The National Day holiday \”marriage tide\” is about to come to the wedding company, is it enough for you to eat the table?

国庆假期“结婚潮”即将到来 婚庆公司都忙不过来了 你吃桌的档期还够用吗

The public is picking the wedding supplies respondents for map

Henan Business Daily reporter Jin Ai Lin

The National Day is approaching, the wedding market has also begun to gradually pick up.

After experiencing the \”waterprocess\”, can Henan’s wedding industry return blood? Can the wedding people find new increments in the face of newcomers and markets in personalized demand?

September, in October, there were wedding companies staged \”Hundred Regiments\”

Mid-Autumn Festival, but also blew the \”marriage tide\” in the second half of the year.

Who is in September and October, will the wedding order in September?

\”The order quantity of the 11th holiday is almost the same year. Because most people who have been married this time have been set out half a year ago.\” Henan Wedding Service Industry Association Secretary-General complained to Henan Business According to the reporter, the wedding order in August, about 80% ~ 90% extension, and some parts were directly canceled. Among these orders, some of them changed to the middle of September, and some would be changed after the National Day holiday.

The order has been exchanged in the national day \”Marriage Tro\”, and the wedding will enter busy mode at the end of September.

Zhao Yawei, founder Zhao Yawei, the founder of Henan Huatang Xiyun Culture Media Co., Ltd., called \”Hundred Regiments\” in September and October two months. He told Henan Business Daily reporters, September and October, the wedding scene hosted by the company added more than 100 games.

\”(National Day holiday) Almost 3 games every day.\” Zhao Jianyang, partner of the Iden Garden Wedding Planning Co., Ltd., said that the wedding of National Day holidays is generally previously available before October 5. However, according to him, there are some new people to consider the epidemic prevention and control, \”I learned some peers,\” I learned some peers, on October 2, due to some new people, the date of the explosion is empty. \”\”

Henan Business Daily reported in Jinrong photography, I saw that the floral and mad merchants located on the 2nd floor are tightening. \”Our business has always been very good. Compared to previous years, the turnover in September this year is 20% ~ 30%.\” Mr. Zheng Longzhen, who sells wedding supplies, said.

Good day order, the wedding company \”separation\”

No matter what the cost-effective is still personalized, there is a \”good day\” marriage has always been the wish of the new people, which also makes the wedding industry face \”Divided\” problem.

The wedding company is naturally willing to take orders to make money, but in the \”5 · 20\” \”6 · 18\” \”11 · 2 (meaning 1 + 1 \u003d 2)\” How to pick up, pick up How much, wedding related services can avoid \”indigestion\” symptoms.

\”Big company and small company are in ‘single day executable’ to work hard.\” Zhao Yawei introduced that a year, \”Good Day\” is actually only more than 100 days, to be in 1More than a business volume of the annual business is in fact, this is actually the ability to test the company’s human output capabilities and the capacity of cash flow.

Henan Business Daily reporter learned that many wedding companies have the backbone of the wedding company, from the middle and late September, it has been in a full-load state. Some companies have begun to let students and temporary workers participate in some wedding scene layouts, which also makes the wedding layout becomes absolute. Some industry insiders said that there is no more effective way to alleviate. It is currently to guide everyone to hold a wedding in normal days.

There are also some people to come up with some ways to relieve persistence.

Liu Lei, opened the balloon studio, said that it would be prepared for the semi-finished product of the balloon one or two days, some can be directly shipped directly to the scene. In this case, the time of field assembly will be shortened, approximately 2 hours. In the employment, this method can save professional balloon decorations, just the driver of the lucky ball.

A new change in marriage consumption: more pay great attention to the ceremony, cost-effective

\”The newcomer is not big, they have their own ideas, pay more attention A sense of ceremony. \”Zhao Jianyang said.

The \”2021 China Marriage Consumption New Total User Behavior\” report \”jointly released by the Wedding Joint 36 Jun Institute showed that the\” one-stop preparation marriage \”in 2020 compared to the 2019 Search It has increased 413%. After 63% of 90, after 95, we pay attention to the price / performance ratio of wedding consumption.

Talking about cost performance, and makeup artists are quite in touch. With makeup artist Li Ze (pseudonym), a wedding requires 3 makeup faces, the price is moderate, the cost-effective makeup package is more popular.

Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou, is married to the National Day holiday with a boyfriend who is in love with nearly 8 years. She told Henan Business Daily reporters who got a wedding company to consider the company’s previous works, reputation. And the price.

\”We determine the final list of hotels after the hotel is a wedding company in cooperation with the hotel. It is finally selected by repeated consideration. Mainly considering that the hotel is partnership, both parties are relatively tacit, scene layouts More reference cases. \”Zhang Yun said.

\”\” Wedding is more valuable, etiquette is in place, the style of the style also needs to communicate in advance. \”Wang Meng (pseudonym) with marriage in National Day holiday, the wedding, hand-held flowers need to make an appointment in advance, Suitable for yourself more important.

b. Industry competition, the wedding price is more than 20% more than the epidemic

With the coming season, the wedding industry can gradually realize \”return blood\”, many people Hold the attitude. Worried that the epidemic is repeated, the competitive pressure between the wedding company has become a reason to wait and see.

\”(The situation in the next few months) cannot be sure, because there are a lotUncertain factors are there. \”Hearts and printed wedding floral leaders have told Henan Business Daily reporters, generally half a year of wedding, wedding company will buy floral in August and September; in August this year, because the epidemic seals a month, each company’s procurement is compared Conservative, September wedding floral order is less than 20% ~ 30%.

In addition, the decrease in the number of marriages is reduced to a certain extent, weaken the traditional profit point of the wedding market. 2020 civil affairs According to the departmental statistics, the national marriage registration number is 81.31 million, down 12.2% year-on-year. Among them, the number of marriage registrations in Henan fell by 18.1% from the previous year.

Newcomers began to like \”small and beautiful\” Wedding. The Breaker told Henan Business Daily reporters, and now the wedding price is about 20% lower than before the epidemic in 2020, and the size of the wedding banquet in these two years also compresses, \”compared to 5 years ago, each wedding average Compressed 5 tables (50 people).

I want to stay competitive for a long time, and I said that I have to improve the overall service level. II is to update the concept, learn new things. Now young people prefer fashion trend weddings, can Other related industries introduce fashion elements into the wedding industry to maintain the vitality of the wedding industry.

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