Taobao rebate group master earning money (Taobao welfare group owner how to make money)

\”I was deceived 120,000, now I am really desperate.\” On March 7th, netizens \”Su Xiaoshi\” tells her experience to the Beijing News shell finance: I want to make a brush part-time job point. Small money, I didn’t expect it to fall into the circle of fraud.

From March 13th to 29th, the Beijing News Season Shell Finance reporter found a black gray production chain that was fraudulently fraudded by \”brushing\” and \”cash back\”. Black products first pass the road to send small gifts or hire part-time staff to pull people and other ways \”plus friends\”, then avoid supervision through Laquat, transfer platform, etc. . During this process, the manufacture of false websites and cross-platform fraud is the necessary \”step\” of the single rebel fraud molecule.

The Tencent Guardian Program team told the shell financial reporter at a media communication meeting at the end of last year, and rebel fraud is the maximum number of fraud in 2020, \”the scam is mainly based on money rebate and shopping rebate. Multi-change \”,\” From the scene of fraud crime, the entire fraud will occur in different scenarios and platforms, both for the platform or the police, only see the entire chain in their respective fields, There is a big challenge for the identification and combating of online wind control. \”

Cash back to scamless routine: first return 20 to a sweet, deceived 120,000, pull you black

\”Now I recall, there are many vulnerabilities in the trick, but I have given the atmosphere to be created by the scammers’, and people will be the same as being turned down.\” Talking about the experience of being deceived, Su Xiaoyu has realized Very regret, \”I don’t want to eat, I don’t look at it. I feel very sorry.\”

Su Xiao lazy told reporters that she once participated in a roadside free \”collar\” activities, activities Fang pulled a group, expressed attention to a public number can receive 3 yuan, after receiving 3 yuan, the other party invited her to participate in the rebate, \”using the short time to earn some small money\”. Hold the mentality that will be tried to try, Su Xiaoyuan received 38 yuan after recharge 30 yuan, and received 120 yuan \”cash back\” after recharged 100 yuan.

Since then, the other party let Su Xiao have downloaded a \”Amoy\” app called \”Amoy\”, and said that the app is mainly \”leaking the platform vulnerability\” profit, you can brush a single money here, \”profit can reach (This gold) 20%. \”At the same time, the APP\” sent a single member \”,\” senior tutor \”and other characters have also connected the powder, they will lazy in a\” welfare group \”, the group is all members of the show . 用20元当甜头诱你上钩,记者体验“刷单”返利诈骗

In the end, in the multi-wheel \”bombing\” of the liar, \”induce\”, Su Xiaoshi Lu continued to recharge about 120,000 yuan, but when she wanted to withdraw, \”sent a single service\”, \”Senior Tutor\” and so on quickly will lazy black.

On 13 March, the Beijing News Season Shell Finance reporter touched the fraud group of fraud and scams, and learned.The specific steps of this fraud method.

First, the reporter was pulled into a WeChat group that was suspected of being asgens produced by a \”handle\”. The group mainly said that this group is \”Evergrande Cooperation Business Welfare Group\” will be in group I will send a red envelope to everyone, and it is said that \”I will increase sales in the group, troubles with some small work to receive red envelopes.\”

At the request of the group, shell Finance reporter downloaded a name with some group members. For the \”Enterprise Secret\” app, and add a \”receptionist\”, the receptionist requires group members to complete the \”task one\” and \”task 2\” – pay attention to the WeChat public number and registration of the group and Tencent public welfare \”Part-time brush\” account, the reporter received a total of 20 yuan \”cash back commission\” red envelope after the reporter was taken. Since then, the \”receptionist\” requires the reporter to get the WeChat red envelope he received in the WeChat group. The reporter found that there were many people in the WeChat group to dry the red envelope, and some people did not participate or have returned.

\”To this step, basically the liar can be screened for a better deception.\” It is said that people who are familiar with the black grasmest have said that \”the liar will first throw the smaller The victim is hooked, and if the other party does not believe it, then there is no need to deceive it, but if the other party hooks really transfer, then the scammers will gradually obtain the trust of the victim, and the passive is active. This is why the liar will First pay the reason for the truternity, the so-called ‘task one’ and ‘task 2’ are the obedience testing of the victim, but paying attention to the public number is just a liar in suggesting that there is ‘official’ background, making it easier to get victim. The trust. \”

Sure enough, after completing the first two\” tasks \”, the\” receptionist \”indicates that from the\” task three \”is the help platform part-time brush. Shell Finance reporters found that there is no relationship with the online shopping platform, but in a betting platform called \”500 International\”, the reporter will have invested the platform by 20 yuan before the rebate. The recharge number of the platform, but if you want to cash, you must pass the bank card transfer mode. 用20元当甜头诱你上钩,记者体验“刷单”返利诈骗

Su Xiao lazy told reporters that in her fraud incident, the other party after rebateing dozens of dollars, let her register a platform account called \”Macau Five Fast Food\”, afterwards The single operation is performed by this account. \”At the time, I asked this online gambling? The other side said that it is cashing, but only has a lottery coat.\”

\”If the previous operation is given to the victim fly smaller You hooked, from this step, the victim officially stepped into the ‘trap’ of the liar, \”said the person familiar with the black gray production,\” these APPs and recharge numbers inside are fake, and they can modify them through the background. If the victim is coding, it is impossible. \”

hire\” handle \”to pull people, build false websites, cross-platform fraud, difficult

So, brush singleHow does the rebate fraud find a victim? How do I avoid supervision?

On March 13, shell Finance reporter found an online part-time \”handle\” Xiao Luo. Xiao Luo said that he had been more idle due to weekdays, and he had done \”handle\” to add others WeChat online. The specific way to send people is to send him a list of telephone numbers. When he adds WeChat according to the above phone number, the other party asks the WeChat friend to add a success, record the other party’s WeChat name and phone number, and pull it into the designated WeChat group In this subsequent group, it will be rebounded according to the price of 8 yuan to pull one person.

According to the talented screenshot provided by Suo, the reporter found that the \”rebate\” WeChat group that was scammed in the above-mentioned WeChat group, and the phone number list is provided by the behind-the-scenes \”boss\”.

Tencent Guardian Plan Team Experts said that the account of the employment of normal users is participating in fraud has become a new feature of network fraud. Through the \”part-time public bag\”, induction users, the user is black, and induces the transmission of users. Draw information, inducing users to provide collection code, etc.

Many normal users’ accounts are still unknown, they have become a \”toolley\” that helped black production promotion.

On 13 March, the Beijing News Season Shell Finance reporter joined a part-time group, and was required to forward \”Recruitment of the John and Fun\” part-time WeChat scan code in 10 WeChat group. The advertisement, but only the 5 WeChat groups have been sent, and the reporter’s micro signal is used by WeChat. When the reporter tried to add a friend as a \”handle\”, it was found that \”temporarily unable to operate\” after the number of frequently added friends is too much. In this regard, after a few days after talents, there is a handle, \”everyone rests for a day, the numerous core.\”

In addition, shell financial reporters found that manufacturing false websites and cross-platform fraud is brush The necessary \”step\” of single rebate fraud molecules.

On March 19th, shell Finance reporter contacted three \”brush single rebates\” part-time, the first to drain the reporter to \”enterprise secret\” mentioned above, and entered the name in this app For the \”500 International\” gaming page platform; the second family will drain the reporter to the \”IS voice platform\”, and let a \”gold medal\” give reporters how to make money through the handle; third home drainage to \”Talk\” \”App, and pass the second jump transfer reporter download\” Little Red Book \”app, claiming to make money through\” give a small red book brush \”, but in fact, the app is not a small red book, but a false manufactured by fraud website.

\”The trend of fraud crime cross-platform is increasingly obvious, and the entire fraud process has occurred in different scenes and platforms. No matter whether the platform is still a police, only in their respective fields can See the top of the entire chain, on the line controlIdentify and combat brings a big challenge. \”Tencent Guardian team expert said.

There is a fraud gang involve 55 million alert to the second fraud of the restricted money

It is worth noting that in the fraud The fraud team often dispatched a atmosphere together. 用20元当甜头诱你上钩,记者体验“刷单”返利诈骗 用20元当甜头诱你上钩,记者体验“刷单”返利诈骗 \”I recharged in the platform, the other party began to let me do ‘Continental’, and put it included me A total of 5 people pulled into a group. When I recharged the big order, there were other people to praise ‘my sister’, and someone said that ‘Don’t mention it’, the money is not enough, and even someone introduces the net loan platform to me. . Now I think of it, it should be that the rest of them lie to me, although I think about it, but the atmosphere affects me. \”Su Xiao lazy told reporters.

Reporter review public report found that such brush single rebate fraud often has a\” team \”of division of labor. Such as Wuxi police have broken more than 5,500 million yuan in the amount of more than 5,500 yuan. A fraud gang, the gang gave a total of more than 20,000 people.

Wuxi police introduced, the fraud gang organized the formation of four levels of mall, programmer, platform promoters, customer service, etc.: Mall boss hosted The programmer develops the establishment of a false online shopping mall platform, and the promoters are responsible for promoting the mall in the form of sending fraud links. The customer service staff is responsible for the implementation of fraud.

The police disclosed that when the victim completed the purchase of a single task and required After returning the principal, when the commission will return the commission, the fraud gang will use \”the merchant in the return of the system\” \”I am doing a return money\” \”\” System card must be activated after completing the new task \”,\” If you don’t continue to refill the order will not be returned to the excuse of the principal and return commission, and simultaneously send the display task to the victim to complete the progress, the total amount of the single, and the screenshot of the single commission information, induce the victim to continue to brush orders. Let them get a deeper in the treated road.

\”In fact, even after the fraud is completed, the liar will even make second fraud for the purpose of recovering the money. \”Tencent Guardian Program Team Experts said,\” There is a case showing that fraudulent elements will be registered with refund, let victims provide real ID cards, mobile phone numbers, bank card numbers, payment addresses, etc., these user information will be fraud The molecule is sold to the black market, continues to flow, exposes the victim to the new fraud gang. \”

\” I found that I was cheated, I immediately called, but I was notified to recover the chance. When communicating with other victims, I found that someone used everyone to recover the psychology of the funds, saying that they are hackers, code farmers, can trace the information of the liar and chase the arrears, but this is actually deceived twice. I have encountered two deceived victims, I hope everyone can be vigilant. \”Su Xiao lazy told reporters.

Beijing News Shell Finance reporter Luo Yi Dan edited Li Weijia pro-school to Li Shihui

Source: New Beijing News

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