The woman’s \”life,\”, in fact, it is

Chapter 01

How is a person’s fate is not a destined, but it is in your own hands.

Blame your own bitterness with life of life, it is puzzling, pitiful.

Destiny, but the boring and masturbation of the hardships and the losers, but the weakness of weakness and inability.

A person, how, and what is like acting, it is finally determined by his own thinking, pattern, life, and effort.

A person who has an eye and a pattern, and understands that constantly work hard, unconfilled, naturally can get rid of their own destiny, and they have thought about what they think.

女人的“命苦”,其实,都是自找的 Chapter 02

You often hear women complaining \”life and bitter\”, especially women who have got married, will lament their own life, not only The days are cold, and they can’t get the husband’s love and cherish.

They often envy, those women who wear their own names and get their husbands.

I always feel that they live good, I have encountered a good man, I found a good attribution.

When they don’t know, those who have a good woman, because they have a high pattern and ideological consciousness, relying on their own efforts and pay, but not Take the tart in the sky.

Those who have a good woman are their own ability, diligent, can give their own food, food, food, no worries, without reaching a man to ask for money, watching men’s face.

Those women who can be care and cherish, are their own excellent enough, enough to make men to appreciate and love, make men willing to go to soup, pay everything.

The woman’s \”bitter\”, in fact, from the arrangement of destiny, it is self-suite, it is a lot of money to make a good brand, it is the result of self-contained.

Chapter 03

Do not make money independently, too dependent on men 女人的“命苦”,其实,都是自找的 The economy is independent, and it is a wonderful capital that women live, happy.

Women can only be economically independent, they have their own ability to work, in order to be based on the society, have their own place, in order to be in the same place in their families.

Many women listen to the \”I raise you\” in the men’s mouth, and give up the work, there has been no ability to make money independently, only by men.

When a woman reached a man asked for a man, then naturally wanted to see the man’s face, even have to face a man’s impatient and violent.

Women do not have independent ability to make money, slowly become a man’s burden and cumbersome, men will generate the idea of \u200b\u200bgetting rid of the escape.

After the woman is together, it can be appropriateLai man, but absolutely to master the goodness, but not over-reliance, absolutely dependence.

Many women live bitter, because they have no independent income, there is no ability to independently dominate money, naturally consumption.

Moreover, it will gradually lose his light, and the man will have a disgusting and tiredness while giving a man.

Even, often suffering from men, there will be countless grievances and tears.

too obedience to men, love is humble

Many women lived in Zhang Ailing’s pen: \”See him, she became very low, low to dust But her heart is happy, flowering from the dust. \”

They thought that only their love is deep, paying enough, it will be able to firmly grasp the man. Heart, let the man love himself.

It is conceivable, and it is not cherished and pamged, but trampling and harm.

At the end, the woman’s proudly lost to a humble, and it lifted to reality. 女人的“命苦”,其实,都是自找的

Every man’s bones have a conquest, the more it is difficult to conquer, the more interested, the more you will pity and compassion.

The woman who is easy to get will be taken by the woman who has been eaten, but will not be treated.

Many women are only live \”bitter\”, because it is too obedient to men, and finally, while practicing men, I don’t know how to love the man, but it is wronged and bitter.

Remember, no matter how much, you must keep your own noble, not humble, not always obey, but to keep your pride, you have to have your own home.

Can not stand the bottom line, unlimited converging men

love, need to be inclusive, but it is never meant to be indulgence.

In the emotion, many women are good at \”endure\”, and they will mistaken \”tolerance\”.

Such an endurance, will be unknowingly contemplatening a man, is spoken by a man, eventually being trampled by a man to his bottom line, and then hurt himself.

The controversy of men is the harm to themselves, which is to dig your own, and the morning and evening is ourselves.

女人的“命苦”,其实,都是自找的 When a man has problems, there is a problem, and when it is wrong, it must be proposed in a timely manner, requiring him to correct.

If a man is seriously injured, then there is no need to endure, leave it in time is the best choice.

The unlimited capacity of men, can’t let go of the feelings, it is hard to let yourself be helpless, wronged, grievances and pain.

Women, only to keep their own principles and bottom lines can we get respectHeavy and cherish.

Chapter 04

Sophimso said:

\”Women are the most sadness is not annual old, but in marriage The self lost in peace. Women can be aging, but must be elegant to death, can’t let marriage lose luster for women to lie. \”

Marriage, I don’t know when, I have become a place for sacrificing women. .

There are too many women, after entering the marriage, they lose their self and become slaves of marriage and families. No day, night, there is no status, to endure life, or endure men’s torture.

女人的“命苦”,其实,都是自找的 Woman, only with the ability to control life, control love and marriage, can really dominate his life, not so bitter, so tired.

Whenever, can not make money independent, can’t obey the man, you can’t alleviate the bottom line.

The rest of the life, it is necessary to economically independent, but also keep your own proud and noble, elegant, not lost, not humble, and never lose your own bottom line.

-END –

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