-thin lens ➕ anti-blue lens! Please enter the store for details! (Contact number: 18233129780)

▼ New Year’s goods eat meat See here [seduce] [seduce] Killing the pig today! Pure grain feeding, natural growth cycle, more than a year, bright meat, rich meat, eat sticky meat, it is not implicating, non-hormone residual, no water, no anti-sputum … safe and rest assured, everyone chooses healthy life Select green food, take you to the taste of the taste of Tang County Shixiling Ecological Aquaculture Center, Address: North of Xi Caizhuang Village, Jiouzi Township, Tang Tang County. (Contact number: 13930455901)

▼ \”East Buy International Health Club\” \”Participation of Ejiao powder has anemia, the hematopoietic function of the bone marrow hematopoietic system has promoted and protects the effect, lowering blood pressure and expansion of blood vessels. Can improve immunity. It can promote the absorption of calcium, prevent osteoporosis, anti-fatigue, oxygen resistance, cold, anti-radiation damage, enhanced memory effect. You can also regulate blood pressure, no matter whether you are hypertension or low blood pressure, you can adjust two-way adjustment! You can improve sleep because it contains a ingredients being sour jujube, and the jujube is called the oriental sleeping fruit, including red ginseng, Dong’e Ejiao, etc. There is also licorice, Pueraria and other ingredients can raise liver … (Tel: 17732814451)

▼ Because there is something to go out for 3 days, the store is liaison Huang Tianba special treatment 6 yuan 1, 3-4 heads 20, WeChat transfer, like the speed address: Yongchang North Road Public Security Bureau is oblusively to the eight-party laundry north flower house flowers (Tel: 13930449687)

▼ Farm Ecology to make black pigs, Spring Festival Booking the black pigs, there is \”grassy pig\”, the black pig’s meat is good, the color is bright red, the delicate juice, the marble pattern is more obvious, the fat quality is good, the color is white, the color clear, the carcass lean meat is 46% . Send a friend, send friends, eat, rest assured, health (contact number: 15803218846)

▼ shop celebration hit Member Day January 8 store celebration All Movie membership card free. Member recharge membership card recharge 300 yuan gift 200 yuan, upgrade permanent half price card membership card recharge 500 yuan gift 500 yuan, upgrade permanent half price card member card recharge 1000 yuan gift 1000 yuan, upgrade permanent half price card with this, how much gift, how much, Not capped members points to exchange 300 points gift cups One (limited) 500 points redemption free viewing coupons 1 1000 points redemption free video coupons Two package activities activities, all buy … [123

▼ TV wall craft painting hot sale (contact number: 15303215401)

▼ New Vision Studios today (January 8) Three anniversary celebration, bring a membership card to see the free movie new vision The third anniversary of the studio celebration today recharge gift event last day recharge 300 gift 200, card balance 500, upgrade permanent half price card  recharge 500 gift 500, card balance 1000, upgrade permanent half price card \”How many charges, how much gift Catch the opportunity, today is a good day New Vision Studios, three years old, thank you for the three years liked and support our fans friends … (Tel: 82686086)

▼ post office street nickname dumpling grand opening ! Pure handmade, vegetable juice and face! Come to the nickname dumplings let you eat different dumplings! ! Address: Golden Jewelry City, Post Office, opening up the new store! ! 7.8 fold in the audience! ! A lot of discounts! ! ! Welcome! ! ! (Tel: 13677626337)

▼ Xinxin aquatic year-end special offer daily launch special offer feedback new and old customers today squid special 5 yuan a pounds  meat fine is very suitable for cooking hot pot welcoming address : Yucheng Street and Xinhu Road Intersection South Bank 18m Road Xixin Xinfeng (Tel: 15831160541)

▼ Good news! good news! Eating delicious cooked food will go to Hugus fire pig, Hugus fire trotters are officially opened! Specialty trotters, special supply! Everything is a gift to the store, bring words and maps ** can receive a first-come, first come, shopping over 99 can send a 59 yuan laundry liquid, enter the store, you can open members for free (member can play 9 Folding) All prizes are limited, and it is delivered. Address: 100m Road East Huggush, 100m Road, South Bank! (Tel: 17730550919)

▼ Niu Yi Bowl Fastek Opening Rollip 1000 Bowl Beef Noodles Free delivery! (Contact number: 18833154466)

▼ Paragraph Tang County Natural Voice Hearing Hearing Aid, at twelve of this month, from the company specially invited ear disease experts (茂). I hope that patients with chillopause seize this opportunity to come to see the consultation, and help the auditory promotion (only one day). The last year ago, a large-scale event is really a point for the people of the people. BookActive address: Grid Yi Supermarket East Bank 200m Road South Randwise Hearing Aid. Contact: Children. Another announcement new store address: 50 meters north of the county government west. Opened later. Recreated excellent clerk (contact phone: 15373114880)

▼ fortifications, name, Feng Shui to celebrate the 10th anniversary of this prediction store, predicting a variety of preferential and free forecast project, early market early experience (time temporarily Before and after the Spring Festival? Your stars! How to make money? Forecast; feelings of life, when there is a positive, capacity, and family status. When did the affair peach blossom, … (Tel: 13931987863)

▼ Hugus Fire tin paper grilled fish year-end new original price 46, current price 38. (Contact number: 17730550919)

▼ New Vision Studios December 30th – January 8th member recharge membership card recharge 300 yuan gift 200 yuan, upgrade permanent half price card membership card recharge 500 yuan gift 500 yuan, Upgrade permanent half price card membership card recharge 1000 yuan gift 1000 yuan, upgrade permanent half price card with this type, how much gift is charged, the upper unknop member points to exchange 300 points gift cup (limited) 500 points redemption free view 1000 Point redemption free watchpin coupons two package activities … (Contact number: 82686086)

▼ millet TV 4S 55-inch surface, 4000R gold curvature, true 4K HD screen | HDR, worker intelligent voice | 2GB + 8GB big storage | Metal fuselage | Dolby sound | massive film source | Bluetooth voice remote control, enjoy quality life with preferential prices. (Contact number: 15369367991)

▼ Tang Dynasty friends, the person on the photo, riding electric car on the morning of January 9, 2019, nearly two The state of the sky is not very good, I don’t go out, I don’t go home, and I have no information. I have no information. I will wear the red cotton coat on the photo when I go out … The family is worried, help ** … Contact the phone. (Contact number: 13613284413)

▼ Falling gas no one? (Tel: 15032171731)

When you lie, I think you are a good lie. But I don’t deceive you. Because the lie is in the circle, you are also clear. I will not be exposed. Leave a face with each other. You will think sooner or later, you will think about you. At the very least I care about you, you are looking at you. That’s itIt is simple. Good people are safe in their lives. (Contact number: 13930455901)

3 months of British, needle has already played 4 stits (contact number: 17733832389)

[123 Why is the ecological pork with long breeding time, a pork with a long farming time, is a flavor of pork. Many people don’t really know the taste of pork, we usually eat just simple protein’s taste, and a lot of experts have a unique flavor that has been unique and defined in pork enough. The skin of pork, a long enough pork, is fragrant and 糯 不 硬)), this wonderful taste feeling is also very easy to remember. This is why I am spending the dream of five flowers. Pig bones that are long enough are hard and fragrant, because the calcium is more than the trace element accumulation, ribs … (Contact number: 13930455901)

Handshake handlessly adding sweet potatoes! Like add WeChat! Support with city delivery! Field! (Tel: 15383833346)

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