The occupation is earning money (what career makes money fast)


When you don’t have time to rest, it is when you take a break.

Two days, saw a photo, I was inexplicably saten.

A middle-aged man who was out of control, kneeling in the hall of the hospital, smashing his head.


He was checked out with some disease, and the treatment requires a lot of costs.

before, he sold force work, strive to make money, and the result is hollowed out all the savings.

There is always an illusion, thinking that in the hand, depositing the card, is the money that really earned.

So, the bending waist to fight, and ignored life, and ignored the body.


Do you still remember the \”Fashion\” magazine edit the original Xiaojuan?

The original Xiaojuan is a person who pursues perfection, and the work is particularly serious. She has seen a manuscript of 1050,000 words and 50 photos.

She usually works three times the total editor.

For several years, visitors, domestic outlines are as frequent, only four or five hours a day.

Long-term overdraft, making her body unconsciously, becoming worse.

In July 2006, the original Xiaojuan felt that the stomach is not suitable, go to the hospital to do gastroscopy, and sold in the third phase of gastric cancer.

In fact, the doctor hides the truth when he is good, and she is actually the fourth phase of gastric cancer, and 27 lymphatic metastasis appeared.

After learning the condition, the original Xiaojuan cried in the ward every day. She brought the tears:

\”I feel that the cancer cells on my body are flowing around, when a person at night Tears can’t help but live.

I want my son, he is only 8 years old, I have to live in 10 years, I will not imagine how he will do. \”

[123 In order to treat her, the family tried the most advanced technology at that time, sold the house, spent a lot of money.

Primary Juan is in this blog: poverty and rich is a disease distance.

This disease made her previous efforts and instantly in the essay.

Before the death, the original Xiaojuan means a long-term saying:

\”In the modern fast pace, the big pressure in life, how many people have forgot their greatest wealth – health and life, I hope that my example will be alert to everyone. \”

There are two kinds of wealth in life, one is to be shaped, just like the money in the card, you can see it at any time.

But there is an invisible wealth, such as your health, when you have no disease, what do you think,Once you are sick, you will understand that it is really expensive to see a doctor.

Healthy body is a stealth wealth, and it is difficult to change anyway.

The first half of life must learn to work hard, please learn to be a pity in the second half.

You have to know that you work hard to make money, I will never catch up in the hospital.

Take care of the body, a few times, and go to a few hospitals, it is making money.


Middle-aged, in order to break the silver, busy every day, and make money for hard work.

Even if the body is uncomfortable, he also has to go to work, do not dare to leave, not dare to fall.

人到中年,身体无病,就是在赚钱 Until the sick is promoted to the hospital, it will be aware that the savings in the life will not afford a hospital bed.

Some netizens told a story about his father.

His father is a honesty, a farmer, and hard work in the yellow land.

When the peer is long, we will go out to work, wait until the spring autumn harvest will come back.

Netizen is going to college, so his father always thinks more to earn some money, and give him a lot of money. When he graduated, he can buy a car to buy a car.

However, in fact, the father has already suffered from serious rheumatism. When you get to rainy weather or cold winter, you will have a swelling and pain, it is difficult to stand.

Netizens passed with their father’s ditch, saying that he has the ability to support himself, let the father take less, take a break at home, and then don’t go out to work.

The father did not listen to persuasion. After the netizen left her home, the father secretly ran out to work.

When working out, the fattest fathers lived in hospitals because of my heart.

After living in the hospital, the father found that he did not pay for the money in the hospital a month.

The reason why this story is emotionally, because the father of netizens is actually the epitome of our countless Chinese parents.

First, make money for children to study, and then make money to help children buy a house.

Always put your child’s life in the first place, and your own health is placed in the second place.

Since he is over, it is more than one person, but a family.

Although there is a very good, why is it not realistic:

\”When you want to rescue, you know that the ambulance is the most expensive car;

[ 123]

Live in the hospital, I realized that the hospital’s bed is the most expensive bed;

After the doctor opened the medicine, the drug side is the most expensive paper …\”

True maturity, the middle-aged people who are active, while taking care of their families, they will also take care of themselves.

Keep a healthy lifestyle, is a person’s true Responsible performance.


\”Bible\” said: \”There is no better wealth than health, no more happiness than inner heart. hapiness. \”

Half of life, often spelling health.

Let me talk about it around, let me feel very emotional.

I know a friend It is not very good, I’m afraid.

After graduation, it was a famous work mad, a heart thought. 人到中年,身体无病,就是在赚钱

Today he has already arrived in middle age, it is not better than Young time is inferior.

Frequently returned home, rarely have time to accompany their families, not less than the blame of his wife and children.

Friends around me always advise him, don’t work So spelling, leave a little time to give yourself, and give your family.

But he always booked a child, his parents are old, there is still a mortgage, at all.

[123 Summary, the commence customer drinking wine in the hospital, and the results have been checked out of the body, and have to be hospitalized.

One month, put the previous savings into it in caution, borrowed a lot everywhere. [123

Destiny is always full of dramatic.

The person who desperately make money, because of a disease, he later days did not have the desperate people who didn’t have desperate people.

The \”Sun Tzu\” said that the big event has three rings: caver, yang, urgency.

After a period of force, the money earned, and the money does not give you enough safety Sense.

Only a thin water is long, and it can get another normal day.

People have to be young, there is a small, have a car loan mill, everyone is Strive to run.

But please rest properly, slow down, slow down.

Don’t be lazy, but to better advance.

As Sina said: \”When you don’t have time to rest, it is when you have a rest. \”

Learn to rest in this long run, it is a compulsory course for every middle-aged person.

Uncle Bourn said:\” Human becomes The biggest mistake is to take health to exchange other things. \”

People in middle age, don’t take health to change money, the body is getting, everything will be returned.

Tired, rest; sick, don’t worry.

Point a praise, from todayStart, eat clean food, keep sufficient sleep, over the orderly life.

When you start love yourself, you have the ability to guard your people and people you love.

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