There are many places in Wannan!Men can’t leave it!Is it illegal now?!

Two days, weekend Xiaobian took a holiday to Xiamen, the train passed a large green oil, there was a neat plant, this thing looked familiar but Xiaobian, but I can’t remember! I quickly took them with the camera, I want to go home and ask my predecessors.

当年赣南很多地方都种这东西!男人都离不开它!现在种却违法?! After returning home, I quickly found the seniors asked. It turned out that there were many people in the south of Weinan inseparable things – smoke! Xiaobian a spirit, memory returned to those years, read the scene of the grandfather in the backyard! Rascent Renior 20 years ago, many rural smokers in Weinan have planted tobacco, which is the legendary \”dry smoke\”!

The cigarette smoke focuses on the growth of the leaves, and all nutrients are supplied to the leaves so that high quality tobacco leaves are harvested when ripe. Therefore, when the smoke seedling is long, and when the tobacco leaves grow to a certain amount, it is necessary to break the sprouts of the smoke seedlings, and the newly sent nosh breaks from the petiole can be used to make better nutrition. Give the growth of tobacco leaves. 当年赣南很多地方都种这东西!男人都离不开它!现在种却违法?!

At that time, I was often arranged by Grandpa. The smoke seedlings are generally not high, but the tobacco leaves and stems have a kind of soot oil, especially the sun, specially smoked. Often it is not a two-way cocktile, and it is covered with soothe oil. After a while, the fingers have turned yellow. It’s really painful.


Waiting to the tobacco leaves mature, grandfather take the scissors to cut the macarrily, I will clean up, take it into the basket, and I do a banyan oil and smoke. After returning home, Grandpa put it in the middle of the grass rope, I am also helping. That time, the entire courtyard is a smoke. However, as the tobacco leaves are dried, it seems to become a fragrance.


I don’t know when I started, I rarely saw that there was a kind of tobacco, maybe the old man, a young man. I am afraid that I am afraid that I am tired to go to the market to buy those packaging! However, when I didn’t come to the township \”causing\” or I can see some older people in the stalls selling their own dry smoke! (Editor: 州 recommended)

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