The scenery of the past \”Street\” is no longer, the fish powder shop is disappearing?


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Wen | Red Food Network, Author | Zhou Mo.

Since the beginning of this year, rice noodles have fired in the national fire, including Guizhou rice noodles brand \”Guifeng\”, Hunan rice noodles brand \”tyrant\” and other rice powder brands have been favored.

However, the red meal network observes, and the rice noodles are from the same source, like the four national snacks of \”Huang Sanda Ma\”, there is a fish powder named \”Street\”, but it seems that I haven’t passed for a long time. information.

Fish powder, is there a disappearance? What is the true status of fish powder categories these years?

About the origin of fish powder, there are many kinds of internet, we have no traceability, but the rise of fish powder is approximately before and after 2018. According to the investigation data, there are more than 1400 new registrations in the 2018 fish powder brand, and there are more registrations than the first three years (2015 – 2017).

However, after the public is full, after flowering, the fish powder is now there is no sound waves, especially in Guizhou rice noodles, snail powder, Guilin rice noodles and other rice flour, and the fine-grained basis. There is more and weaker.

Fish powder, the \”Street Temperature\”

Three or four years ago, in the streets in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, the figure of the fish powder shop is everywhere. At that time, every fish powder shop opened in the market was very hot. The industry and even came out of the \”fish powder will be expected to become the street after the four major national snacks, the spicy fire, the four major national snacks. Category \”sound.

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Why is fish powder fire? The red meal network found in the combing process, mainly the following reasons: 昔日的“街霸”风光不再,鱼粉店正在消失?

First, self-belling genes, no market education

fish powder is used as rice, Millet, corn, buckwheat, sorghum made rice noodles, mostly concentrated in the southern region. In most parts of my country have breakfast, the habit of eating rice noodles, emerged in a large number of rice noodles such as Liuzhou snail powder, Guilin rice noodles, Yunnan cross bridge rice noodles … can be said, fish powder as a fine sequel of rice flour, category gene There is a good group base without excessive market education.

Therefore, after the fish powder is promoted, it will soon be fired in the southern city.

Second, easy to operate and small investment, and fast return.

Fish powder, made from fish films and powder, with snacks with high soup and small dishes. These matching, rice flour is prefabricated in advance, fish fillets, high soup, etc. can also be prepared in advance, customers order, only need to cook rice noodles and fish fillets, pour high soupo with small food, simple operation, can be standardized high. A fish powder shop, couples can work together to work together.

A fish powder shop owner told the red meal net reporter, 50 square meters of stores need 4 people, the original investment cost is about 100,000 yuan.

The operation is simple, the admission threshold is a low aspect, attracting the cause of many people’s fish powder shop lies in the high profit margin of fish powder. It is understood that a bowl of fish powder product profits is between 65% -75% of the price. For example, a bowl of fish powder is priced for 15 yuan, and it is reasonab to sell 200 fish powder every day. If the income is around $ 3,000, then month income can reach 90,000 yuan, the profit is between 575,000 to 67,500 yuan, even if the rent is deducted , Ingredients, artificial costs, and income are still considerable.

△ △ a small fish powder store, the cost of investment is not high. Image Source: Grains Fishing Powder Official Bo

It is worth mentioning that the price performance of fish powder is still very high. In the traditional cognition of consumers, the fish food materials are characterized by high nutritional value, and a bowl of average price of fish powder, there are both nutritious fish, fish skin and tofu, as well as free All kinds of small dishes can be said that it is very competitive in the market.

Third, the super chain brand is driven, and the fish powder ushered in the style of entrepreneurship.

A dining area said that the fish powder is hot in the market, except for the creation of genes, easy operation, product profits and extremely cost-effective advantages, and has a certain relationship with the \”grain fishing powder\”.

According to official information, in 2014, the five-year grain fishing powder was established to join the national chain. After two years, there was a thousand chain stores, which was seen on the market. Fish powder, almost all from grain fishing powder. 昔日的“街霸”风光不再,鱼粉店正在消失?

In the early days of accelerating the race in the grain fishing powder, many entrepreneurs also aimed at the business opportunities of fish powder, and they have entered the fishmeal racing, such as the Puqin Lake grain mixed grain fish powder, the fishing rice and other fish powder brands such as Yamu. Established in that time.

△ Image Source: Wang Yugang is map

, under the driving of the big chain brand, the fish powder category also ushered in the big outbreak period mentioned above.

Today, after years of development, the fish powder racing also settled a super chain brand in a large number of super-thousand stores, of which grain fishing powder became a fish powder fine class track. A veritable old brother.

However, in general, the category of fish powder is still in the development stage of the soldiers, and there is no brand of development, and there are hundreds of couples in the streets and lanes account for most of the market share.

Fish powder is \”disappearing\”?

After receiving the red all over the country, after flowering, fish powder did not have any sound waves in recent years, especially in the past two years of lively Hunan rice noodles, Guizhou rice noodles and other fine segments, it is very cold, both No capital, I have no resurns in the consumer market. 昔日的“街霸”风光不再,鱼粉店正在消失?

Does this mean that the fish powder is already unwelcome, or it does not fall?

Source: Grains Fishing Powder Official Bo

Red Food Network Observed Discovery, in fact, the related stores of fish powder have not disappeared in the past three years The speed increases in rapid growth, and the market penetration rate of categories is getting higher and higher.

As early as 2017, the red meal network made a roughly statistical statistics on the fish powder store in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. At that time, there were only more than 300 margin stores included in the two cities included in the public comment. In mid-November 2021, the public comment on the public comment on the red meal online discovery that the fish powder related merchants in Guangshen two were 1125,1354 respectively, and the total busholders were 2479.

This means that in just three or four years, the number of fish powder stores in Shenzhen and Shenzhen has increased by more than 8 times.

In addition, new brands in the fishmeal track are increasing. Insurance data show that in just three years in November 2019, the number of new catering enterprises in fish powder has exceeded 3,300.

At the same time, some fish powder brands are also accelerating market expansion. For example, in 2014, there are 108 stores of Hshangki grain fish powder, and the half-door shop is opened after 2019; In the 83 of the Yingmen Store, there were more than 30 stores in the Yinnan Lake grain mixed grain. The most typical five-door fishery powder, 2019 new open shops up to more than 800, and repeated in the epidemic In these two years, the pace of brand expansion has slowed more than 2019, but the total number of new open stores still over 630.

昔日的“街霸”风光不再,鱼粉店正在消失? From the distribution of business districts and urban expansion dimensions, the penetration rate of fish powder brands is getting wider and wider.

△ Fish powder shop from the street to the business super, picture source: red meal net

like fish powder shop and Shaxian snacks, mostly hidden in the street alley or city village location Nowadays, in the core business districts and shopping centers in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai and other cities, slowly appear in the figure. For example, Guangzhou’s fishing rice, Shanghai’s fish powder king, the store is located in Shopping Mall. In addition, they all use a unified signboard. The store style is more fashionable, which is great to be more abundant, and more traditional fish powder shops in the neighborhood shop, husband and wife store store image, product selection and product matching.

For example, the fish powder king put a lot of mind and effort in the product structure and product, the light of the soup, there is fish soup, sauerklown, tomato, shrimp soup four tastes to choose from In addition, in the choice of fish varieties, there are more than 20 kinds of fish powder, black fish, bass fish, etc. At the same time, it is also quite rich in the combination of the product.The choice of the fee.

△ Image Source: Fish powder king official micro

In addition to the layout business district and the product, the fish powder brand is also dominated by the deep population of southern cities. The pasta is the main northeast and northwest, and even the fish powder brand will open the store overseas. 昔日的“街霸”风光不再,鱼粉店正在消失?

像 阪 五 鱼鱼 粉, 南 湖 五 米 粉 在 in Liaoning, Shaanxi, Shandong and other places. In addition to deep cultivation of the Camp Camp, the store has allocated all over the country. At present, in the northeast of Xinjiang, Qinghai, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Tibet and other northeastern and northwest. In addition to accelerating running horses in China, grain fishing powder also brought the fish powder overseas, and now has a branch in Singapore, Vietnam, Canada and other countries.

Although the brand of fish powder is speeding up, the permeability of the category market is constantly deepening, but in nearly 100 billion rice flour, the volume of fish powder is still small. Thesis is not as good as Hunan rice noodles, Liuzhou spiral powder, Yunnan rice, and the attraction of capital can’t be compared to the rice powder of the current fire. what about this? Fish powder category wants to \”turn red\” again, what problems and challenges are facing?

昔日的“街霸”风光不再,鱼粉店正在消失? Why is fish powder more and more?

After the depth investigation and interview with the relevant catering industry, the red food has summarized the following major developments in the development of fish powder.

1, the market is fierce, the fast food market space is further compressed .

. Wang Yuang is so coming.

昔日的“街霸”风光不再,鱼粉店正在消失? In his opinion, fishmeal belongs to the fast food quilt. A few years ago, the domestic fast food market competition has not been particularly fierce. Many fish powder brands are even in the fast food brand. \”You hit you, I played me\” The stage, so the business of each store will not be too bad. However, in recent years, the competition in the fast food market has become more and more intense. It has a large number of strength brands in major segments.

As Wang Yugang said, in recent years, a number of star fast food brands have been settled in the race of porridge powder, such as the rice ram, rural, village Base, the old lady is the first brand of the size of the store and the market influence. The powder race has also born Chen Yugui, Zhang Lala, Maji Yong, Breakman, His Face, meets the small face, etc. Whether it is productivity or The marketing power has a bright show. Their appearances, while expanding the scale of fast food, it also seizures a lot of fast food, making the market space of fish powder categories are compressed to a certain extent.

△ Image Source: Red Food Network

2, the change in the consumer group, the development of fish powder categories and brands stagnant.

The fast food market pattern is changed, and the taste and demand of consumers have changed.

For more than four or five years ago, most consumers have cheap to fast food, eat full, cost-effective fast food is their first choice, and delicious fish powder happens to catch up with this wind.

However, with consumer upgrades, consumer needs have changed, and it is not expensive to eat, they need more fresh stimuli and more product tastes. Obviously, the fish powder is a soup, similar matching is not very satisfied with their needs.

The opposite is the head brand that is in the powder surface track, whether it is decoration positioning, service or product matching, marketing method, etc., has been separated from traditional powder bodies, such as the main \”government study\” The health noodles and the Human noodles, the main new retail soldightening rice noodles, they not only bonded the new needs of the fast food, but also more chain, branded investment value.

△ Image Source: Peace Facade

Compared with the fish powder track, no matter the quality of product quality or consumer experience, it can follow the era of footsteps The fish powder brand is numbered, even if there is an individual brand aware of the times, it is also a little successful in the product match, the space scene, but because the scale effect is not strong, it does not subvert the tradition of the low-end street shop of fish powder stores. Awareness.

3, category cognition, low-end image is difficult to break.

From the perspective of the category, we also mentioned that many fish powder brands are affected by the \”grain fishing powder\” brand, but the viewing fish powder market has the same category recognition. Knowledge obstacles, they equate the \”grain fishing powder\” brand, and many fish powder brands have brought four big characters of \”grain fish powder\” on the brand name. 昔日的“街霸”风光不再,鱼粉店正在消失?

On the edge of the street, there are all types of \”grain fish powder\” signature fish powder shops can be seen everywhere

and such a chaotic category cognition, both hindering \”grain fishing powder\” The development of the brand also allows most of the fish powder brands on the market to lose themselves and cannot form their own brand characteristics.

Red meal net observation found that the grain fishing powder has made a new iterative upgrade of brand image and products since 2019, and even some stores have entered the shopping center, but because the cottage plagiarism, So far, consumers have not been very good to reverse their street shop images.

4, the product is homogeneous, the product line is messy.

In addition to the brand characteristics, the homogenization of the product, the characteristics of the product line are mixed, and the development of the fish powder brand is also limited.

Red meal network reporter visited the depth of the four fish powder shops, most fish powder stores’ sign products clearColor is a grain fish powder, and the product is characterized by not obvious. In addition to the fish powder series, some fish powder stores have also added a series of fish powder, sauerku rice, and even some people have sold the Chongqing sour powder, Liuzhou snail powder and Guilin rice noodles and other local snacks and net red products.

△ Image Source: Grain Fishing Powder Official Bo 昔日的“街霸”风光不再,鱼粉店正在消失?

The capacity of the fast food market is only so big, the crowd base has only so much, and it has been Evergings more and more excellent brands to eat fast food this big cake, but fish powder has always stayed in a few years ago, it is difficult to discuss capital and consumers.

Can the fish powder class be broken? Here, you can summarize such a sentence that Wang Yugang said, \”fish powder as a multi-year class, the market demand will always exist. Just Follow the pace of consumers and the development of the times. \”

is not a fish powder class, but the time is really different. The creation of fish powder may begin from the beginning of the fish powder brand itself. We also look forward to having a fish powder brand to make a change in changing, so that the saminus has aroused some different waves.

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