Those pits that we have entered together

I am a mother, cooking at home, pick up the child to get out of school, there is no source of economic sources, one day brush onto an advertising video, saying is to play games can make money, just follow the completion level task There is a cash red envelope, you can directly upset WeChat, Alipay, I am excited at that moment, I decided to download it, try again, don’t spend money, don’t you really really?

After the first makeup software download, I took the child every day. After doing housework, I started playing the game to make the task to make money. Open the game a few minutes to play 0.3 yuan, I am very happy, 0.3 is every day You can make up, I will brush the task every day, there will be a game advertisement, I feel that I can download a few games, the first one has played a week, I finally had enough 300 yuan, I am excited to open the cash interface, At the beginning of the 300 yuan cash, it could be cashed in 7 days. As a result, the following time, there was a lot of \”Invited 300 friends to cash withdraws\”, which moment is really good.

The advertisements who play games to make money are really lie. There are several pieces in the advertisement, more than a dozen pieces, in fact, in fact, there are only a few cents, the key cash is still the threshold, can’t finish Advertising, what kind of cat-raising dog game, what kind of flower seed game, there are dozens of dozens of meritain, so I will take us here to enter the pit. Because the pit is very deep, waste time and energy.

On the day of April 27, I watched advertisements in a game. I saw the headline speed version, just got it in and see that there was no harm, brush video, see articles, more play games Strong.



[123 ] 那些我们一起入过的坑

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