The annual sales is one billion!After the 90s, the young people sell Ningxia to the country.

Green tree onion, fog, is the place where Wang Ting Jin is life – Kai Shan Town, Kaishan Town, Kaishan City, Guizhou Province.

He came out from this small village, he was 27 years old, but it was a general manager of a company.


University graduation five years, Wang Tingjin sells Ningxia in Ningxia in the e-commerce platform, from a \”poor boy\” in a hillunity, becomes sales The company boss with a forever. Let us listen to his entrepreneur legend.


In Wang Tingjin’s impression, a child, just a word: poor!

Wang Tingjin, who lives with grandparents, to run the age, follow the grandfather, grandfather, and he often makes a mud.

Network diagram

A total of 3 acres of land, rice and corn, can be found in a year, one year is not enough, \” At that time, I couldn’t mention more happiness. The hair is a luxury. \”年销售额一个亿!90后小伙儿把宁夏枸杞卖到了全国

a pants patch played one again, but he kept throwing, because there was no dressing.

Although Grandpa has only primary school culture, he attaches great importance to education from the depths of thought. At the age of the school, Grandpa handedate Wang Tingjin to the primary school teacher. Tuition of 50 yuan per semester, and let a family make a big difficult, and finally, it is hard to give this study.

Elementary school graduated, Wang Tingjin came to the town to read the middle school.

In the first two, Wang Tingjin and the students discussed a topic – doing it later?

Some classmates said to go to college, when teachers, become scientists …

When I asked him, Wang Tingjin did not think about saying: \”I want to go to Guangdong.\” The result provoke my classmates A laughter.

After returning home, he told the grandfather.

Grandpa stroked his head and said, \”as long as you study hard, it is selling forest, but also to study.\”

Wang Tingjin still remember that grandfather God, \”inside is all hope.\”

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Since then, he has quietly made a decision: study hard, be sure to be a grandfather!

After the high school, he began to fill the curriculum, the best results are the 5th place in the whole grade. Become a school Pa slag from the school, so that students Ting gold with admiration.


In 2010, Wang Tingjin was admitted to the North University of Nationalities and read electronics engineering. 年销售额一个亿!90后小伙儿把宁夏枸杞卖到了全国

Grandpa sent him to the train station, said: \”Study hard, give you the gas\”.

The tuition fees in his clothes are also borrowed everywhere. He knows that this study is not easy. The heart is silent, the university has a few years of living, you must get it.

So, in addition to normal learning, he went to do tutors, sent a flyer, gradually, and living expenses.

It is usually free, and he will also visit some useful information online. At that time, he saw a Nokia mobile phone on Taobao sold a few hundred yuan, and a physical store At least sell a thousand yuan. He believes that there is a business opportunity, thinking about it, he puts all the income of our work, bought 2 mobile phones, first trial.

Soon, 2 mobile phones are sold, net earning 600 yuan, \”At the time, I was so cool, this is the most earned one.\”

This success Inspire his entrepreneurship. He began to start the mobile phone, not only sold to students, but also published information through network platforms such as 58, to more people.

The best achievements, sold 20 sets in one month, earned a few thousand yuan.

The hand is getting rich, and he began to send money every month. After the old grandfather received the money, it was excited: \”The baby grew up.\”

Dijin, Wang Tingjin began new attempts, and founded a part-time college part-time alliance with his classmates.

年销售额一个亿!90后小伙儿把宁夏枸杞卖到了全国 Northern University of Nationalities.

Because the threshold is low, it does not charge a member fee, soon, it has set up a huge team, up to 8,000 people, and more than 40 QQ groups.

The main business of the Alliance is to help students introduce part-time jobs, and each success is a single, charge 10 yuan \”hard\”. In the holiday, because many classmates are looking for part-time job, \”business\” is very hot, and it has earned 70,000 yuan a month, and each person has also been more than 10,000 yuan.

In the student era, Wang Tingjin deeply felt that both hands can create value or value.

The winter of this year, Wang Tingjin began to have a bigger plan – selling. In his eyes, Ningxia knows the name of knowledge, and there is a big article.

When he graduated from 200,000, he had accumulated 200,000 yuan.

The first year after graduation, the crisis is four-rushed, and the company opened by the partner on the verge of bankruptcy. \”Entrepreneurial Company will have many people to enter and exit, and there is a problem in operation, count all the earnings, still losingMore than 200,000, the pressure is huge, considering thoroughly giving up. \”

年销售额一个亿!90后小伙儿把宁夏枸杞卖到了全国 However, Wang Tingjin took the pressure, and he was officially became a partner with the supplier of Zhongning County. At the same time, it also acquired a full range of processing plants and packaging production lines in Yinchuan. The reforming flag drum is still his. No two choices.

In April 2016, the new e-commerce platform was named. They held the attitude of trying to open the first store online.

\”Online first day Sales more than 300 single, the next day, more than 1,000 orders, we can’t believe it! \”Wang Tingjin recalls,\” the next day is two or three thousand orders, this, is gambling!

The sales festival rose, for this reason, 2017, Wang Tingjin took the \”Excellent Entrepreneurship Project Award\” issued by the Yinchuan Employment Bureau, and 50,000 bonuses.

In September 2018, the team that aggramed two years was very mature. After adequate material preparation and product positioning, the new store was officially laid in early October. \” The quantity of ‘Double eleven’, after the sales volume will come again, keep the first place in the nourishing category \”, Wang Tingjin said,\” When the most ordinary, you can keep 8,000 more than 8,000 alone, reach 10,000 single Very normal.

In 2018, the e-commerce platform promoted sales of agricultural products and agricultural and sideline products reached 65.3 billion yuan. It is expected to exceed 120 billion yuan in 2019. This, a large number of production area agricultural goods through platform expanded circulation radius, from small The crowd became a \”net red\” product. Such as a large number of agricultural products such as Snow Lotus, Passion Fruit, Xiaohuang Jiang, became a \”champion farmer\” in sales exceeding 1 million singles.

2018, Wang Tingjin and team have sold 2,200 tons of red 枸杞 and 400 tons of black 枸杞, total sales of 80 million yuan, half sales, 70% of online sales are completed on the e-commerce platform. In the first half of this year, the company has achieved 60 million The sales of Yuan Tintin revealed that this year, the company is expected to achieve sales of 160 million yuan, of which the sales of 枸杞 can reach a hundred million.

There are many businessmen who do medlar in Ningxia. However, Wang Tingjin team is obviously the leader, long-term stable demand, reversing planting, constantly improving planting technology. Wang Tingjin said, \”We will talk to the village of the kind, in accordance with the market, the whole village underwriting, cooperation time for a long time , There is a trust in each other.

Dry 枸杞.

Ningxia is unique. In order to go further, purchase from the source of supply to sales channels, Every link is excellence, every step is very demanding perfection. Wang Tingjin said that the village of long-term cooperation knows that the company is very strict, farmers must have a farmerTree is carefully carefully, and it is planted in optimal programs.

The shipments of Yun Guichuan and other grounds are increasing, which means that Ningxia’s medlar is going to the national market.Wang Tingjin said that it was surprised that it was a \”patent\” that I thought that I was middle-aged and elderly people, but in our customers group, 25-year-old young people were very large.Young people pursue cost performance, but also like new gameplay, new to eat, except for soil drink, fruit and vegetable juice can also join 枸杞, even black 枸 ice cream, they now use the curse consumption as a life fashion.

Ningxia 枸杞 also has a larger market space, Wang Tingjin has set a new goal to himself: next year, the sales of 2.5 billion!(Ningxia Daily reporter Li Weidong / Wen pictures all)

年销售额一个亿!90后小伙儿把宁夏枸杞卖到了全国 Source: Ningxia Daily

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