The same is the landscape, the landscape war, and the landscaping.

Successful people always do not have to meet the needs of the times, there is no doubt that this is a truth. At this point, it is also exhausted in the history of movie. There are always some masterpieces in the history of the movie, and the most impressed is the most impressive, this 2001 Xu’s monster is passed!

同样是蜀山,蜀山战纪和蜀山传究竟差在哪? In 2001, the Mushan Pass Book Office defeated, no one is optimistic about Xu Ke’s movie, everyone is ill! But after many years, when this movie was turned out once again, everyone felt that it was very good, no doubt, this is a high-quality movie, whether it is a storyline, or special effects, it belongs to the top. Especially special effects, even in technology developed, I believe it is also a dozens of streets that are taking out most of the film and television works. There is such a sentence now, if the Mushan biography is released now, the box office will be over $ 10 billion! Do you agree?

In 2014, another drama on Lushan, the landscape. Although it is just a web drama, I still read this drama for the love of Lushan, but after reading, how much is awkward …

同样是蜀山,蜀山战纪和蜀山传究竟差在哪? I really want to know a little, 13 years, is there only so?

Zheng Yijian played Xuan Tianzong is a disciple of Kunlun, the road is deep, and the heart is full of heart. When Zheng Yijian, the long hair didn’t know how many people were fascinated


Ancient Tianle played Emei disciples Danchenzi, a armor, arrogant domineering, unrestrained, unfortunately Demolar


Chen Weizhen didn’t play, when Chen Weizhen was very popular in the Mainland, I believe this is one of the reasons for the one, after all, now is a fan economy The times, I want to have a safe recovery cost, the choice of actors is also very important

Small bones Zhao Liying, I have been black, now red, purple 同样是蜀山,蜀山战纪和蜀山传究竟差在哪?

[ 123]

Cecilia Cheung’s Same-up image, surprised to be a man, reminds me of her \”beautiful woman in a hundred years\”, extremely cold. When her body is broken, there is a kind of tragedy. And someone is a pair of pockets, and it is also a pair of pockets. Everything is an illusion. Unfortunately, after the matter of the year, it has gradually faded out of the visitors, almost a shadow. There were people who were crazy on the Internet were Cecilia Cheung and the uncle of the mountain. It was really the Xiaobian outside the road.

同样是蜀山,蜀山战纪和蜀山传究竟差在哪? In the lineup, the Lushan Chuan can be a collection of first-line lineup at that time, and now The international chapter is almost the role of running dragon. In the case of this, the Lushan Biography is a bit of a bit of a strong person. In terms of plot, the Lushan war will describe the appearance of the feelings, the plot is also a bit drag, and even when it is dark line processing.Extremely rough, let the audience have a fault, coherence, and compact types.

Compared to the Mushan war, the Lushan passed this. Five hundred years ago, I was destroyed, I destroy Kunlun for three hundred years ago! The film created a tension of the uncle in the unknown in the beginning, and the subsequent progression was rapid, and the only royal family gathered gently, giving the nunquin, and the righteous war.


Xian Xia drape, special effects can be important Zhongzhong, for this, Xiaobian doesn’t want too much comments, leave it to everyone.

同样是蜀山,蜀山战纪和蜀山传究竟差在哪? In any case, the defeat of the Lushan passed the year is the fact, but it is believed in the hearts of the audience, and it will naturally have judges. Perhaps a movie is like this, it takes time to gradually ferment it, and it is not something that is more frustrated and failure, because it is not everything possible to decide the future. Borrow a typhoon in the movie, future things, will then say

Everyone you like this two \”Lushan\”? Is it a 14-year War? What is the reason? 同样是蜀山,蜀山战纪和蜀山传究竟差在哪?

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