The month is over 10,000 yuan to sell the vegetables, the food is delicious, the boss shares entrepreneurial experience.

Although it has been in autumn, the weather is still hot, this time I entered the kitchen, like it is a sweating and steam room, after coming, I am so wet, so I don’t want to be in the case of it, I really don’t want it. In the kitchen, many people will be like me at this time, choose to buy it. After entering the summer, we have opened several sour sauce stores that are now selling. One.


It is more early, no one, often go to buy, so I will talk to the boss, I will know, I know this, this is an inconspicuous shop. The monthly income is more than 10,000 yuan, it is higher when it is hot, because people who don’t want to cook will be more. I feel particularly surprised, because I am doing a sour vegetarian fish at home, there is more than 40 yuan, although more meat, I think they only earn a few dollars, the boss is a little brother, he is still following I shared 3 experience, let me be sigh, really buy it is not as good as selling.

月入过万元只靠卖酸菜鱼,料鲜味足,老板分享创业经验 The little brother said that their ingredients are fresh, the key taste is good, and now the price of fruitful fish is relatively transparent, the competition is also relatively large, so how to guarantee how to control the taste Under the premise of quality, control cost? They have a lot of effort in this area and share 3 experience with us.

The first point, replace the fish meat.

The traditional sauce fish is black fish, the price of black fish is relatively expensive, one pound is 30 yuan, and the fish on the fish is a grass carp, a pound of price is as long as 7 yuan in the wholesaler, this cost Reduced a lot. The taste of the grass fish is similar to the black fish. They buy them are larger, so it is cheaper than ordinary retail prices. Such a fish cost of extorting sour sauerklower only needs 5 yuan. It is enough.

The second point, made yourself. 月入过万元只靠卖酸菜鱼,料鲜味足,老板分享创业经验 We have more sour vegetables in China, so there is no mature marinated experience. The price purchased in the market is relatively expensive. The little brother says that before the beginning of the store, she will study the method of pickling the pickled sauerkitzen. Sour vegetables are marinated by themselves, so the price is much cheaper, and the quality also guarantees.

The 3rd point is expanded.

Little brother said that the weather is hot, if it is sold in the store, even if the cost is reduced, but the price of shops, and the salary of the worker, this is not enough to have a month. So he got a US group, hungry and other takeaway platforms, although the platform will take some, but sales is very considerable, so as long as the control cost and increase sales, we can guarantee the singular fish, each The month can also get over 10,000. 月入过万元只靠卖酸菜鱼,料鲜味足,老板分享创业经验

After listening to the experience of the little brother, I feel very powerful, I can think of such a comprehensive, neither reducing the quality and reducing costs, this is done,Don’t make money, you can’t afford him.There are a lot of sour fish in the market, but you can make money every family. Some merchants use dead fish to make, and there is a layer of fish outside, to reduce costs, and many customers eatAfter once, I won’t eat it for the second time. I have no business when I have a long time. Only do you have a good development.

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