The bitter position is cold and the salary is less than five thousand tricks.

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苦累岗位遇冷 月薪五千招不到送水工 (Late reporter is easy, wheat / text) has found that the water workers around me, carrying workers Is it increasing? The monthly salary of 5,000 yuan will not send the water in the past year or the news, and now it is no longer unity. Recently, the public is depressed, and the installed screen is actually installed for six times. In the interview, many water station small bosses generally feel annoyed, and they are willing to come to the sewer. Is the new generation of workmanship inactivated?

I finally install the screen window

to send water, home appliance installation, etc.

\”Picture However, a window is a flies mosquito, no screen window is really troublesome. \”Ms. Shao Shao has recently been a lot of trouble, just moving new home, she wants to install a dozen screen windows at home, but it is difficult to find a screen store, get it She has repeatedly appointing unsuccessful. \”It’s a few times, it is agreed. As a result, the boss said that the boss is too much. I really can’t get the following.\” Ms. Shao is very wonderful, and it is very easy to set the screen window a few years ago. How is it so difficult? of? At that time, she lived near Feng Lei New Village, and her home is a happiness screen store. It is always seen in the way on the road. It can always see this type of storefront, and the tailor-made screen window is not difficult. Ms. Shao recalled, \”I don’t know when to start, these stores suddenly disappeared, this kind of tired and grungy physical strength seems to be willing to do it.\”

In fact, not only the screen window Physical activity is increasingly giving, water, air conditioning installation, refrigerator installation and so on is increasingly unreasonable. In an interview, Mr. Cai, a new moving, is also \”irritating\”. \”Time to send home appliances, I specially waited at home, and the result is that the phone came over and said that it is coming.\” Mr. Cai said that \”dragged it for a few days, told me that they said people Not enough, the task is heavy, it is really no way. \”


\” Physical Live \”really lacks people?\”

Comparative, tired physical activity is cold

The reporter visited the old city, many professional intermediaries in the new Wu District found, currently, market sales, real estate planning and sales, security / Family political, construction machinery construction, mechanics, procurement / trade / logistics / warehousing is the shortage of Siocheng employees, and like water, porter, etc., the tired physical activity, which is more cold.

Master Liu did more than 20 years, and he did not feel particularly happy for the status quo of employees in the Xicheng market. \”I am from the countryside to Wuxi. The seven or eight fellows came out at that time. Now I am alone.\” Master Liu is a little loneliness. \”I can’t do it, even my own son is not willing to pick up my class. \”It is understood that Master Liu works at least 10 hours every day. It is necessary to run 5-6 households. The size of the family is going to bring several good screens to do it. Then return to the store to process production. Because the market The installation worker is inadequate, Master Liu’s work is a lot, and the business that can be completed in a week can be dual or even three times. \”Now, the installation of 4 households is also dragged, basically Households are doing more than a dozen screens. Every day, some people have constantly calling to install a screen, so it is not my intentional coolness, but I am really busy. \”

\” The mounting work is quite strong, and 80% of the installation workers are not dried in the position for less than half a year. \”The staff of the five-star electrical appliances,\” \”The situation of changing the face can often be encountered, a number of 6 air conditioners out of the installation worker out of the installation worker, the installation work may have followed the last month. The same, the mounting of the mounting effort can be imagined. \”When the post is recruited, the labor workers in logistics and delivery are also the position of\” cold bench \”, compared to sales, the\” Heat Chao Tian \”, the labor worker will even\” do not \”only\”

Why is a small person is willing to do \”physical activity\”?

New generation migrant workers hope to find technical content

It is understood that The monthly salary of Siocheng sends hydraulics between 3,000-5,000 yuan, some portal monthly salary can reach 5,000 yuan. Ms. Wu, a person in charge of a single intermediary company, said that this has risen by 30% compared to three or four years ago. It has been more than half. However, \”high salary\” does not seem to be particularly \”attractive\”. She remembers that there is a company to open 5,000 yuan per month and the package to eat, but it is a long time. People have worked for three months to recruit a 40-year-old worker from Anhui.

Ms. Wu analyzed that many of the original practitioners gradually exited with age, leading to the industry There is a phenomenon in the use of workers. \”Now young ’80 ” ’90 ‘new generation migrant workers and previous generations, they hope to find a technical content, or have development prospects, work, such as going Factory work may rise to the position of the leader, and like to send hydrants, but it is hard money, lacks certain technical content, they are not willing to do. \”\” Unstable may also be an aspect they think. \”Analysis of the staff of the five-star electrical appliance\”, \”because the company is impossible to raise people, the self-employed staff of the labor worker accounts for 10% of the total number, and the remaining nine-neunted people are outsourcing workers, no basic salary. In order to calculate money according to the number of installation platforms, there may even be some insurance, pension and other social security. \”The staff believes that job seekers have become more and more emphasis on social security, consider foreign people who stay in Xicheng, soSimple \”selling physical strength\” is indeed not honest. \”When the season is time to install thousands of air conditioners, the installation subsidy is 10-20 yuan, although it can earn money in the short term, but it is really hard, and it will be striking.\”

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The labor force is shortage, the blue-collar wage exceeds white-collar workers?

The rise in labor payroll is limited

The labor force is tight, then Can the labor workers in Xicheng be more than white? In this regard, the workers in the electrical industry believe that it is impossible. It is understood that in order to alleviate the lack of labor, the electrical industry is in the form of self-operated external packages, and the labor workers of outsourcing companies can pick up the city electrical company, so that pressure is shared. \”The salary of the self-employee is about 50,000 yuan / year, and the month is about 3,000 yuan, which is more than one hundred pieces than before, and the outsourcing tool has a home appliance for more than a dozen yuan. Dozens of dollars. However, there are only three or five yuan per unit; but now a salesperson monthly salary can almost 10,000 yuan. In general, the salary level of labor workers is limited, and the company cannot be indefinite to their own cost. His salary. \”

The trick division division month salary 8,000 yuan, handling workers’ salary 6000 yuan, mixed food master month salary 5,000 yuan, rest for 4 days a week … In recent years, Wuxi’s blue-collar workers salary Upset, this makes many netizens imbalances, and it is called \”anti-sky\”. \”Look at the wages of migrant workers, I don’t dare to say that I have a moving brick,\” has become a different landscape.

\”In fact, the blue-collar white-collar pay is not comparable.\” The relevant person of the human resources market said that the blue-collar high wage is a few, we can’t stand on the high salary of some blue collar, but also to analyze High risk, high-intensity working environment behind \”High Wage\”, or high-tech content. For example, the fabric teacher, no technology is uncomfortable; The risk factor is definitely more than a low salary. In contrast to the light \”Qian Jing\”, the blue-collar social status is very bone, and even white-collar photos can’t be touched. In short, the employer will not pay high salary, it must be proportional to the labor value created by the workers. White-collar workers, blue-collar are workers, and the ideal pattern should be reasonable to grow reasonably, not to compare each other, not mutual imagination. This depends on both depending on the reasonable salary growth mechanism, but also depends on the ability to form a balanced mechanism, enhance the voice of the laborer.

The monthly salary of five thousand can not send water

Business boss, noisy heart: porter, electrical installation work is not good to recruit new generation job seekers I hope to find technical work

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