True: 16 minutes to eat 10 barrels of fire chicken noodles, sitting thousands of fans, is it really eaten or vomited?

Don’t take the mouth, don’t have to do legs, even if you eat a lot every day, you can still keep one hundred pounds of weight, I believe this is a lot of girls.

However, this dream seems to be so simple in mijun, even if you eat it every day, but she still keeps slender body.

The midst of the midst of the world’s earliest big stomach king is also the first person to eat crabs. She has a bit of baby fat, lively and cheerful character, said a bite. Fluent Chongqing captured a lot of fans’s heart.


This girl looks very petty, actually can kill 10 barrel of fire chicken noodles within 16 minutes, which is amazed.

密子君:16分钟吃完10桶火鸡面,坐拥千万粉丝,是真吃还是催吐? However, after being criticized by CCTV, many eating broadcasts are cool, only the martial arts still stands.

Doing it for so many years, what is the favorite of so many people?

How is she alone?

Eat, simple, is a live broadcast, and it is more popular in China and South Korea.

Before the martyrdom bursts, Japan has a very hot eating blogger called Wood. 密子君:16分钟吃完10桶火鸡面,坐拥千万粉丝,是真吃还是催吐?

The appearance of cute villain, plus the amazing food, the wood is not only loved in Japan, but also harvested China’s fans.

In 2009, the wooden participated in a name \”Yuan Zu! The food competition of the Dazi King decided to cross the Queen excavation line, and he received attention with a lovely image.

Subsequently, started a video of the food in YouTube, quickly spread all the net, opened the big gates of the big stomach.

After the fire is bursting, there have been a lot of big stomach kings in China, one of the most popular bloggers is the martial art.

The original name is Zhou Yous, in 1992, was born in Chongqing in Chongqing, from a child, a warm girl.

密子君:16分钟吃完10桶火鸡面,坐拥千万粉丝,是真吃还是催吐? Chongqing people really like to eat spicy, and treat people enthusiasm, the martial arts, in such an environment, I like a very spicy food, and also develop a lively and cheerful personality.

And and the stomach of the midst of the mandarin is always more than others, others eat a bowl to eat two bowls.

The parents started to have a daughter’s appetite so good, but considering that she is in the long body, she will go.

Nice college is attending Chongqing Jiaotong University. At that time, she did not have a concept of broadcasting, and she didn’t expect to go into the media from the media in the future.


In 2016, Zhejiang held a \”100 Life Yunbai Rice\” activities. The martial arts felt that they can eat a lot of us, and they should be able to challenge success. I will take a look at the mindset.

In the absence of any piece of food, the midst of the martial arts ate 8 pounds of rice, but also drank two bottles of mineral water, and people touched.

On the same day, the midst of the manda is hot. After 90, the beautiful woman eats 8 pounds of white rice, which is an explosive topic for netizens.

密子君:16分钟吃完10桶火鸡面,坐拥千万粉丝,是真吃还是催吐? With this experience, the manda will be famous for his name, and then completely entered the broadcaster.

In the same year, the martial arts uploaded a video of \”16 minutes and 20 seconds\” in the fast food 10 barrel turkey, causing a sensation.

The video is wearing a black dress, taking a ponytail, the whole person looks very petite, but she can eat 10 barrel fire chicken noodles in just 16 minutes, let people look .

Everything I have to eat the turkey face, the turkey surface is very spicy, the miracle is equipped with a bottle of milk, and the eyes are not eaten. 密子君:16分钟吃完10桶火鸡面,坐拥千万粉丝,是真吃还是催吐? After this video is issued, it has obtained up to 17 million playback, but also let more people know the martial art.

Subsequently, she released a video challenged thousands of acres of flowers in half an hour to eat 40 cakes in half an hour. .

They call her \”China’s first eating blogger\” \”Chinese version of the wood\”.

The eating broadcast at the time was to be a large number of fans in this kind of food in the number or taste of visual exaggeration, and quickly attracted a large number of fans.

密子君:16分钟吃完10桶火鸡面,坐拥千万粉丝,是真吃还是催吐? As the first person in China, the record of mijun is also very bright.

She can sweep a large pot of 6.6 pounds in 6 minutes. After 5 minutes, I have finished 16 glutinous rice scorpions, 4 minutes, 5 bowls of hot Chongqing duck blood flour soup … [ 123]

People who read her video will be amazed at her food, how can a 90G girls can eat, and they are not fat, petite body High-calorie things form a huge contrast.

密子君:16分钟吃完10桶火鸡面,坐拥千万粉丝,是真吃还是催吐? When the midst is when shooting video, I like to use a big bowl and a big spoon, and put the camera opposite the food, so you can make the table Food and her petite people form a distinct contrast.

In 2017, the martial arts successfully entered a station and sat in a 10 million fans.

Her praise of each video will have hundreds of thousands, and the top flow is red.

After the red, the miper is evenInvited to participate in Hunan Satellite TV \”Everyday\”, in the show, the host asked her, how much is you spent in a month.

The mid-to-answer, one or 20,000 pieces a month, even the host also shocked.

In the case where there is no filter, there is no beauty, the midst of the manda is still a favorite look, the color is not a car.

密子君:16分钟吃完10桶火鸡面,坐拥千万粉丝,是真吃还是催吐? At the beginning of each video, she will say a self-introduction

\”Hellohello, I am a mission\”

[ 123] When she laughed, she would show two sweet small dimples, very infectious.

密子君:16分钟吃完10桶火鸡面,坐拥千万粉丝,是真吃还是催吐? From the video we can see that she is a very lively girl. When she eats food, she will join the vivid and exaggerated expression and gestures, and make a review of the food.

As long as you open her video for three seconds, you can feel her lively, like a neighboring big sister.

And she also knows how to use their own advantages, because she is a Chongqing person, I like to eat spicy, the audience likes to watch the taste, so she eats a lot of hot pot, spicy, Pair of bridge rice, etc., it is very addictive.

At the time of the hometown of the store, she will say hello to the fellow with his fellow, so that many screens in front of the screen are very kind.

The early videos of the midjet, almost all the big food is a head, in other words, she is called because of her own meal.

密子君:16分钟吃完10桶火鸡面,坐拥千万粉丝,是真吃还是催吐? Don’t say that the mid is almost like this, the time is almost like this, the more food, the more exaggerated the plot, the better, and Earth taste broadcast.

They can explode a chapter, a big lobster, some can even eat frog … 123]

There is a well-known blogger, in the case of shrimp, or eat it, the expression is still very enjoyable.

They can do it for traffic unscrupulous means. 密子君:16分钟吃完10桶火鸡面,坐拥千万粉丝,是真吃还是催吐?

With the brightest fire, many want to know, can she really eat so much food?

Is she really eaten or a vomited?

密子君:16分钟吃完10桶火鸡面,坐拥千万粉丝,是真吃还是催吐? It turned out that many big stomach kings were broadcast to blind eyeballs, and they would secretly adopt a vomiting method, spit out the food eaten.

Some will use a method of chewing, that is, in front of the camera, spit food in the trash can when the lens is turned off.Very waste of food.

Some eating blogger starthes to: 密子君:16分钟吃完10桶火鸡面,坐拥千万粉丝,是真吃还是催吐?

\”If you have been eating a lot but not growing into a big fat man, you may be like this Things, otherwise no one will be unfained, unless you have an excellent self-made force, you can get rid of the exercise. \”

Yes, people who are not fat is after all.

After the martial arts, some people questioned that she is also in vomiting, because in accordance with a normal amount of food, she can’t eat so much. 密子君:16分钟吃完10桶火鸡面,坐拥千万粉丝,是真吃还是催吐?

The midst of the midst, and her body is always so thin, it is difficult for people to make a vomiting.


This common vomited person, there is a mysterious code called a rabbit. After they eat food, they will make things resent by using fingers. come out.

Because the stomach reacted in the middle of the inspiring process, it will leave a dentist in his hand. 密子君:16分钟吃完10桶火鸡面,坐拥千万粉丝,是真吃还是催吐? After the netizen, some netizens came out of the Identity of the prince. Everyone said that she is the elderly who switched to vomit. After being smashed, the QQ is canceled.

Some people compare the videos and the current videos of the cobs, and can see her face or not fat, it is swollen to face.

Some netizens said that this is the sequelae of vomiting, causing the face edema, and the mental state is very bad.

密子君:16分钟吃完10桶火鸡面,坐拥千万粉丝,是真吃还是催吐? And, in the early video, she uses her own true sound, but now it is with a variety of cells.

Guessing for this netizen is that the vomiting will lead to the sound of being getting more and more hoarse, the manda is afraid to wear help, and use the vagador to maintain its own people.

In a video, netizens found that there was a wound in the hand of the cobi, which was very like a trace of vitably.


In order to better spit out food in order to better put food, it will drink a lot of water or cream, which is unsatisfactory.

It can be said that since the murder of the manda, I have never stopped.

There is a boyfriend called a feeder in the early years, and the two often spend the video together.

At that time, the martial martial arts is a small yellow duck of the rental house, and the other is a bowl of ancestral, and one is the owned breeder.

密子君:16分钟吃完10桶火鸡面,坐拥千万粉丝,是真吃还是催吐? When two people were together, they were also optimistic by many people, and there were even many people who had a CP.

Unfortunately, thenCome to the midst of the prince and the breeders, and the two will have no frames.

In 2020, CCTV’s name criticized the phenomenon of the stomach king, pushed a lot of big stomach to the tip.

CCTV said that resolutely put an end to the phenomenon of waste food, but also rectify the air of poor broadcast on the Internet. 密子君:16分钟吃完10桶火鸡面,坐拥千万粉丝,是真吃还是催吐?

The big stomach king also missed the risks in this, so the \”big stomach mini\” is renamed \”涡 少 女 mini\”, \”Dalan\” renamed \” Allen eats eating \”, video style is also shared by massive drinks to explore.

As we all know, the ID of the midjack is called \”Dazi King True Jun\”. After CCTV rectified the big stomach king, she cut the big stomach in the name.


And she no longer highlights her own food, more or a video such as some probes. 密子君:16分钟吃完10桶火鸡面,坐拥千万粉丝,是真吃还是催吐?

And her video of the store has also been well developed, and many people like it.

It is said that there is already your own company soon, but also signed a few people to eat, and the cause is also growing better.

密子君:16分钟吃完10桶火鸡面,坐拥千万粉丝,是真吃还是催吐? At present, her number of microblog fans has already 1.902 million, which is called the real domestic first broadcast.

When the prior to the prior to shoot, there must always be a few assistants to help her light, but the current video is basically her hand.

密子君:16分钟吃完10桶火鸡面,坐拥千万粉丝,是真吃还是催吐? After the red red, she also received a lot of advertisements, these advertisements were more obvious, but netizens could not feel the disgusting, but they would pay now to pay .

According to her current fans, her fees of her advertising may be hundreds of thousands, and they are not a problem in one year.

At present, although the mandare is no longer continuing to continue the style of the stomach king, she is still more than before, many people are worried about her physical condition. 密子君:16分钟吃完10桶火鸡面,坐拥千万粉丝,是真吃还是催吐?

A sentence is good, traffic is a double-edged sword, although the midst of the monarch has made a lot of money, but she must have paid a lot behind her. Heart blood.

We look like a very happy to eat and drink every day, in fact, there is a lot of time to go to the clip.

No matter what, I hope that the mandarin can cherish his body and put your body in the first place.

密子君:16分钟吃完10桶火鸡面,坐拥千万粉丝,是真吃还是催吐? For the midst, what do you want to say?

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