Tanwan store closed, layoff, pay salary, bleeding hard, mobile phone stores lost?

超万家门店关门,裁员、减薪、流血硬撑,手机卖场究竟败给了谁? Wen | Huashang 华 略

Shenzhen real estate agency once triggered users wide attention, this is because only 9 months of this year There are 642 intermediary stores to shut down, and a large number of intermediaries have to resign, \”send express, or sell insurance.\”

Shenzhen real estate intermediary stores have shutdown \”noisy\” unmarked \”moving\”, there are industrial stores to defend in silent, and more obvious industries, they are mobile phone stores.

Talking about mobile phone stores, many netizens impressed it is: Generally opened on the street, the mobile phone varieties sold in the street, dazzling, business is also relatively hot, sometimes it needs to have a long team.

The reality is indeed, in a long time, mobile phone stores all over urban and rural, supported the \”world\” of Chinese mobile phone sales.

However, in recent years, mobile phone stores have become more and more cool, the media said that there have been more than 10,000 mobile phone stores, the salesperson is forced to change, even if some stores are still sticking, most is also in a loss.

After the mobile market \”to the dark time\” is the sharp decline in profits.

Gucheng engaged in mobile phone store business, he worked in mobile phone sales for 15 years, witnessed a mobile phone sales profit from more than $ more than $ more than $ 400, his net profit from the peak period More than 500,000 yuan, slipping to ten million yuan. 超万家门店关门,裁员、减薪、流血硬撑,手机卖场究竟败给了谁?

Gucheng directly: \”Now make mobile phone business pressure, gross profit, sales decline,\”

Media said that the mobile phone store in Gucheng is located in a county city, store in a central province. The scale is not small, but it does not live in sales and decline. He revealed, \”Because the price war, sales decrease, manufacturers and operators subsidy reduction, the local mobile phone stores did not pick up the past.\”

Mobile phone stores have been defeated, does not mean mobile phone business decline, happens On the contrary, mobile phone business is still booming.

According to the report data released by China Tongxint Institute, the overall shipments of mobile phones in the domestic market have increased by 12.8% year-on-year. Among them, 5G mobile phone shipments reached 2.39 billion, a year-on-year increase of 65.3%, accounting for 75.3% of mobile phone shipments.

Apple, Samsung and other foreign brand mobile phones, domestic mobile phone shipments are also growing rapidly. 11 months before this year, domestic brand mobile phone shipments accumulated a total of 2.75 billion, an increase of 10.5% year-on-year, accounting for 86.7% of mobile phone shipments.

Domestic mobile phone shipments, especially domestic brands, shipments are hundreds of millions of levels, and in the growth situation, according to the reason, mobile phone storesCan you continue to get a wave of \”bonus\”, why is sales and profits?

An important reason is that the rise of online channels, in other words, e-commerce took most business.

To know, before this, buy a mobile phone in the mobile phone is \”mainstream\”. After the e-commerce will start, whether it is the mobile phone brand to open a flagship store such as the e-commerce platform, or the intermediaries Sales, have a strong impact on mobile phone stores.

超万家门店关门,裁员、减薪、流血硬撑,手机卖场究竟败给了谁? Media data shows that by the end of 2020, the street mobile phone store or independent communication store only contributed about 30% of the sales of about 30% of the mainland market, and e-commerce became the most powerful channel of mobile phone sales.

New crown epidemic This \”Black Swan\” came, highlighting the vulnerability of the mobile phone store and deepened the survival crisis.

An industry insider engaged in mobile phone channel business in the past 20 years, in Beijing, Henan, Shandong and other places have a number of online channel stores, new crown epidemic, his line The sales store sales is less than 10% of the usual sales. But at the same time, sales operators plus a house, with exceeding 1 million yuan per month, \”almost ‘pure bleeding\” \”.

In order to alleviate the pressure of funds, he can only lay off, pay the salary. \”It is the most important thing to live, otherwise the company will be damaged.\”

Even the national mobile phone chain giant like Di Xin Tong, it is also difficult to escape.

In 2015, Dixintong’s national store has exceeded 3,000, and it has entered the store to 100 million. By 2019, only about 1500 stores left; net profit has also been 350.5 million yuan in 2015, slipping to 2020 in 79.78 million yuan. 超万家门店关门,裁员、减薪、流血硬撑,手机卖场究竟败给了谁?

In June this year, Di Xintong is more sad reminder \”selling body\”, Huafa Group has become its largest shareholder.

It is not difficult to see that the transformation of mainstream channels, the impact of the epidemic \”Black Swan\” is the main reason for the burst of mobile phone stores, plus some mobile phone stores in order to sell, quietly sell counterfeit and shoddy products or second-hand refurbished machines The trust between customers is slowly diluted, and all kinds of disadvantages are superimposed, and it is difficult to return.

For mobile phone store practitioners, perhaps with the real estate intermediary, they need to re-examine social trend and commercial boom, and find new business growth points.

After all, in the challenge, it often gave birth to the opportunity, grabbed, and it is possible to usher in \”new\”.


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–END– 超万家门店关门,裁员、减薪、流血硬撑,手机卖场究竟败给了谁?

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