The 55-year-old farmer’s uncle has rely on the tree, and he revealed this \”to the secret\”.

For Wang Xiaoming, a rooted land nearly 40, March 12th, the tree planting is the critical time of fruit tree seedlings. The leader of the golden fruit seedlings cooperative in Wugong County, Shaanxi Province, knowing the importance of the seedlings industry to peasant income, and he also became a very famous \”poverty alleviation and rich professional household\”.

Wang Xiaoming is 55 years old and is the Sainting Sainting, the soil of Shaanxi. From the age of 18, he followed the cultivation of fruit tree seedlings together with the researchers of the local fruit tree research, this is 37 years.

55岁农民大叔靠种树年入百万 植树节当天他透露了这个“致富秘诀”

In 2015, Wang Xiaoming has also flowed 180 acres of land in the local area, and cooperated with Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University to create a fruit tree seedlings. The base is cultivated in the base of apples, cherries, kiwi, and promotes the whole country.

\”We have only 400 meters here, and the temperature difference between day and night is not big. It is reasonable to say such a geography, the climate conditions are not very suitable for fruit growth, but we have cultivated new fruit filming can be found here and sweet. Fruit. \”Wang Xiaoming said that such environmental cultivated fruit seedling is more high quality fruit in other elevation, and the temperature difference is better, so it is popular all over the country.

With the land and fruit seedlings for a lot of people, Wang Xiaoming understood a truth, as long as the direction is on the road, diligently and hard, the mysteria can be plagued. Just in Shaanxi Weinan City, Wang Xiaoming and the local forestry bureau in Xianyang, for 7 consecutive years, for 7 consecutive years, it has helped local construction of 250,000 mu of walnut planting area, driving local farmers to increase production and income, and help villages Implement transformation. Far in the cultivation of the construction of the Xinjiang Construction Corps also took the initiative to find the door, and the high-quality Apple seedlings cultivated by Wang Xiaoming gave the Xinjiang, let the fruit seedlings of Shaanxi in the rich of Xinjiang.

With the development of seedlings, Wang Xiaoming has gradually encountered a development bottleneck. \”I am now mainly eager to send a seedlings, but I have never been very satisfied with logistics in the past, and the cost is very high.\” Wang Xiaoming laughed. Orders from all over the country make him somewhat incapable, especially the seedlings are different from general merchandise, and their own shape is not rules, and more delicate, the packaging transportation requirements are relatively high. In order to ensure that the seedlings can be repaired to the customer, Wang Xiaoming can only personally rely on it, contact the vehicle from contact logistics company, to the packaging car, to the seedlings receive all the relatives, consume a lot of energy.

55岁农民大叔靠种树年入百万 植树节当天他透露了这个“致富秘诀” This year, Wang Xiaoming finally became practical! Through the cooperation with Jingdong logistics, the grinding of a short period of time allowed him to find the key to solve the \”tired run\” working. \”I only need a phone call, the staff of Jingdong logistics immediately rushed to the land, and the rest of the things must not need me, the speed is fast, and the seedlings are also protected from the transportation process. I will worry.\”

It is understood that Jingdong logistics uses the logistics business of farming, green planting, bonsai, fertilizer, feed, etc. in Shaanxi, and relies on the agricultural advantages of Yangling in Shaanxi to help local buildings in Shaanxi Yangling area.The county benchmark, on the other hand, in the farmers planting the park, help the green planting products of farmers, with a hard logistics supply chain hard power to help township \”seedlings\” to the whole country.

Rural Revitalization is the hot discussion topic of \”two sessions\” this year.The Government Work Report proposed that the comprehensive implementation of rural resolution strategies, promoting agricultural stability and farmers’ income.The previously released document has been clearly declared to comprehensively promote the revitalization of rural villages and accelerate the modernization of agricultural rural.Rustic revitalization, first develop industries.Wang Xiaoming led the villagers to develop the seedlings industry, and became a typical case where rural realization increased income and rural areas.On this road, in addition to the local plantations and cooperatives, it also ushered in the joining of giant companies, Jingdong logistics is the representative.55岁农民大叔靠种树年入百万 植树节当天他透露了这个“致富秘诀”

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