The couple sell breakfast, use \”one-purpose pickles\”, earning tens of thousands of yuan, you can also

Let’s have been talking about the knowledge of the traveler, but there are still a lot of fans, private letter I can’t understand.

I am not clear enough, or I have to give you the event, can you understand?

In fact, in the process of studying cases, you must exceed the case itself and go to logic. As long as the logic learns, then the model will pass.

If you just look at the activity itself, you will learn about 10,000 years. In order to deepen everyone’s impression, we will continue to talk about such a case for breakfast store drainage and profitability.

Case Background:

This store is in Henan Zhumadian, the boss is a couple of husband and wife, and the parents of my friend, I have to call a uncle aunt according to the generation.

The last time the business trip is in Henan, just encounters such a thing, and I will help them do some store guidance. I have listened to me that my friend said that the effect is not bad, although I can’t earn a $ 800,000, but Ten thousand dollars a month or have a lot of money, and also smiled and invited me to drink flowers in Henan.

First of all, the location of his store is in a crossroad, which is the kind of roadside. It is still not possible to come in the morning, when I got at night, I can’t extend it when I have been raining, and when I’m strict.

It is actually like this booth, although there is no room for rent hydropower, it seems that it may be a little higher, and do a little. But because there is no fixed storefront, the trust is not so strong for the customer. Many traditional ways are not suitable for them, so it is not as good as imagined. So how to solve the problem of drainage in this state?

Environmental Analysis: 夫妻俩摆摊卖早餐,利用“一碟咸菜”,月赚上万元,你也可以

I used to talk to you by: The store is active, the first thing to do is, first touch your surrounding environment, then you can use the resources, then Replace your customer characteristics, demand, and then extend according to these two points, choose what to do.

For example, our case is in this store, and the surroundings are actually quite ordinary. There is a school, and there are several mature communities, and the situation of most of the bosses is the same, there is nothing character.

Since there is no feature in the environment, then we can only find a breakthrough from the customer.

I don’t know if you still remember, the customers I used to enter the store three reasons, as well as the two losses of customers, and I don’t remember the previous article. Let’s first start sharing. , Make adjustments based on these two directions.

Activity introduction:

1: The whole city is looking for \”pickles\”

2: 100 cash at the end of the month.

Only the two small changes, let this breakfast booth business, every day, red fire, one hundred thousand dollars a month, which is based on how just said, enterThe three reasons for the store and the two are lost, what do you mean?

Profit Analysis:

About the activity plan, today is just a small method, there are more, my columns, about the strategy of physical stores, if you are interested, you can click to watch

1: The whole city is looking for pickles

We all know that it is the most important taste, our taste is good, then the customer will naturally.

夫妻俩摆摊卖早餐,利用“一碟咸菜”,月赚上万元,你也可以 But for the breakfast shop, how good you can say that the buns can, how good the porridge is, so it is not realistic from this aspect. .

But I don’t know if you have noticed that you have to get a little pickle. If this pickles are particularly delicious, then this breakfast is delicious. If the pickles are not eaten, then the breakfast is delicious.

So you think about a point, if we can find a particularly delicious picking, use picking vegetables to catch customers, is it possible?

So we can go to the whole city, go to find a decentralized goods, then in all aspects, such a supplier in line with our conditions, isn’t it relatively simple?

Then we are limited to the customer, anyway, there is so much every day, even if the customer especially wants to eat, it is sorry, I want to eat only again. And you have to come earlier, you can’t eat late.

Second: The end of the month is 100 yuan in cash

The first step in the first step is to let us grasp the customer’s stomach, and lock a lot of customers only in our store. But if you don’t lock, our peers are possible to copy, come to grab our customers. So I must have a strengthening lock, so that the customer leaves us with such a step.

The method we use is that all customers spend 25 days in the store in a month, consume more than 5 yuan a day, then directly return to 100 yuan in cash.

Let’s first call the pen account, 25×5 \u003d 125 yuan, the cost is probably 25×2 \u003d 50 yuan, that is, every return, Direct loss of 25 yuan, but really?

First, it is really five dollars, it is already the upper limit of a person’s breakfast. If we sell breakfast, then in the case of cash back, it is really difficult to earn. 夫妻俩摆摊卖早餐,利用“一碟咸菜”,月赚上万元,你也可以

But if we don’t do this, we can’t have so many customers, and it is impossible to lock customers so long, so profitability has to think other ways. For example:

1: Customers are rushing through the pickles, then we can sell pickles and increase the profits of pickles?

2: Every day, our store hasSo many people, mineral water, what to make, do not make money?

3: There are so many people in our store, who is the most red?Who is most need?Is there anyone who is doing business as us?So can we help them sell goods here, is there any profit?

4: Those advertisers who have advertised everywhere, do you need to advertise?

You can see your goods don’t make money, but we can use this thing to attract a large number of customers into the store, then make customers don’t understand.So the same line also doesn’t understand, and it will not be copied, so we will last a big.

Of course, here you must go to all aspects of profit presence, if you don’t have this ability, then you can think more about this place to return 100 yuan in cash.

About the activity plan, today is just a small method, there are more in my column, about the strategy of physical stores, if you are interested, you can click to watch

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