Taobao rebate group master earning money (Taobao welfare group owner how to make money)

how do Jingdong purchase agent within micro-channel group? Jingdong micro-channel shopping done within the group of the main group’s future earnings? I think you are at this moment there is this need, so today this article will Watch your pain points, from Jingdong official application for free and purchase group operations, tutorials is very simple, everyone can understand.

a lot of online shopping only know something within Jingdong micro-channel shopping group cheap, the same goods we buy their own in Jingdong APP and IAP group entirely is a far cry from the price, this side in the end what is tricky, in fact, this is a result of poor information, this information is not really what is the difference between vulnerability, because there is within the official Jingdong shopping platform, but a lot of people due to the uninformed, I do not know who is not strange thing.

jingdong the official available applet


After the micro-channel scan code into the basic and Jingdong Mall is the same, but from the applet in single things Add to cart, and then jump to the official Jingdong applet you will be surprised to find that the price becomes cheaper. Usage is very simple, his first find something to buy in Jingdong, copy the title, and then open a micro-channel program into small, small internal Jingdong purchase program will prompt you search for your copy of the product, and then click on the search you can see to buy their own merchandise discount how much money, if there is a coupon, and so on.

For example, I search Jingdong self-employed \”refrigerator\” We see directly within the purchase price of the applet, direct province 800 yuan (they would be to verify), if your friends want to buy this product, share directly to his micro letter inside, as long as he went to buy you earn 800 yuan directly, this is the charm in the small Jingdong purchase program.


Jingdong purchased within the group everyone is free to join, provided that you pull dozens of people just build a base on it, I think this is nothing more difficult. Jingdong official requirements within the micro-channel group number purchased to meet the 80 micro-channel can be opened Little Helper, which is the rebate robot, then the binding is successful it will automatically send a group purchase discount merchandise in the micro letter. For example in this form in the figure below:


the opening of this step is substantially no pressure, a lot of ordinary people just pull a group, change of name within jingdong micro-channel available groups on the line a.

made available within a micro-channel Jingdong group group master how much money?

Jingdong official applets The main purpose of this is to create a social electricity supplier, so we invite people to join the platform will be around to send cash incentives and commission of shopping, such as beginning to invite 10 people to send $ 5, this time you become directly from the Purchasing Guide training manager, upgraded 2 star manager when the platform send $ 60, Samsung manager to send 100 yuan, the highest award is 10,000 yuan, can be said that we invite friends to join has two benefits.


also said that the establishment of our group Jingdong micro-channel shopping is not necessarily someone to buy somethingHowever, it is recommended to use the applet to use it, and we also have money to make money.

Jingdong purchase group main commission source is also relatively simple, as long as someone bought your things, that is, the item automatically sent by the group or the push-up link, someone will be directly It can be seen in the background of the small program, so your purpose is to let users go to buy something, they feel that they buy things from the purchase group, and you get a part of the benefits of the commission, so Jingdong WeChat shopping group is a group The relationship between mutual benefit.

When I first started to do the group in Jingdong, the application process is very simple. In the applet contact Jingdong official customer service, please guide you, then help you bind the Jingdong Assistant, the small assistant half An hour is automatically sent in the group, which is basically no tube. On the day of the small assistant, I got a single order. I was excited when I saw a commission income in the background, so I also shared this channel to everyone, focusing on the Jingdong official project, so I don’t have to receive a penny, free Joining, as long as you act, harvest is definitely!


In this era of abortion, with the wind of the project, go to sniff some of the dividend items that others don’t know, I believe you can also harvest one barrel of gold. We don’t want to get rich, at least earn some pocket money, and don’t worry hard! Jingdong WeChat, the group owner earned this project, which supported free joining by Jingdong official, so I will give yourself a chance. Everything only tries you to know the effect, and wait and see is left to be weak!

If you still have to understand the \”Jingdong Buying Group Application Process\” can consult the customer service inside the small program in Jingdong, or consult me.

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