The 78-year-old Yang Mai is full of white hair, spending 1000 yuan to learn the door technology, has adhered to the establishment of 6 years


In Luoyang, Henan Province, there is a grandmother, a three-wheeled car is pushed every day, and the foot is coming to the streets to sell \”Egg Hamburg\”. This old man named Yang Xiuyun, 78 years old this year, 6 years ago, she returned from Xiamen to Luoyang, and her life together, in order to reduce the economic burden of the child, she decided to start a business alone, and she spent 1,000 yuan to find local learning. After the \”Egg Hamburg\” practice, after the college, set up the money every day, this pendulum is six years.

78岁的杨奶奶满头白发,花1000元学了门技术,已坚持创业6年 Although Yang Mai is already full of white hair, in the past few years, she has insisted on the tricycle to the street every afternoon, and then did it \”egg burger. \”The craft makes money to pick home. \”At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, 8 o’clock in the evening is home.\” Yang Mai said that because the weather is getting colder, the business is getting more and more light, the income is only dozens of money, even if the customer is more And only 70 yuan in income.

Although the business stall is not big, but in order to earn more money, Yang Mai has a brand awareness. Every time she is stall, she will hang a cartoon. Advertising brand. 78岁的杨奶奶满头白发,花1000元学了门技术,已坚持创业6年

\”Child does not agree with me, but now life is relatively large, I have to think about the burden of the child.\” Yang Mai said, she won one In writing, coupled with property fees, taking medicine and living expenses, she has a month’s total spending around 1500 yuan, although there is not much money resting every month, but it is basically able to take care of their lives, no longer Let your child worry.


At the end of November, the weather is getting colder, and Yang Grandma sits at the street waiting for the customer’s figure every day, touched a lot of young people.

After the arrival at night, Yang Mai pushed the three-wheeled car and said, although the year was nearly 80 years old, but she felt that her energy and the body were not bad. \”Now the young people are too stressed, I can’t add burden to the child.\” Yang’s milk said, so she still wants to continue to start a business and operate the business of \”Yang Grandma Egg Haburger\”. 78岁的杨奶奶满头白发,花1000元学了门技术,已坚持创业6年

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