The private car runs to send the month to get over 10,000?Beijing car fritter has grown over 3% last year

In the past year, the city express will continue to grow rapidly. According to data released on January 14, the State Post Office has shown that in 2020, my country’s city express delivery capacity has completed 12.17 billion pieces, an increase of 10.2% year-on-year. In the special context of the epidemic, the delivery market in the same city has also produced some new changes. The latest data on the real-time delivery platform of the same city shows that the number of registered flickers in Beijing has exceeded 100,000, including nearly 10% of the flash. The staff chooses to use the car to deliver by 30.2% from the same period in 2019.

In the beginning of 2020, with the epidemic, tourism, catering and other industries temporarily stopped, many of the work workers chose to become part-time \”errand\”, increasing income in a flexible way. The data released by the flash has shown that the number of flashmen in Beijing has exceeded 100,000, of which many private owners, network of net approximacies, etc., and become the \”New Army\” in the same city to deliver the industry.

\”If the work is elastic, don’t sit down, you can use your own car to run the flash. I originally ran the flash, I think that in March, I can have an opportunity to increase income.\” Wang Hao, Beijing Automobile Locomotive, told reporters that he was originally a company staff, but in early 2020 affected, the company’s business is suspended, and his income has also been affected. Wang Hao initially considers the journey of running, but I feel that the risk of strangers has cross infections during the epidemic. Seeing the flash in recruitment, he felt that the item was a relaxed job, so there was a new identity label – the flashman.

Wang Hao is in the process of picking up

私家车跑闪送月入过万?北京汽车闪送员去年增长超3成 Now, Wang Hao is still running with 8 hours a day, and take a break in a day and stay in a day. \”Unlike those brothers who ride motorcycle electric vehicles, I basically run ultra-distance orders, just like this early, send it from Anli Road to Fangshan, this order I can earn 128 yuan, this day Down, I can earn more than 500 yuan for five or six orders. \”He said, the time is long, not only is familiar with the road, but it is also very familiar with many communities.\” In Beijing Some suburbs, I have a residential area, I You can quickly know that this community cannot enter the car, you need to report to the community; the office building is not underground parking lot, where is convenient to pick up. \”

like this car flash The sergers are continuously increased. According to the statistics of flashing platform, the automotive capacity flicker registered in Beijing from March and May 2020, there is a significant increase, about 300 drivers join, most of whom come from private owners, webmarks and driving platforms. Last year, the car flicker member was more than 10,000 yuan.

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