Tencent agent operation, \”Blue Moon Legend 2\” mobile game full platform does not delete the file

IT Home January 11th Today, by Tencent Agent Operation, Blue Moon Authorized MMO Mobile Game \”Blue Moon Legend 2\” mobile game officially opened the full platform without deleting files.

According to the introduction, \”Blue Moon Legend 2\” uses a new engine to create a blue-moon world, and add more than one game, one-click recycling, and the BOSS, War Pets, free transactions, etc.

腾讯代理运营,《蓝月传奇 2》手游全平台不删档上线

At the same time, \”Blue Moon Legend 2\” mobile game also joined traditional PVP gameplay such as Blue Moon, Huangcheng hegemony.

Apple App Store shows that \”Blue Moon Legend 2\” game size is 1.5 GB, is launched by Shenzhen Tencent Computer System Co., Ltd., requires iOS 9.0 or higher system, compatible with iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone SE (first generation) and other devices.

IT House learned that in November last year, Jinding Network issued an announcement saying that the company’s holding subsidiary Shaoxing Shengxin Shengxian Sign \”\u0026 lt; Blue Moon Legend 2 \u0026 gt; Exclusive Agent Agreement\” With the experience and advantage of Tencent computer in game operation and promotion, a good operation and promotion platform for \”Blue Moon Legend 2\” is built.

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