Tickets sell cabbage price, will airlines will lose money?Netizen: It is cheap than taxi


We can enjoy 9.9 low-priced shopping fun on various shopping websites, do not know each other, have you bought 99 yuan Low-cost ticket?

As long as 99 can buy a ticket, it seems that it seems to be a little, to know that if 99 will take a taxi, you can run more than 40 kilometers, now 99 can buy it. One ticket, take the plane to the sky, the price, the airline doesn’t pay money?

In fact, it is not only 99, the ticket price has also appeared in the low price of 49,59, then this is very confused, do you have a plane without burning oil? Does not consider cost?

In our ordinary people’s cognition, the operating cost of the transportation of the aircraft should be high, after all, I have to buy a plane, just like Boeing 737 -800, the price is up to 5-6 billion, and the aircraft is still a \”oil tiger\”, and the oil is all tons of tons, these are money.

That airline is so cheap, I sell a ticket, how is it to lose money? Why is there such a cheap ticket? There are several reasons to

Low-cost ticket limit, one marketing method

This is a kind of airline Marketing methods will prepare some limited number of low-cost tickets, such as \”99 yuan to buy tickets\”.

These tickets look very cheap, but the quantity is very limited, can you buy it, you need to spell a handle first ~ This is also a propaganda to the airline.

机票卖出白菜价,航空公司会不会赔钱?网友:比打车还便宜 Special routes will be subsidized

There are some special routes, airlines will have a subsidy once, not flying.

Since there is subsidized, the price of the ticket can be pressed relatively low.

The impact of the high-speed rail

Now the high-speed rail is very convenient, it is not only as bumps like a plane, nor bombings The loud noise, and one fly on the sky, everyone will always feel safer on the ground, so now many branch flights, the impact of high-speed rail is still quite big.

Although the aircraft is fast than the high-speed rail, the time cost of travel is higher, it is necessary to go to the airport one or two hours, but the high-speed rail is half a hour in advance.

When such a short-distance travel, the high-speed rail and aircraft form a competitive relationship to a certain extent, and it is necessary to \”strive to grab\” customers, so many airlines will launch.Special fares, use low-cost passengers, we often find that the same distance in the off-season, many tickets will be cheaper than high-speed rails.

Some routes are single-channel passenger flow less 机票卖出白菜价,航空公司会不会赔钱?网友:比打车还便宜

There are some special routes, and the passenger flow is relatively small, but come back There is a lot of passengers when you fly from A to B, but the plane is almost full of people from B.

In order to earn this part of the return trip, even if the guest rate is low, the price of the ticket is low, and it will fly. If you catch such a flight, it is also possible to buy. To a low-cost ticket.

Mainly relying on the warehouse to make money

We all know that below the airline cabin is the warehouse, sometimes you feel the plane There are few people on the plane, and the tickets I bought are also very cheap. It seems that the airline is lost, but it is possible to be full of Dangdang!

Such a flight is not sold to passenger tickets, mainly by transporting goods in the next party’s goods.


Now that the competition of each corporate company is also quite fierce, but they will never \”lose money to make a drink\”, and the existence of low-cost tickets is a reasonable.

Do you have to buy a low-cost ticket? How is the experience?

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