The star makes money (how much is the star earned)

As a special industry, the revenue of the star has always been more concerned, and whether it is domestic or abroad, the star’s income is very visible.

Previous US entertainment industry authoritative magazine \”Variety\” announced the Hollywood movie star allegation list, up to $ 100 million.

Recently, the Korean variety show \”The Victorian Intermediary\” also made inventory for the price of the 2021 Han entertainment circle, and finally had 8 stars.

Let’s take a look at how the income of these 8 stars is?

2021年韩国身价最高的8位明星,宋慧乔仅第7,第1名高达170亿韩元 TOP8: Song Hai170 million won (RMB is about 770,000)

The eighth is the host of South Korea Song Hai, this year’s 94-year-old Songhai It has been out of 66 years.

So far he is still active on TV screens, there is no need to retire, is the world’s top-growing artist in Korea, and he also got a credit award last year.

2021年韩国身价最高的8位明星,宋慧乔仅第7,第1名高达170亿韩元 Song Hai entered the entertainment circle is because his voice is good, it will sing when it will be a player. Broadcasting company.

He hosted the \”National Song Contest\”, with a history of more than 30 years.

2021年韩国身价最高的8位明星,宋慧乔仅第7,第1名高达170亿韩元 This program is very simple, running to a place in South Korea every week, inviting local people to open outdoors, but because Song Hai is very relaxed, the program is welcome.

As the grandfather of the national grandfather, Song Hai is the idol of many grandparents, so he welcomed the advertising world and became one of the most popular advertising stars in Korea.

And the old gentleman’s advertisement is always advancing with the times, so the endorsement fee is quite worthless.

TOP7: Song Huiqiao 4 billion won (RMB is about 22 million) 2021年韩国身价最高的8位明星,宋慧乔仅第7,第1名高达170亿韩元 As one of Han Xing in domestic high visibility, Joe Mei can be said to be the goddess in the hearts of people.

Since 1996, Song Huixia starred in \”Blue Life and Death\”, \”Love Hotel\”, \”Romantic Man\” and other classic Korean dramas, each has a super high ratio .

In 2016, she and Song Zhongji cooperated with Song Zhongji more fire a mess, the highest rate of the full drama reached 41.6%, and became the 2016 ratings championship. .

2021年韩国身价最高的8位明星,宋慧乔仅第7,第1名高达170亿韩元 Song Huiqiao and Song Zhongji also got into the marriage hall with this drama, but in the end, two marriage ruptures and chose to divorce.

As the goddess actor, Song Huiqi’s price has been relatively high. In 2016, the \”descendants of the sun\” is 60 million won, the price of each advertisement Up to up to900 million won.

And Joe’s career is not affected by divorce, the price does not fall, 2021, not only \”now is breaking up\” and \”Theglory\” work, and also won the high luxury brand Fendi Endorsement, be the first Korean spokesperson.


At the same time, Song Huiji is also good at investing in real estate. In New York Manhattan, he purchases the luxury home, and there are many real estate in Seoul.

In 2016, the light is the value of the real estate. It is over 100 million, ranked second in the ranking of the Korean entertainment industry.

2021年韩国身价最高的8位明星,宋慧乔仅第7,第1名高达170亿韩元 It is reported that Joe’s new work \”now is being branch\” will be broadcast in November. This is also her time to starring the film and television drama after 3 years, let us look forward to it. .

TOP6: Shen Dongyi 5 billion won (RMB approximately 27 million)

The representative of the MC world in Korea, except Jiang Tiandong and Liu Zenshi, there is also a heavyweight The characters, he is Shendong.

Shen Dongyu once due to the failure of entrepreneurial failure as much as 8 billion, the interest per month is 20 million.


After the failure of entrepreneurial failure, Shen Dongzheng realized that the host is a industry that is suitable for her own, so I started the way.

Not only hosted a number of popular programs such as \”My Bear Kid\”, \”Amazing Saturday\”, and most of the annual programs are mostly hosted by him.

As the \”National Host\”, Shen Dongyi, also worth it, he and Liu Zhongshi are the two largest pronunciations recognized in the Korean host. 2021年韩国身价最高的8位明星,宋慧乔仅第7,第1名高达170亿韩元 As early as 2012, I was \”Hello\” and \”Immortal Famous Song 2\” programs 600 million \”Hundred and Korean\”, the KBS TV star in the artist, the price of 2017 is also up to 3 billion .

According to the \”My Home Bear\”, \”Animal Farm\”, the \”Animal Farm\”, presided over, 1000 to 15 million. 2021年韩国身价最高的8位明星,宋慧乔仅第7,第1名高达170亿韩元

The paid for each episode \”We divorced\” last year has reached 20 million won, and then the advertising revenue, etc., it is no wonder that Shen Dong is one of the most profitable MCs.

TOP5: Li Shengji 7.7 billion won (RMB is about 42 million)

\”National Brother\” Li Shengji is a all-round artist.

Li Shengji debuted as a singer, with a song \”because it is my woman\”, I won the new people in the year, and then started to show \”the seven princess in the rumor\”. \”My girlfriend is the nine-tailed fox. \”,\” Waterkeepers \”and other film and television dramas. 2021年韩国身价最高的8位明星,宋慧乔仅第7,第1名高达170亿韩元

in which the drama \”Brilliant Legacy\” average ratings as high as 47.1%, becoming the Korean drama annual ratings winner, the TV series \”Flower Travels\” premiere is hitting the highest ratings record tvN drama 2019 .

also by virtue of \”Strong Heart\” and \”Gu Family Book\” in the performances get SBS acting awards reward the best man and MBC Drama Awards best acting Award. 2021年韩国身价最高的8位明星,宋慧乔仅第7,第1名高达170亿韩元

In addition In addition, he presided over too many popular variety, such as \”overnight visit\”, \”In the Mood sister\”, \”Master one family\” and so on. 2021年韩国身价最高的8位明星,宋慧乔仅第7,第1名高达170亿韩元

as a national of one of the highest favorability star Lee Seung-gi paycheck is also very impressive.

2010 Lee Seung Gi will be elected as the star of the highest advertising sales, Lee Seung Gi was worth to one year exclusive model as the base is about 5 to 6 million. 2021年韩国身价最高的8位明星,宋慧乔仅第7,第1名高达170亿韩元

2016 Lee Seung-gi episode paycheck to reach 70 million won, and Lee Min Ho, Yoo Ah-in the same, \”Flower Travels\” Lee Seung-gi paycheck rose to 100 million won per episode.

In recent years Lee Seung-gi paycheck continue to rise, the program hosts a set of compensation for the 10 million to 15 million won, endorsement fee is 700 million won. 2021年韩国身价最高的8位明星,宋慧乔仅第7,第1名高达170亿韩元

Today he starred score suspense drama \”snoop\” episode reward is to reach 120 million to 130 million won.

In accordance with this development, as the strength of the young idol Lee Seung-gi future can be expected.

2021年韩国身价最高的8位明星,宋慧乔仅第7,第1名高达170亿韩元 TOP4: Song Zhongji 8 billion won (about RMB 44 million)

filed Song Zhongji absolutely not open around the phenomenal drama \”The Sun descendants.\”

aired when the show premiered in Korea ratings of 14.3%, from the 2014 hit Korean mini-series premiered highest ratings, quickly swept the whole of Asia, has become one of the national drama.


while in the country is also highly sought after broadcast, webcast amount of more than 40 billion.

\”descendants of the sun\” not only let Song Zhongji harvest of love, but also let him become one of the new generation of top flow Han.


and as \”descendants of the Sun,\” the burst of fire, Song Zhongji paycheck are skyrocketing.

starred in \”The Sun descendants\” fee of 60 million won per episode, three years after the \”Asda’s mind\” personal paycheck tripled, reaching 180 million won per episode.

today Song Zhongji drama starring \”Vincenzo\” single set fee is risen to two hundred million won, Song Zhongji is said to lower the TV series \”chaebol family’s youngest son.\” the fee is also expected to continue to rise. 2021年韩国身价最高的8位明星,宋慧乔仅第7,第1名高达170亿韩元

In addition to film and television drama, Song Zhongji wideReported in responding higher income.

Song Zhongji is an advertisement with an income of more than 1 billion won. In 2016, he received more than 100 advertising endorsements at home and abroad, with a total income of more than 10 billion .

Add some variety show, Song Zhongji’s price is indeed, which can also be seen from the luxury house purchased. 2021年韩国身价最高的8位明星,宋慧乔仅第7,第1名高达170亿韩元

Song Zhongji bought the value of RMB 10 billion in the marriage, and I bought a $ 2.88 million Hawaiian apartment last December.

TOP3: Liu’s stone is 10 billion won (about 55 million)

said Liu Zhongshi, familiar with the viewers of Korean variety, he should know that he has \”Liu Dao, Liu, Liu, Liu, Liu, Liu God, National MC \”title, with Jiang Huandong,\” Korean Variety of Two Dashan. \”

In fact, Liu Zhongshi’s performance road is not as smooth as imagining, Liu Zhongshi is attending The selection of KBS funny artists entered the entertainment circle, because the length and background is general, he has been in a state of not hot. 2021年韩国身价最高的8位明星,宋慧乔仅第7,第1名高达170亿韩元

After chairs \”real game\”, \”happy together\”, \”x-man\”, \”unlimited challenge\”, etc., the famous national grade variety show is also Come higher.

After the \”Running Man\” hosted \”Running Man\”, she hosted the audience with her own funny charm, and he harvested a high popularity and became the national MC.

2021年韩国身价最高的8位明星,宋慧乔仅第7,第1名高达170亿韩元 As of 2021, Liu Zhongshi received 15 great rewards in the performance of the three major TV stations (KBS, MBC, SBS) in Korea, and is in a hundred Reward for 2 TV sectors, these achievements are really unable to do.

As a super popular MC, Liu Zhongshi’s price is getting higher and higher.

Liu Zenxi is only 64,000 won, and now the host has risen 235 times, currently the price code, wireless 3 million To 15 million won, there is RMB 2 million to 25 million won.

2021年韩国身价最高的8位明星,宋慧乔仅第7,第1名高达170亿韩元 \”Running Man\”, \”Liu Quiz\” \”What is it? \”Three fixed presidential matters have 220 million won, with an annual income of more than 2.7 billion.

Adding eight advertisements in hand, endorsement fee of 6 to 800 million won, this year Liu signed a new company in Stone, it is said that he has received 10 billion signing gold.

The most rare thing is that Liu has always been a charity in the stone, donating money to charity every year, and rescues childhood children, such a positive energy star is me.We should learn.

TOP2: Jin Xiuxian 13 billion won (approximately 71 million yuan) 2021年韩国身价最高的8位明星,宋慧乔仅第7,第1名高达170亿韩元 The second is our exclusive professor.

As a popular actor in South Korea, Jin Xiuxian’s work starred in the exhibition is very bright.

For the first time, the TV series \”DREAM High\” in the actor of the male protagonist is ranked in Korea’s annual fire mini drama ratings champion. The show history \”embraces the moon of the sun\” sets the Korean ten years from 42.2% of ratings (2006 ~ 2016) The mini drama has the highest view.

2021年韩国身价最高的8位明星,宋慧乔仅第7,第1名高达170亿韩元 After the movie \”Great Hidden\” is released, after breaking the nine box office record of Korea, from the Hollywood movie, the box office championship next to the eight consecutive weeks [25] With the film’s performance Jin Xiuxian, the Korean Movie Big Par Award and Hundreds of Thoughtful Art Restaurant have obtained the best newcomer award.

2014 \”You\” from the stars \”is more popular throughout Asia, the highest ratings of South Korea reached 28.1%, the highest net ratio of the network reached 73.4%, the double-double annual mini drama champion, China network playback More than 6 billion.

Jin Xiuxian also got a super high popularity with a professor, the price is also rising, and a single advertisement is 1 billion won a year.

When the \”You\” from the stars, each episode 50 million to 100 million yuan, last year, \”although it is mentally ill, but does not matter\” each episode rewards up to 200 million won, the value is refreshed with the highest host of Korean TV drama history. 2021年韩国身价最高的8位明星,宋慧乔仅第7,第1名高达170亿韩元

This year, Jin Xiuxian’s new drama \”a certain day\” is also attractive, each episode of 500 million won, is his retired new work last year, \”although it is mentally sick but it doesn’t matter.\” 2.5 times, once again refresh the highest performance record of Korean drama history.

So, \”The Popularity of the Missions\” is not a golden Xiuxian.

TOP1: The whole Zengxian 17 billion won (approximately 93 million) finally came to our champion. 2021年韩国身价最高的8位明星,宋慧乔仅第7,第1名高达170亿韩元 As a female goddess, Zhong Zhixian can be aware of everyone’s attention. Since 1997, she starring many film and television works have set off a small boom.

\”My Barbarian Girlfriend\” lets the whole Zhao Xian in Asia, but also set off a \”savage storm\” in the film and television circle.

\”You from the stars\” became the peak of all Zhixian, harvested high-profile and good reputation, the play laughing and jealousy, the audience Once again, it is convinced for the acting of the whole Zhao.

2021年韩国身价最高的8位明星,宋慧乔仅第7,第1名高达170亿韩元 \”You from the stars\”, the whole Zhixian returned to the peak, the price of advertisements rose straight, an advertising price is 1 billion, and it took 25 advertisements in half a year, with a total income of 25 billion won (RMB 1.. billion).

\”You\” from the stars \”and\” The Legend of the Blue Sea \”have also reached 100 million won, which has become the only one in the industry. The actress, the other is Li Yingai.

At the same time, Qi Xian cool love to buy the building. She also had a 5-storey high-buildings, two village caves, big, and 30% in Seoul City. There are also properties.


According to incomplete statistics, Full Zhixian currently has 6 buildings, with a total assets of over 40 billion won, about 240 million RMB 220 million.

According to the 2017 South Korea’s national investment program data, Quan Zhixian ranked second in the artist real estate assets, and the monthly collection room was rented nearly million, so it was called \u0026 # 39; \u0026 # 39; # 39; \u0026 # 39 ;.

This year, there is \”Kingdom: North Ashi\” and \”The Third Season of the Kingdom\” and \”The Third Season of the Kingdom\”, soon, he received the endorsement of the top luxury Alexander McQueen brand. .

2021年韩国身价最高的8位明星,宋慧乔仅第7,第1名高达170亿韩元 The ability of the whole goddess can be described as very powerful, and the first real is named.

The above is 8 stars in the highest price of Han entertainment circles this year. From this list, it can be seen that the gap between men and women stars is relatively large.

Each episode exceeded 100 million actresses only Li Yingai and Quan Zhixian, and the actor has a lot of more than 100 million won.


And the domestic star’s income is not too high compared to the domestic stars.

I also hope that under the rectification of the national prices of the entertainment, yin and yang contracts, the star can improve the overall literacy, focusing energy on acting and work, let revenue and ability are proportional.


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