The rosity increase in rural industries is wider

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Under the promotion of strong farmers and farmers, farmers’ income situation continues to stabilize. In the first three quarters of 2021, the per capita disposable income of rural residents reached 13,726 yuan, and the actual growth of 11.2%, higher than the income of urban residents growth rate of 2.5%.

After the data is back, reflect the internal income and income potential of agriculture, the continuous release of rural reform, the agricultural industry chain is continuously extended, the new industrial new business is in the new industry, the increasing increasing stream of the villagers is getting wider and wider.

Sitting on the basic disk: Innovative business system, let more small farmers integrate into modern agriculture

Longwei Township, Anxi County, Fujian Province, Yuanshi Village, Manchu Tree has entered the wintering period. The villager Chen Xiyu took the cold in the morning, and several partners went to the mountains to turn farm soil, and increase the farm childhood.

As a famous tea town in the country, Anxi County has 600,000 mu of tea garden, and tea is an important source of income of local farmers. \”The industry is strong, the peasant income is in the air.\” Xie Jingxinc, deputy director of Anxi County Agricultural Rural Area, said the county promotes the \”Association + Enterprise + Cooperative + Farmers\” model, optimizes tea technology, and further enhance tea quality, so good Good price in tea.

\”Cooperative provides a dragon service from the management to the acquisition. In the past year, the four seasons have been received in the past year. Now only the spring and autumn is two seasons, and the benefits have improved.\” Liu Jinlong, the first tea professional cooperative, said new \”Key is church tea farmers technology, summer heat, so that the buds will not pass, and it is also beneficial to photosynthesis, balance the tea garden ecology, and winter should pay attention to the root of the root.\”

[123 ] Production of histological standardization, helping Anxi tea industry, more fragrant fragrant. \”Tea price increased by 20% over the previous year. He followed the cooperative to work, the income is stable, but also does not have to worry about market risks.\” In 2021, Chen Xiu went a 26-mu tea garden income of more than 200,000 yuan, and there was a taste of the days.

Xie Jingxin introduced that there were more than 1,200 cooperatives, including tea planting, fried, sales, etc. Most of the tea farmers income, the total output value of the tea industry is 20 billion yuan.

The business income is the basic disk of farmers’ income. All localities have an agricultural business system to help farmers’ stable income. Up to now, the family farm in the country is included in the list of directory systems has exceeded 3 million, and the national farmers’ cooperatives have more than 2.4 million, driving 100 million farmers, and continuously expand family management income space. 90,000 county-level leading companies have driven 125 million small farmers into modern agriculture through production and sales orders, land hosted, and asset shares.

\”Last year farm hours, the county dispatched more than 300 sets of agricultural machinery equipment through the social service organization, carried out agricultural services, not only the results of the results, but also liberated the labor force.\” Shanxi Shilou County Agricultural EconomicsLi Wei, director of the Center, said that practice proves that agricultural production management has promoted agricultural increase, farmers’ income, and the production of food mu yield increased by about 15%.

In the country, more than 900,000 social service organizations in agriculture, including 440 social services organizations in agricultural production, more than 1.5 billion acres of managed, covering 60 million farmers, for agriculture Production provides a solid organization guarantee.

\”Promote farmers’ income, must firmly grasp the industrial development of this cattle nose. Wang Xiudong, the researcher of the Rural Economics Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said that the small farmers are still the main body of my country’s agricultural production, to drive through the faucet Improve the degree of organization, promote agricultural operation intensification, standardization, green development, and drive small farmers to continue to increase through industry operations.

Broaden income: reform stimulating elements vitality, release farmers’ income growth potential

The fruit and vegetables in the third chart in Xiaoluan Town, Jingyang District, Deyang City, Sichuan Province, the fruit and vegetables in the greenhouse, the field small water conservancy The project is working hard.

The Village of the Five Conference is an agricultural village. \”There are fewer people in the village, 2 acres of households, how to plant a development problem.\” Liu Yang, secretary of the Village Party Branch, said.

With the opportunity of rural collective property rights reform pilot, the village has established a sharing cooperative, according to the villager voluntary principle, divides the land into 9 plots, through the Chengdu Rural Property Exchange Deyang Circulation.

\”The original 850 yuan an acre rent, the highest level can be 1150 yuan. On the other hand, the total area of \u200b\u200bthe land has increased by 310 mu.\” Liu Yang said that the value-added income passed the form of dividends. Returning to a house, the rental income formed by the area difference is the village collective follow-up funds.

\”There is a dividend at the end of the year, the work can not yet the village, Zhenbei!\” The villagers were in the family, and the 2 acres of the house was turned out. One acre got 100 yuan dividend, usually he is in the nearby Five tree family farm workers, monthly salary 2,000 yuan.

After the land flow in the village, more than 4,000 mu of cultivated land, the yield of 7% -8%; the remaining blocks planted fruits and vegetables, flowers, and specializes in developing. \”There is a lot of work needs, weeding, planting flowers, and abrasives.\” Liu Yang said that the village has established a labor shares cooperative, and the villagers who are idling at home are free training, and they are docked by the cooperatives, \”as long as people are fast,\” Every day, the labor fee is 80 yuan. It has not been a problem for a year! \”According to statistics, the average revenue per household in the village has increased by 20%.

\”A major feature of the income of farmers in the top three in the first three quarters of the country is comprehensive growth.\” The total agronomist of agricultural rural ministry, the Director of the Development Planning Division Zeng Zeng, the name of wage increased by 15.3%, The net income of the business is 6.7%, and the net income of property is 10.7%, and the net income is met.An increase of 11%.

\”\” Rural have rich resource elements, reform provides a strong institutional environment to activate rural elements, urban and rural integration development provides strong support for optimizing rural elements. Zhang Hongyu, Vice President Tsinghua University China Rural Research Institute It is said that with the in-depth implementation of the rural resolution, urban and rural integration development system and policy system are increasing, and the market-planning level of factors is continuously improved, and the reform of the rural collective property rights system is gradually deepening. The potential of farmers’ income growth will be gradually freed.

Mining growth point: accelerate the development of new industries, leaving more value-added benefits to farmers

screening, cleaning, peeling, drying, packaging … in Wuyuan County, Inner Mongolia Zhen Yongfeng Village, thaw harvest end, the dried workshop is busy. \”I have a 20 acres of honeymelk last year, with an average of 6,000 pounds, and I can sell 1.55 yuan per pound, and I will be slightly better than the workshop to work into honey melon.\” Village Chen Yonggang fingers One count, the annual gross income is nearly 200,000 yuan.

Wuchang County is suitable for puranana planting, listed season and Gansu, Xinjiang and other production districts just formed a peak, after August 15th, all local customers will be concentrated here. \”There are many honeymels in our village, the sales are not bad, but the honeymeters are not easy to store, in fact, the cracked melons are very sweet, but unfortunately, these melons can only be thrown away.\” Li Xiaofi, secretary of the Village Party Branch.

In these two years, under the support of the policy, the village has built a storage library of 400 cubic meters of Cabao, can extend the honeymented storage period of 20 days; processing workshop \”live\” into the village, young people I played an e-commerce. Li Xiaolu said that last year’s puner processing has reached 5,000 kilograms, 1 pounds can sell 50 yuan online. Not only, the processing line has also created a lot of positions. \”The workshop did a day, the junction is 150 yuan, everyone is very enthusiastic.\”

Base in the village, increasing the household, the agricultural product processing industry drives farmers’ income effects At present, there are more than 30 million employment in the country, and radiation has boiled more than 100 million small farmers.

Guo Mingwang, Director of Wuli and Science and Technology Bureau, said, \”Next, on the one hand, we must explore the establishment of a new model of intensive agricultural and enterprise interests, and protect farmers grow. On the other hand, we must continue to extend the honeydewoman industry Chain, realize industrial chains such as planting, production, processing, sales, \”

Multi-channel mining income, farmers’ money bags are more drums. All localities rely on resources, extend the agricultural industry chain, expand multiple functions of agriculture, and promote the development of one or two industries, there are lives in the door of the farmers, and have money. New state has become a new highlight of the increase in farmers. In the first three quarters of 2021, the agricultural and sideline product processing industry above the scale increased by 8.6% year-on-year, and the rural leisure tourism industry was basically returned to the 2019 level, and the retail sales of agricultural products kept in two digits. At the same time, rounding the country’s rich industry, my country has created 50 characteristic advantage industrial clusters, national modern modern151 agricultural industrial parks, 228 rural industrial integration demonstration parks, 811 strong towns in agricultural industries.The platform carriers in the integration of rural industries are increasing, and the integration of rural industries is constantly improving.

Wang Xiudong said that by extending the industrial chain to promote multi-link income, through the new industry, promote new industries, promote multi-state income, improve the reasonable benefit distribution mechanism, and leave more employment opportunitiesCountry, let more value-added revenues to farmers.

\”People’s Daily\” (January 07, 2022)

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