Teach you to make a minimum of 1 million monthly

A nine zero girl, there is no money to get a penny, a supermarket successfully collected 1 million a month, what did he do? The girl found a supermarket, regardless of the location or decoration, but the boss of the supermarket is preparing for the transfer of 500,000 because of the money every month. This girl talks about cooperation with the boss, saying that I will give 100,000 deposits today. After a month, I will give the remaining 500,000. If I can’t give this 100,000 yuan, I don’t want it, but the supermarket must first hand it over to the girl. The boss is very consent.

教你零成本开超市 月营收100万 After the girl took over the supermarket, immediately launched an event. Customers can get 1000 only if they charge 1000, and send 1,000 yuan to 1000 yuan. How do you do it? Customer charging 1000 is 1000 is 1000 yuan, normal consumption 1000 is directly sent 1000 eggs, return 1000 is directly returned to 1000 pieces of cash, cheap, no customer swarming, immediately charge 1500 yuan . Why do girls do this seem to be a dedicated sale? In fact, this 1000 eggs are ten a week, which can be continuous. Going to lead 100 weeks, customers are equal to two years, ten eggs, of course, not enough, consumers will also consume other products, and return 1000 is when consumers spend each time You can use ten percent of the consumer card to be used. After all the 1000 pieces are all over, then directly send 1,000 cash of consumers, and at this time consumers have consumed 10,000 pieces in the supermarket. In this way, the girl recovered 1 million cash, but also 500,000 boss. He also had 500,000 liquid funds in his hand, and the most important thing is to locate 1,500 customers in this process, from this supermarket. Popularity. Do business, think about the way. Reality tells us how the business model that usually don’t understand is how to make money, when you know how to open your own ideas, improve your eyes, you can really have wealth.

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