The high-pronged person in society, why do many people are not willing to choose to go to work?Analyze

At present, there is such a phenomenon, which is some of the high-end debts in society. All day long, run in the West, why do many people are not willing to choose to go to work? In fact, a little analysis, the answer is very simple, mainly the following reasons.


The wages are too low

The current social workman, salary is only the basic life, if you want to have a part of the fund, you need long-term Insist on persistence. Therefore, the salary of work is not a little attractive for some severe liabilities. Therefore, for some high-end debt people in society, I would rather be idle, I would rather nothing all day, and I am not willing to be constrained, I don’t want to earn that hard money.

Of course, there is also a part of the high-pronged person. In order to temporarily live, you may choose a job, but it is generally not going to have long, and some is a transition. When he has a chance or discovery a possibility, he can make himself hope that the debt in the short term, the resignation is one of him to do.

社会上的高负债者,为什么许多人都不愿意选择去上班呢?分析一下 I can’t solve the problem

For a high-end debt, relative to the debt, the salary is a drop in the bucket, solving the problem, this is the fact . The high-liabilities we have said, general arrears are more than a million yuan, relying on a monthly salary, I want to pay attention to the debt. It is a thing that is impossible to achieve.

Therefore, for some severe liabilities in today’s society, they don’t choose to go to work, and they can be understood from another level and are not very uncommon. Because I know what I can’t solve the problem, why should I do it? Unless it is forced helpless, there is no better explanation.

No hope

社会上的高负债者,为什么许多人都不愿意选择去上班呢?分析一下 Under the current economic situation, the word is not the head, this is very determined in the moment, for a workman, almost no Turning over the space. In the early days of reform and opening up, a person or a family can rely on a good job, with the balance of pay to accumulate your original capital, now? Look at the workman of all walks of life, how many people can do this, they are only relying on salary to survive.

Nowadays, workers can’t see hope, this is also one of the high-pronged creditors in many societies, and does not choose one of the main reasons for active work. Like the warm boiled frog, it is easy for a person to lose the fighting spirit, and it is easy to let alone choose to completely give up.

社会上的高负债者,为什么许多人都不愿意选择去上班呢?分析一下 Under normal circumstances, if a person is idle, he will keep looking for it, it will not stop looking for and Explore;? The man is almost bundled. For a high-end debt, he can’t see hope, and it is still tried.Then I completely lost the driving force behind work.

So, for the whole day, the high-end debt of the whole day, the high-end debt, some people are always seeking a business breakthrough, hoping that they can find the direction of their efforts, can be in the short termAlso clear debt, let yourself turn over, this person, I think it is indelible.

In summaryHope.However, for some high-end debts who don’t have any doing, no need to pray, no importance, no payment of the willingness, do not choose to earn money, is a lazy in the bones.

So, treat this group, we can’t generalize, but to dialectically analyze.Today, I share so much with everyone, thank you for reading.

I am an entity economic watchman, pay attention to me, and more entrepreneurial knowledge is shared with you.

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