The getting up earned money to strip the picture (get up to make money to zip the picture)

Recently, a 95 boys in Hangzhou, Zhejiang fire. Little Sun is a broadcast host, providing \”calling a wake up teacher\” service in a friend circle, that is, transforms the sound line according to customer needs, recording custom ringtones. With such a service, Xiao Sun sometimes reaches 100,000 yuan.

Video, Xiao Sun last second also said with the magnetic sound of \”Overbales President\”: \”Your dream is told you to get up!\”, The next second shouted: \” Get up in the morning! \”

杭州95后小伙兼职“叫醒师”月入10万!每天变换声线叫人起床,网友羡慕了 杭州95后小伙兼职“叫醒师”月入10万!每天变换声线叫人起床,网友羡慕了 Xiao Sun received an interview with Litchi Journalists said that he often brushed to some very magical ringtones in the Internet for a long time, just like a broadcast host, It is also relatively good at switching between different tones, trying to record some distinctive ringtones. \”At the beginning, I only recorded that I sent it to my friends. Later, I started to find me to customize.\”

In this way, Xiao Sun began to order the way. He said that since the start of the order, the customized demand has been very high, and sometimes the monthly income can reach 100,000. 杭州95后小伙兼职“叫醒师”月入10万!每天变换声线叫人起床,网友羡慕了

Talking about part-time feelings, Xiao Sun said: \”Every day, you can wake up different people, let them have motivation to open a new day, I think it is particularly meaningful.\” [123 杭州95后小伙兼职“叫醒师”月入10万!每天变换声线叫人起床,网友羡慕了

Netizen said: \”This is my dream career!\” \”The operation is specialized, you can make money!\”


Intern Li Yifu Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Zhou Shield

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