The profiteering industry glasses store all technology free study, then send you seven thousand yuan equipment

Gold Project profiteering industry glasses store, technology free study, then send your equipment (7,000 yuan).

Liaocheng Dongchangfu District Xinyi Glasses Store (30-year-old shop), imported automatic computer optometry optometry, gift frame, half price of lens, minimum price of the city’s mirror.All year round recruits students learning technology, guaranteeing zero-based, independent shop, interested people can come to free trial, package you will be with glasses on the same day, responsible for contact with mirror and optometry.

1: All technical ten-in-one channel ten equipment (optometry, focus gauge, punching machine), a total of 7,000 yuan.

Second: All technical ten-fashion channel ten lenses 40 pairs, 40 depths of frame, 20 depths of sunglasses, a total of six,000 yuan..

Love Eye Hotline: 15069568056; WeChat is the same.

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