The drip is absent, the battlefield is restarted: But the wind is no longer a good business.


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In 2019, Zhang Yong decided to open the network to make money, because it is a foreign license He could not open a fast car, so registered in two platforms of Hello became a windmill driver.

Zhang Yong told Zinc Finance, one of his friends, became a full-time windmill driver when he was on the line, \”At that time, the platform subsidy was also big, he earned it. Many money. \”, But after the drop offline, this friend tried to use 嘀嗒 and Hello, not only limit the number of orders per day, but also the single-in-order efficiency is not as good as the dripping and windmill. The gap between the income prompted him to finally left the industry.

Now, Zhang Yong only has a long way to pick up a short way, fixed from Hongqiao Airport from the west of Shanghai to go back and return to Pudong, saying straightforward, \”Because short-haul does not make money.\”

[ 123]

Many of the same full-time windmill drivers, usually have multiple mobile phones, driving by borrowing relatives and friends Certificate, vehicle license, while registering multiple windmill platforms, when running \”special line\”, at the same time, it will publish itinets in multiple platforms, \”spelling\”, \”spelling\”, to make more money.

Such a driver is that the windmill platform is not welcome. 滴滴缺席,战场重启:但顺风车不再是一门好生意了

\”The true snacks need to refuse the full-time driver, we need to go to get off work, go out of the way, so that the platform’s social efficiency and the security of the user.\” Li Jinlong, jointly founder Li Jinlong arrive.

Li Jinlong, joint founder Li Jinlong, for this reason, many hawwards The platform keeps low prices, even without pumping, leading to the final business difficult profit.

And for travel platforms, in addition to the capacity of the anxiety and the ability of the income, it is still cautious.

\”I am afraid, it is scared, it is.\” On July 18th, the dripping and windmill media opened on the opening day, Liu Qing, president of dripping, gave a drop, windmill, the reason why it could not go online. .

On the same day, dripping to the media publicly rectification plan. During the past period, the dripping windmill has been iterated in 12 versions, optimized 226 functions, integrating hundreds of security functions and strategies. Drip travel CEO Cheng Wei said that the 2019 dripping platform will reach 2 billion yuan in terms of safety.


Liu Qing, president of dripping travel on the media, open day, Liu Qing

Yesterday, drippingThe first anniversary of the car is full, and this market is not the original look.

giant hibernation, fighting fire. Since August 27, 2018, the windmill business is unlimited, and the challenger swarmed. Hello bicycle, 嘀嗒 carpool and Cao Cao have upgraded to \”Travel Platform\”, Hello, after more than four months of drip, I went on the windmill business, and publicly recruit the owner.

Today, today’s platform is challenging today, the fresh power and emerging markets that the windmill may bring, still the battlefield of giants and entrepreneurs.

Shunfeng accused

September 19, 2018, the dripping windmill is only 24 days. The Alpha Shunfeng is located in the office of Zhangjiang, Shanghai. The final test is completed, the Alpha’s windmill is officially launched, which can be said to be the challenger on the first line after dripping the windmill.

This new face of this coming windmill seems to step on an excellent online timing. In the founder Deng Gang, this is an expectation of a coincidence. As early as 2 years ago, he began to pay attention to the shared travel area. He has worked for more than a dozen years in traditional car companies. After trying to share the heavy asset model of the car, he decided to enter a simple and convenient windmill market.

Alpha Shutu 滴滴缺席,战场重启:但顺风车不再是一门好生意了

In June 2018, the company officially established and began research and development. According to the initial expectations, the drip wind turbines will be the most powerful enemy of Alpha. But in August, the drip announced the down line of the windmill business due to the havan passengers.

\”Half of the Women\” \”

Deng Gang is expected, more intense competition is coming soon, he tells zinc finance, except for his own,\” there will be more enterprise entry. \”

2018 In December, it has been upgraded from the bicycle platform to travel to travel platform, start recruiting the wind and wind owners, and the speed of promoting is very fast, and the official is called 20 days to recruit 1 million drivers, and take 30 million subsidy drivers and passengers. In February this year, Hello officially announced in the national online windmill business.

Harbin travel

The mainstream travel platform has been layout. On June 6 this year, Gao Dehun windmill began in Guangdong, Wuhan recruits the windmill owners, Gao Depei, and the plan has recently launched the public welfare and windmill business in some cities. At the beginning of July, the car platform Cao Cao also announced that it will be online in September.

Although most incompetent online time is temporarily returned in the dripping and windmill, it has been opened before it is already.beginning.

Prior to dripping, love carpool, daily car, micro carpool and 嗒 and other platforms have been experienced in a round of competition, the drip will quickly occupy the highland, and the players in this round are embarrassed. Return, the market tends to be smooth.

滴滴缺席,战场重启:但顺风车不再是一门好生意了 However, with the exit of giant drip, the waves of the windmill market rendered, the new players have entered the game, Gao De, Hello, Alpha’s windmill, good air travel, etc., add this competition. .

Industry partial entry list

The cause of the group of wolves is obvious – the windmill one degree It is one of the most profitable business.

\”The price of the drip has probably 50% ~ 60% of the fast-selling price, the fast-selling score is 20-25 points, the information service fee of the windmill is 10%, the opening of the wind can earn Go to the money. \”A industry insider told zinc finance.

This attracted a large number of private car drivers to join. Under the huge user size, the way matches the success rate is much higher than other platforms, and the drip hurver quickly expanded.

According to the TrustData report, as of the end of 2015, the drip-going windmill market accounted for 76.8%, which has occupied three quarters of the entire market. In other words, the drip is only in half a year, rewrite the market style, put the earliest step into the day, and 嗒 等远 远 在 behind him.

In 2019, according to the data disclosed by the drip, the windmill business has been online for more than three years, the daily order volume of the windmill reaches 100 to 2 million, according to the 2000 to 30 million drip platforms. From the date of the order, it is less than 10%, but it is still the highest platform in the windmill.


Today’s new entrance, market environment may be more severe than giant competition.

Do \”true windmill\”

Newcomers are not blind, they first consider safety and compliance.

\”Do really windmill\”, in zinc financial interview, this is the high frequency word in the mouth of the respondent.

\”Real Shuttle\” means that the owner is a single order, not full-time capacity. \”Mutual help is the core of the windmill.\” Li Jinlong mentioned.

Deng Gang believes that the initial entry into the windmill industry, it is often the industry pain point usually a full-time driver to do the windmill driver, \”the driver who is not qualified enough, after being sieved, do it The windmill driver, this is a concept of violating the windmill itself, and has improved safety risks. \”

In order to Screening a full-time driver, Alpha’s windmill and 嘀嗒 have taken strictThe audit and certification process of the grid, and the lower price is set, and the platform is less drawn, and even less. \”The pricing is low to exclude the black car owners of profitable purposes.\” Li Jinlong said.

In the past, 嗒 顺 风车 has not yet selected a commission, only charges a few yuan information service fees in each single, the platform cannot be turned into a pattern of operational nature. Li Jinlong told Zinc Finance: \”There are not many drivers itself. If we draw, the pricing will increase.\”

滴滴缺席,战场重启:但顺风车不再是一门好生意了 At the same time, Li Jinlong also mentioned that the owner of the owner can only pick it up one day. 4 orders and adhere to artificial review. Under the premise of low prices, 嘀嗒 also retains a certain flexibility. \”Make sure that the premise of Qualush Road, we will change and adjust the price according to the local user needs and supply. But this is almost no profit map for full-time drivers.\”

Strict rules Next, many drivers use multiple identities, register multiple platforms, increase the number of orders, and cancel orders immediately after order, or to order in other ways, the windmill is done with the black car.

\”We can only emphasize the passengers over and over again, do not go out of order, otherwise the security platform cannot be guaranteed; The driver cancels the number of orders, and we will immediately review it. If the malicious extension degradation is found, the number will be directly sealed. \”Li Jinlong mentioned.

The way of smashing commissions has also become the choice of most of them. The Gao Dehun windmper intended in recent online trial operations means that the pattern does not use the pattern, and the Alpha’s windmill has not been drawn from the order.

Gao Dehun windmill opened the city plan conference

In order to ensure safety and compliance, keep Low price, not drawing from orders, becoming the most steady practice, but with this, earnings have become a problem.

Do not make money \”auxiliary business\”

\”We didn’t plan to make money by the windmill.\” Deng Gang mentioned. 滴滴缺席,战场重启:但顺风车不再是一门好生意了

The profit model he initially envisioned is not drawn from the windmill business, but it can build a honest community, become a traffic platform, through accumulating the wind owners and users, aggregated traffic, \”Make money can be used Method, after creating valuable traffic, repair service, auto insurance, advertisement and other methods can make money. \”

Li Jinlong also admitted that according to the current model, the windmill is difficult to profit.

Li Jinlong told Zinc Finance, although the windmill is currently in the industry, but does not reach the ideal state. The ideal state he believes is to achieve scale and achieve profitability in the absence of notification. \”Even if you receive one or two dollars of information service charge, if you have a certain size, you can make profits.\”


The respondent is mapped

\”The windmill is an aid of the entire ecology because people travel comparison Common is immediate travel, this is the user’s habits. \”Li Jinlong mentioned that the matching of the crash is 40%,\” How do we break through, it is only a small breakthrough in quantity, but it is difficult to break through This is a naturally limited ceiling, which is specified by the different attributes of the driver constituting capacity. \”

The owner has to admit that\” true windmill \”lost full-time capacity in security In the case, the growth faces the bottleneck.

The driver is also difficult to make money. A driver Xiaozhong, who started to make a windmill from 2017, mentioned Zinc Finance, before the drop offline, due to work crossing the city, he often uses drops of wind and trolley, \”save oil fees, generally don’t have to take a day in advance, the day Basically, you can find a suitable passenger, but now I have used a number of hairdryer platforms that encountering the problem that the match is low, so sometimes it is simply not to ordinate. \”滴滴缺席,战场重启:但顺风车不再是一门好生意了


The platform is facing camp. After 7 months of launch, Deng Gang’s brow is locked, because the windmobile market is not as expected, the pure windmill business is sufficient.

Deng Gang found that the biggest pain in the windmill is not high enough. Although there are already millions of drivers, the growth rate is not expected. As of now, the accumulated download amount of the Alpha’s Windmill is about 2.1 million.

\”\” Only the windmill is not enough, because the matching is not high enough, there must be a certain amount of volume to reach. Special car, express train, etc., combined with the windmill, do a full travel platform. Competitiveness, only a single windmill, it is difficult to survive. \”Deng Gang mentioned.

Recently, the Alpha’s windmill has begun to change to the idea of \u200b\u200b\”travel platform\”, preparation for online express, special car, etc. business. But this is a higher input and greater pressure for entrepreneurial companies.

At the beginning of 2018, the rushing car of the windmill has been upgraded to ‘嘀嗒 行. \”The two businesses of the windmill and taxi are complementary in the user, and some people have both reservation travel needs. There is also an instant travel demand. These two needs do not conflict, both and drive together \”, Li Jinlong said. 滴滴缺席,战场重启:但顺风车不再是一门好生意了

Visitors are mapped

Drips also emphasize its change. If the windmill is going online, it will not regard the scale and profit as a major goal. \”Cheng Wei mentioned on the communication meeting.

At the same time, general manager Zhang Rui drops ride in the media open day mentioned in the case of drops in the future if they feel safe up to a certain product features expected, decided to try operational time, we will use the first open day , first open the city’s scene mode, at the same time, information service free of charge during the test run.

滴滴缺席,战场重启:但顺风车不再是一门好生意了 \”Now on the market, by pumping ride into the big money, has become the past tense.\” Li Jinlong mentioned, \”incoming new platform, it will not take the risk of non-compliance.\” [123 ]

when a ride is no longer profitable to emphasize each platform also go to the layout diverse travel business from pure ride, ride became the \”secondary sector\” in the travel industry status, no longer seem important.

hopeless situation or a trend

for travel players, began to face more serious problem this year – lack of capacity.

The last two months, the US group, drops, and other platforms have hello on line \”aggregation mode.\”

July 15th, vehicles and pieces about the official travel network service providers open to third parties, the future users can call different vehicle platforms in the App drops a key. \”Qi as travel\”, \”travel east,\” FAW network operators about car services, third-party service providers access to the network by bit about the car open platform.

In June, the US group taxi formally launched the \”aggregation\”, not only can reach their own car on the platform in the US group platform, you can also select the first steam travel, Shenzhou car, Cao Cao travel and other brands of cars .

network about cars in the aggregation, a collection of the main platforms of capacity, the surface is thought to shift traffic service thinking, to maximize the benefits of the platform, but it also revealed the problems encountered each platform capacity ceiling.

\”around tighter government regulation, the express train, car to compliance, these two drivers will lose a lot of business in a short time, the owner of the relative lack of resources,\” said one travel industry practitioners mentioned zinc Finance.


Female assistant

drops the ride rectification scheme

\”travel market must be more than home coexist a pattern of segmentation. capacity and determine the user experience with no need of a platform. \”Li Jinlong told zinc Finance.

travel industry battle has turned into a traffic and service-led escalation of the war. Practitioners believe that a ride in which a certain place.

Deng Gang that the ride still has a high prospect. \”The ride is the capacity of private car owners nationwide. Ran a nationwide internal private road vehicles reached 1.6 million. If mobilized part, there are far more than the capacity of the express train.\”


and Li Jinlong mentioned, in particular, the ride can solve the peak of congestion, \”they tend to be in line with the main ride throughDiligence, the way is more than one order, more than one private car is going on the road. The full-time driver increased the burden of peak. \”

In the past year, 嘀嗒 has been closely exchanged with government transportation departments, hoping to promote the windmill from top to bottom, encouraging more private owners, join the wind and wind owners. Some local governments have also encouraged the windmill The policy of platform development.

Chengdu Taxi Automobile Association and the Route Travel Cooperative Conference [123

\”He can’t eat this few billion owners in the country. After other platforms come in, it is very likely that we have not got, all of which we didn’t get it. It is now not possible to say the market competition of the Ming Ming, but fill the market gap. \”Li Jinlong mentioned.

Deng Gang is one of the\” filters \”of the market. In his view, the current travel platform, the share of the third four-line market is very low, and the three or four-tier cities The black car is prevalent, cross-city demand is large. To this end, the Alpha platform has opened a cross-city line in the pilot city. 滴滴缺席,战场重启:但顺风车不再是一门好生意了

In the pilot city Harbin, due to the transfer of traffic in the surrounding counties, the demand is strong, Therefore, Deng Gang decided to open a special line in several counties around, and cooperated with the local team and strictly reviewed the identity of the driver. After passing through the cross-city line.

On the other hand, the huge wind The owner of the car is also the focus of the major platforms that need to be capacity. The most obvious case is that \”old big brother\” has not given up the windmill.


滴滴缺席,战场重启:但顺风车不再是一门好生意了 Drops in the wind turmoil \”Measures

From a long time, the potential of the windmill has a deeper development space.

The smoke of the travel market has never been scattered, but the whole industry is going back to the main battlefield, the security is the first, and it is also the most important level. How to break around this competition in this competition in the case of ensuring safety, It is the challenge of each entry.

(should be required for interviews, Zhang Yong is pseudonym)

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