That webmobile platform makes money (the net approach to earn money)

Hello, I will meet with you, welcome to read this period to play the sea newspaper.

In the past week, the most representative news of the wake-saving circle is:

According to late, LatePost reported, 2022 Bihalk’s collaborative office platform lark will speed up overseas business The progress is fixed for 5 years of the target of 6 billion goals within 5 years. It is reported that the current lark has been launched in the United States, Singapore, India, etc.

品玩出海周报丨字节旗下Lark将加快海外商业化 Shopee在印尼上线网约车服务 LARK has revised LOGO in the near future, which becomes a flying bird from a flying book. The original meaning of \”lark\” is the skylark, which can be said that it is very imageive. In the report of late LatePost, a flying book said: \”Overseas business payment is higher, and new companies in mature markets still have a chance, this is a market that has not worked in the company.\” [123

In the Chinese market, enterprise WeChat, staples and flying books \”three-way world\”, other office collaborative platforms are also \”Moqu\”. In the overseas market, Wecom (Enterprise WeChat Overseas Edition), Dingtalk (staples overseas version) application score is not as follows (Flying Overseas Edition).

April 2019 lark is low-key overseas. The article played in the \”B. B Plan\” shows: \”The Byte Bounce TOB Road starts from the Lark\”, and one of the other, \”LARK\” one of the chips of the ISV (independent software developer) is now ‘ Take you to overseas market ‘.

Despite the 5-year goal of 5 years of global revenue, the road to the overseas market also has a large number of local competitors. Google Workspace, MicroSFT 365, SLACK, and 80 Chinese Silicon Valley New show NOTION, these collaborative office platforms are opponents that LARK needs to meet.

品玩出海周报丨字节旗下Lark将加快海外商业化 Shopee在印尼上线网约车服务 In the past week, there is still the following news:

BYD, the Chinese electric car brand is going to overseas markets such as Europe, and CITIC Securities expects China’s car enterprises to continue. promote.

Cross-border export e-commerce, Tiktok SHOP officially held the first cross-border businers on December 22, which has been fully open to Chinese sellers.

Southeast Asian market, Indonesia has always been the key market in Southeast Asian countries, Singapore brand aggregate e-commerce Una Brands invests $ 35 million in Indonesia, used for brand acquisitions; Shopee involves travel services, more steps from super applications Joint Bluebird launched webmarks.

Brand is out of the sea, famous excellent products in Boston, USAOpening, the number of global stores exceeded 5000.

The game has been sea, and the domestic game has become an important source of growth in China’s game industry. In 2021, China’s self-study game overseas income increased by more than 20%.

The above is this week’s out of the sea, let’s see you next.

CITIC Securities: It is expected that China’s car enterprises will continue to increase

According to Securities Times, CITIC Securities believe that automotive electricity will drive the system from traditional \”engine + transmission\” to \”Battery + motor + electric control\”, the supply chain is open from the closed steering, and China’s electric supply chain has achieved sea in the cost advantage. In the future, intelligent into industry competition winners, China’s car companies are expected to have a solid foundation for overseas market expansion with the first advantage and fast iteration.

品玩出海周报丨字节旗下Lark将加快海外商业化 Shopee在印尼上线网约车服务 China car companies are like BYD, Great Wall, and the Great Wall, it has begun to export overseas. It is expected that the future of China’s car enterprises will continue to improve, and China’s automotive industry has from \”supply chain to the sea\” to \”the whole vehicle\” Quality change.

Tiktok Shop fully opened to China’s seller

According to Tiktok Shop official public account \”Tiktok E-commerce Marketing\”, December 22nd, Tiktok Shop officially held the first cross-border businer Private enclosure, Tiktok Shop will be open to the Chinese seller from now on. Merchants need Tiktok accounts for the operations of countries and regions, as well as mainstream third-party official platform operations, providing complete materials, 15 minutes to enter Tiktok e-commerce flight sellers.

Tiktok SHOP officially provides regular services, traffic dividends, and new merchants and commissions. It is reported that the Tiktok SHOP is currently open to the British market, which will open other markets.

品玩出海周报丨字节旗下Lark将加快海外商业化 Shopee在印尼上线网约车服务

Singapore brand aggregation e-commerce UNA BRANDS spends $ 35 million in Indonesia

Singapore brand aggregate e-commerce UNA BRANDS will invest $ 35 million in 2022 to acquire, operate support, etc. Way support Indonesia’s local brands. The acquisition action has been started this week. It has completed the acquisition of multiple Indonesian local brands, and plans to acquire 12 to 15 brands next year.

Shopee Online travel services in Indonesia, further

Shopee and Indonesian Taxi Company Blue Bird Group reached a cooperation, Indonesian local users have been able to use Shopee applications directly Using webmarks, the name of the new network of netmodes is \”taksi\”.

品玩出海周报丨字节旗下Lark将加快海外商业化 Shopee在印尼上线网约车服务 Under fierce competition, many applications have the momentum of \”evolution\” to the super application. Some parts of Indonesia, SHopee users can use Shopee Paye payments while using webmarks; this year, Shopee has worked with Blue Bird Group to launch logistics services.

There is no longer, Singapore users can already hit the Taxi Taxi in Lazada. As the most hot in Southeast Asia, GRAB, GOTO Group has vigorously developed travel services. The SEA Group’s Shopee extends the increasing incident of flow to this area is not surprising.

Kamantuki USA Boston’s first store opened, the number of global stores broke 5000 Recently, famous products in the Central City of the United States, the world’s 5,000 store The number of the North American market store has exceeded 100. It is reported that the current famous products have entered 100 countries and regions such as Mexico, Spain, France, Iceland, the United States, Brazil, India, Indonesia. In late November, famous excellent products announced the first quarter of the 20022 fiscal year. The quarter group collects 265 million yuan, an increase of 28% year-on-year. Among them, overseas revenue is 620 million yuan, an increase of 78% year-on-year. Domestic game out of the sea income has increased nearly 2%, and the online game index has skyrocketed nearly 35%. According to CCTV News, in recent years, the domestic game has become an important growth source of China’s game industry. According to data, the actual sales revenue of China’s self-developed game overseas markets in 2021 is $ 18.013 billion, an increase of $ 2563 million compared to 16.59% year-on-year. Recently, under the blessing of the Yuan Universe, the game sector also became one of the rapid sectors of the secondary market. Data show that online game index has increased by 34.34% from December 22, and the Shanghai Shenzhen 300 index has increased by 0.99%, and the Shanghai Composite Index increased by 1.53%.

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