The company recruited 4.2m trucks and minimized 18 side.The limit of the 4.2m truck is the sky?

Recently, Xiaobian saw a recruiting driver in a circle of friends: Requirement 4.2m truck, internal space to be 18 or more, but also a car! 公司招募4.2米货车,最低要求能装18个方。4.2米货车的极限是天空?

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Please ignore the inexplicer, 4.2 mm, etc. I have been logistics for so many years, I have seen 16 squares of 4.2 meters van, but I have never seen 18 vans on 18 parties. I have seen more than 18 squares of 4.2 meters high column trucks.

In my impression, the loading standard of 4.2 mm, 14 squares, and the high rinse is 15 squares. Also, in 2013, I entered the logistics industry in 2013, and the loading rate of 4.2m trucks was also considered a medium rules, and there was no big difference.


The first time the 4.2m truck in the first contact loading is in the end of last year, when we sent a single 20 parties, the carrier It’s a surprise for a 4.2-meter truck.

To tell the truth, I just heard that there is such a transformed 4.2m truck to install about 20 square, but I have never seen it, and there are also carriers to introduce this model, but I Rejected, mainly afraid of this is a theoretical data, can’t meet my loading requirements in actual operation, so I usually use 6.8 meters of trucks.

My cognition was completely subverted in the beginning of this year. 公司招募4.2米货车,最低要求能装18个方。4.2米货车的极限是天空? I made a LTL logistics, I found that the goods of his 14-25 parties will be sent to the straight hair, I asked him, 14 side goods 4.2 meters truck, I can understand, but more than 14 Is it a waste of vehicle loading?

He told me that now the goods can be shipped by 4.2 meters below the current goods. I always thought that he was joking. As a result, he sent a single 25 part of the goods. I looked at it. He toned 4.2 meters of the truck, and he also witnessed that they were put on the car at a point, which was not imagined before.

Later I learned in chat with the driver, the car was a 4.2m car, but it was increased, and the goods were more installed, but the price Or 4.2m truck price. 公司招募4.2米货车,最低要求能装18个方。4.2米货车的极限是天空? Moreover, it is said that this modified model now is very common, 14, 15 loading standards cannot meet the needs of 4.2 meters owners.

My friend said, before, he didn’t know that there was such a model, and he was only in contact with this type of model after the network car platform. He said that for him, he is happy to call this kind of car because it can greatly save costs.

Yeah, in the cost of the cost of the logistics,When you can’t comply with the cost. The only savings of the owner are hard. Relatively, for the driver, the change model can expand the load range, mainly to receive more supply, earn more money. 公司招募4.2米货车,最低要求能装18个方。4.2米货车的极限是天空?

Imagined that the vehicle was expanded to 25 parties by the original limit of 10 squares, which seems to have a simple change of 10 parties, but it The range covered is wide. We can take 6.8 trucks to make a comparison, the same distance, 6.8m trucks will definitely be 70% -80% higher than the price of 4.2m trucks.

I later discovered that if so, in the goods shipped last year, if the 6.8m trucks in 15-25 squares were changed to increase the width 4.2m trucks, I saved one year. 30% of transportation costs. If you extend, the whole society will go to the goods, how many logistics costs will be saved each year?


I have heard a lot of 4.2m trucks claimed 10 tons of king, etc., and heard a lot of 6.8m truck drivers complained that they have been a lot of sources of supply by 4.2m modified cars.

Think carefully, this is true, if this trend is developed, the limit of the 4.2m truck is where, I am afraid that only the owner knows it?

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