This less than 50m2 stores have been working for 6 years in Yuncheng?

I heard that

Thanksgiving Square has a small spicy incense pan shop

Shenzhen students’ favorite

is open for 6 years.

Nowadays, the celebration activities


For the intuition of food,

Xiaobian did not have a hard

[ 123] Dedicated to the big sun came here

famous nuna spicy incense pot


In the store plays a simple table and chair

There is a small design

House air-conditioning

There is WiFi

is very suitable for friends to eat

[ 这家不足50㎡的小店,凭什么在运城开了6年屹立不倒?

All ingredients are set at a glance 这家不足50㎡的小店,凭什么在运城开了6年屹立不倒?

Fresh and clean

Except for special meat

The rest of the vegetarian All 1.4 yuan / 50G

For the meat star

inexpensively to explosion

这家不足50㎡的小店,凭什么在运城开了6年屹立不倒? [123 ] What do you want to eat?

不 方 方 方 方 方 方] 食 材 食 食 食 食 点 食 点 食 点 食


Since it is a spicy incense order

这家不足50㎡的小店,凭什么在运城开了6年屹立不倒? How do you get less?




spicy pot bottom reduces bacon’s rich smoked The taste, but it retains its delicious delicious; and the peeled beef ball can feel the flavor of the burble beef soup in the meatballs; the meat and duck meat are tender and not easy, of course, is a beautiful little fairy. Preferred ~~




Purple potato glutinous rice ball soft soft glutinous, sweet meaning, must be the first choice. The bamboo shoots are crisp, the West Blue flowers are rich in nutrients, and it is bound to be standard. 这家不足50㎡的小店,凭什么在运城开了6年屹立不倒?


The cugger noodles itself q will have a strong taste, whether it is a hot pot or a spicy pot, is the best match.

¥ 1 yuan / part


Although it is a 1 yuan, it is not limited, for the appetiteFor a friend, it is a conscience store here.As long as 1 yuan can eat unlimited (but please don’t waste it ~)

这家不足50㎡的小店,凭什么在运城开了6年屹立不倒? Drink free


hotIn the summer, there is a clear cool drink, which is simply happiness coming in the world.Everything is free, let you drink, let you drink ~~ 这家不足50㎡的小店,凭什么在运城开了6年屹立不倒?

I heard that when they are now in the celebration, there will be 20% discount, I like friends.Take advantage of now ~~

这家不足50㎡的小店,凭什么在运城开了6年屹立不倒? Please look for this shop


Address: No. 44-45, 5 districts 5 districts, grateful, 这家不足50㎡的小店,凭什么在运城开了6年屹立不倒?

Business hours: 10: 00-20: 00

这家不足50㎡的小店,凭什么在运城开了6年屹立不倒? Edit / Two Meng Meng

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