Today, I and 9 photography big companies, talk about how they make money?



AIR Jun’s friend Iron column suddenly told me a few days ago, preparing for none The high-quality state-owned state-owned state-owned state-owned state-owned enterprises is full-time photographer. There is no accident, this decision has been strongly opposed by his family.

The reasons for opposition is simple: state-owned enterprise income is high and stable, and there is a promotion space, it is a fragrant, independent The photographer is \”watching the day\”.


AIR Jun grades that the independent photographer is not easy to:

· Dozens of pounds of equipment, Just; · On the side of the soup, it will repair the guests overnight; · The work is clearly good, but it is always no one to see;

But AIR Jun still said to him: Do you want to do it, independent photographer is not easy, but it is not no way.

▼ to take a photo as a hobby, he has received 5 single guests after listening to the course.

▼ further, 0 foundation contact photo 5 months, through a tree Let your own passenger bills have been bursted, and the income is over 10,000!

In fact, the AIR Jun saw a lot of independent photographers who were \”good but no known\”.

The wine is also afraid of the alley, in this era of media, it is almost a necessary skill. Some people will refuse \”marketing\”, but there is a saying, AIR Jun hopes that photographers can face \”marketing\”.


White, you are in microblogging, bring overturning, avoid sensitive words, is in combination with the platform’s marketing rules; you send a message in a friend circle, the graphic is Your marketing content.

I don’t necessarily let you get rich overnight, but you will be able to see more people at this stage and have more opportunities in the future.

\”If you know marketing, you will definitely let more people see me?\” 今天,我和9位摄影大咖,聊了聊他们是怎么赚钱的?

What effect can you reach after ordinary photographer marketing? The experience of these photographers will bring you thinking:

White, knowing that self-market not only can you see more people, but also:

· Quickly rose powder and Improve the fans and increase the amount of the tablets, increase the unit price of the card, increase the opportunity of brand and red people, and develop photography in many ways, and achieve income diversification

The above participants, Most of them are photographers, ordinary office workers, college students, etc.

今天,我和9位摄影大咖,聊了聊他们是怎么赚钱的? The photographer who is very well-operated is still the same, then how is the god-level photographer who get the essence of the marketing?

So today, come with Air Jun, how do you make money in 9 photography?

First type: through operation, let yourself income \u0026 reputation!

▼ • Photographer Salsa Sauce Photo, using WeChat 5K friends to achieve 500,000;


[ 123]

▼ • AirPhoto founder Judy, build 100 sets of explosive photography courses, with 100,000 yuan;

[ 123]

▼ • The photographer micropatizes, has made more than 100 scenarios in the 6-square-meter studio, 1 person’s studio is relaxed to 100,000 yuan; [123

▼ • Super popular Japanese film photographer Xu 8 喵

Second: Fast rose powder through operation!

▼ • Photographer AMORIL L through Weibo, build multiple millions of Weibo account from 0 within 1 year;



▼ • Photographer Mo, through 1 microblog attracting thousands of revival, interactiveness up to 1.3W, Read the amount of 415W + circle powder countless.

▼ • • Only 1 small red book, the British photographer Shirley achieved a view of the praise \u0026 collection double-double 300,000 + one year, 350,000!



The third type: attracts super multi-brand cooperation by operation!

▼ • 600,000 Powns \”founder Cai Wenchuan,\” Photography Cat, \”, through the continuous summing of operations and changing routines, becoming a multi-branded photography division.


• Many years of shooting + operation experience, make photography Teacher Weishan has accumulated a lot of popularity in the circle, and also attracted Sony, Huawei and other big names to business cooperation with her.

今天,我和9位摄影大咖,聊了聊他们是怎么赚钱的? The number of fans has increased, and the personal brand IP effect is invited to approximately, the month is 10,000 …

[ 123]

These big coffee photograms have gradually mastered the operational rules of major platforms through their own actual combat, summarization, and the output of tens of thousands of works, explosive photography tutorials / short video Connect to a variety of business cooperation, monthly gains up to five digits!

▼ In 2021, the AIR Photography College once again jointly colluded with the rising powder changing law, and the upgrade iterated the latest photographer rose powder change class 5.0!

No matter what you want: · Realize the monthly entry of 10,000, the income is skyrocketing; · Fast rose powder, improve word-of-mouth and reputation;

· Contact more business cooperation;

I still want to explore yourself as a photographer through the open online photography courses, start construction room, etc., this time the photography People rose powder change class 5.0 can meet you once, let you rapidly rise in a short time!

Original price 699 yuan early bird price only 299 yuan to sweep the poster to GET big coffee with the same paragraph \”粉 变 现 套 路\”


(After subscription, you can go back, you can study it at any time)

今天,我和9位摄影大咖,聊了聊他们是怎么赚钱的? Q: phase What is the difference between the current marketing lesson than the first 4?

A: This time, photographer rises from the class 5.0 content we have been upgraded!

1, added new online course operation sector 2, also give 1 section \”One lesson tells you why the photographer wants to do video number\” 3, according to according to The current marketing environment is an iterative update to the original course. Each class will probably update about 15-30%.

▼ Line course operation, is the secret of AirPhoto’s first public explosion course production!

今天,我和9位摄影大咖,聊了聊他们是怎么赚钱的? From the course product design process, to packaging skills, promotion skills, and then 99% of the photographers don’t know the mine area, Tell you!

Knowledge payment era, every photographer has more possibilities, open courses are not difficult, it is difficult to do a good class, become an excellent Lecturer, create a unique explosion model. AirPhoto has created a hundred sets of explosive photography courses. This time, it’s time to see the family’s skills ~

▼ This time you will receive a super-dry goods video number class. The recent video number is too big, so many photographers are hesitant to do video numbers? AIR Jun can tell you affirmation:! For the reasons, we have said in class.

The content iterative update does not have to say more, the Internet is turning around, and the marketing gameplay is constantly changing. From 1.0 to 5.0, this is already the 4th content iteration.


During the marketing class

5.0, 9 big coffee guides in this marketing class Will survey each photographer concerned, through personal brand, fans operation, approximate tips, studio operation, marketing platform 5 big sectors to tell you one by one.

Even a friend of 0, can also pass this step-by-step teaching to master this rising powder, don’t worry about yourself.


said that the first photographic marketing class in early 2020 is now in the present, and there are 3,000 full five-star praise. 46 00+ students learn how to operate themselves, let their works increase, and how to attract more fans.

I believe that the true user feedback below can also make you more confidently to master these marketing skills!



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[123 ]

▼ 299 yuan You can learn?

9 Section Video Live Teaching Class, 105 minutes per class! 60-minute official course + 45 minutes live broadcast Q \u0026 A 9 big coffee pourings take you to quickly rose powder, realize the month! 今天,我和9位摄影大咖,聊了聊他们是怎么赚钱的?

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[123 ]

▼ Each teacher’s face costs must be a few thousand yuan / person now they now give these operations without retaining to you through video live lessons

2021 self Media The era, and the individual individuals have the opportunity to see. Good photographs should not be buried, photographers should be seen by more people!

Today you spend a hot pot money, mastering the chassis of the photographer’s rising powder. After the month, others are still worrying and you easily achieve over 10,000, or even tens of thousands!

▼ The original price of 699 yuan limited time special offer only 299 yuan scan code can be registered

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can consult the course ▼ ▼

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今天,我和9位摄影大咖,聊了聊他们是怎么赚钱的? [ 123]

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