The man just came out and was arrested again!Yiwu police drove 700 kilometers

\”Three years ago, you may forget, but our Yiwu police have not forgotten.\”

On August 21, it was the day of the Jiangxi man Pan, who was about to return to freedom. Never thought that in the prison door, it was a police officer from the Hostel Police Station of Yiwu Public Security Bureau.

In the face of a \”bright\” handcuffs, Pan knows what this means.

The things are back to in 2019, and there are many small street stores in a community in the streets.

While the interior monitoring record has a full process of criminal suspects, due to the death of the case, the criminal suspect is wearing a raincoat and wearing a helmet, and the night can escape from the righteousness. It is in trouble for a while.

But the police have not given up investigations. On August 20th, after a confidential investigation and in-depth analysis, the police finally locked the criminal suspect Pan by the case.

And Pan was at this time because of a prison in Zhangzhou, and will be released on the second day.

So, the police rushed to prison outside 700 kilometers overnight. In the morning of the 21st, the police will be released from Pan to prison outside the prison gate. 男子刚出监狱又被抓!义乌警方驱车700公里 \”I am so strict, it is still seen by you.\” Pan is descript, two or three o’clock in the morning of December 1, 2019, due to no money in hand, he rode the motorcycle to Yiwu warast Look for committing a commitment.

On the occasion of universal night, Pan picked a pharmacy and two restaurants along the street.

After breaking into the store, Pan has been strictly installed, and the cascading will go to the cash on the checkout station and immediately escape from Yiwu.

The lucky Pan \”self-confidence\” is full of sanctions you can escape from the law. After being arrested by the public security organs by the field, there is still nothing such as the aim of Yiwu, and eventually goes up. 男子刚出监狱又被抓!义乌警方驱车700公里

In the end, Pan was suspected of stealing sin, has been criminalized by the police in accordance with the law.

The police reminded: the French net is resurrected, the abundance is not leaking, the behavior of the bottom line of the Paper is seriously punished by the law.

Source: Yiwu Public Security

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