There is a private car to do what earlier

In this era, we can use a variety of ways to make money. In the right time, or amateur time to make money in different ways, then everyone knows what business can you do with a car? What are you can make money? If you use it to do a wedding car, you can earn how much money? Today, Xiaobian will take you to understand!

First, only one car can do, business

1. Open a car

private car driving a taxi need to hang a taxi The company, and the driver also needs to take the \”Internet Reservation Taxi Transportation Certificate\” and \”Network Reservation Taxi Driver Qualification Certificate\”. Details can click (how much is the taxi operation, how much money) is understood. It is understood that private cars transfer operation vehicles have been 8 years or 600,000 kilometers, and the guided scrap measures are used, even if they regress non-operating vehicles still implement the premium policy, the owner needs to consider it.

However, it can be transferred to a lot of money, from the past, the taxi driver’s income level, general taxi will be given to two drivers, driving in time, one monthly income seven Eight thousand is also possible. If the private car is one person, the diligence is still going to get over 10,000, but it is basically hard to make.

2. Delivery to make money

There are some small cars to deliver part-time jobs, such as helping others to send fruits, flowers, birthday cakes, toys, etc., you can also choose to transport express, such as city Transport some files, small couriers, etc., sometimes some shopping holidays, such as Jingdong 618, Taobao double eleven, logistics pressure, courses can also choose delivery to make money.

3. Wedding car rental

If it is some luxury sedan, it can be used as a wedding car, which generally needs to contact companies or individuals who specialize in wedding cars, and then the owner provides vehicles, renting is according to A certain proportion is given to the owner and the wedding car company.

4. Netmodi Luke

Many private car drivers have joined the webmark industry, such as dripping, Wanshun called car, first steep car, Haro travel, e Driving, etc. is a relatively large webmark platform, you can choose one of them. You can also click (how to add a drop platform) to understand, or click (Conditions of Wanshun called the car to franchise).

And the network of the webmobile is still relatively free, you can choose part-time network of net us, the order cost is relatively high after 10 o’clock, to the station, downtown, KTV and other people more easily Basically, each order is hundreds of dollars, one night, 2-3 can also earn 100-200 yuan, is a good additional income.

5. Car flow business

Some private car driversChoose mobile to buy shoes, clothes, backpacks, etc., often to some downs or night market street stalls, sometimes do not need to rent, business is also good, is a good additional income.

Second, the small car can do what business

1, what model is to go, can go to transport, delivery.

2, you can consider going to do a special car, send people to make money, or good.

3, still watch what model, can whose some goods, go to the night market.

4, car rental, work, rent the car to others, or put it in the car rental company.

5, wedding car rental, is also very good choice!

The method is still very much, you have summarized it, see what is best for you.

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