The reason analysis of micro-merchants feel unreliable

The so-called micro-business is a person who has a business through the WeChat platform. In recent years, friends who are doing micro-commerce are more and more. Opening a friend circle is a variety of selling cosmetics, clothes, bags, health products, purchasing, etc., the product is dazzling, there should be everything. The most troublesome is that there are often some micro-commercial screens, and this part of the people will be blocked.

Micro-commercial is so hot, then the micro business is reliable? I believe that everyone will come to a friendly poison chicken soup every day, such as a woman, a woman, relying on his parents, you are a princess; leaning on his husband is the most Wang Hao; relying on yourself is the real queen. This kind of words are endless, you don’t do micro business, like dozens of billions. Duanzi Hands often ridicule micro-business, if one day you start to show off, he must not be a lottery ticket, but do a micro business. The daily income myths of micro-merchants also make people should be able to get rid of, the month is millions, open a luxury car, live in the high-grade villa, around the world, in fact, these are a marketing tool for micro-commerce.

We must pay attention to the various scams of micro-commerce to prevent being deceived. Making micro-commercial usually can say that it is very good, the mouth is very good, introduce the product through WeChat chat, let you feel how good his products, how high is cost-effective. When you transfer money to him, the other party will ignore you. No matter how you send a message, he will not return, and later, even pull you into the blacklist, this is the naked deception. When you know being cheated, it is too late.

There is a universal existing phenomenon, tanning team, sun, sun transaction amount, sunfall, etc., etc. In short, don’t come to bother us, our team has earned a lot of money, counting money to the fake phenomenon of hand cramps. The business model behind these teams is through a variety of channels, then the development of the first level of development offline agent, is this marketing model sounds nothing a bit familiar?

Bank Information Port believes, in short, everyone should polish their eyes, otherwise it will be by the micro-business, if you need to buy some products, find some other channels to understand, so as not to be deceived.

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