University dormitory earning money (college dormitory to make money)

Changsha Evening News, the whole media reporter Yue Xia interns history

Where is the innovation of innovation? How to play your own special hobby? In recent years, college students have turned their eyes to dormitory: do not need to rent spaces, operate, inter-room or earn some living expenses, cost pressure is not big … The college students use their own \”18th martial arts\”, started in the dormitory \”Dig the first bucket of gold\”.


The phenomenon of colleges and universities \”

A simple small table, a table lamp, a chair, this is the place where Hunan University of Science and Technology Li Xin dormit is a place . Li Xin’s \”Dormitory Nail Store\” is very hot. If you want to make a nail, you will generally need to make an appointment one month in advance. Girls who have been to Li Xin Diendai have also been more satisfied: \”The dormit is much cheaper than the special nail shop outside, and it is twenty or thirty pieces once, and the technology is good, the price is high.\”

\”I just started to do it yourself, I did my friend, and I didn’t think about it. I wanted to collect money last year because of the epidemic, I learned a lot of nail skills, I feel my own The technology is getting more and more refined. After returning to the school, he opened the Dormitory Manicure store. \”Li Xin said,\” I usually use the school on Tuesday and Friday, and the time of the weekend, two weeks two weeks. \” I will suspend the order, because it is important to learn. \”

Jiangsu Satellite TV once broadcast TV series\” Mountain Month, I don’t know the things \”, the way to play, is a devote After the college students in the workstation, they came to the \”small soldiers\” in the dormitory after the opportunity. Not only that, she also personally delivered breakfast for the students. This is a huge benefits for \”getting hard\”. There is a market in the market, and the far-selling ministry business is very hot. Liu Yang (pseudonym) in a college in Hunan is also copying the road to far.

\”WeChat collection, five yuan!\” \”Alipay to the account, ten yuan!\” Liu Yang has opened \”small soldiers\” in the dormitory. \”The usual small selling department sells some eating, drink, such as bubble noodles, drinks, snacks, etc. The customer is also a hostel to knock on the door. Just starting to help the customer bubble noodles, when it is more than a dozen barrels, but still persisted. \”Liu Yang said his\” business class \” It is endless.

Every time the end of the period, there must be a lot of review materials. The print shop is very far away from the dormitory. The armed police of Central South University is super, Wang Hao has bought a printer in the dormitory, and the students who need it can Go to their dormitory print information. The Armed Police Super Tells reporters, their print shops can probably have 300 yuan per month, but he thinks that profit is secondary, mainly to make yourself and classmates have been convenient. In school and playOn the issue of time allocation of the store operate, he will also deal with it clearly, and it will blame it for classmates. He said it also hopes to use a pro-office system to learn from Office and PS, which can expand more business and make it easy for other students.

Overview of the expectation of profitable harvest experience

Currently, \”Innovative Entrepreneurship Basics\” have been included in the compulsory and elective courses of major universities, the purpose is to cultivate college students’ innovative spirit and scientific entry, Understand the innovative entrepreneurial knowledge and improve innovative entrepreneurial capacity. These \”Dormitory Micro\” CEOs said that in the dormitory, it is an initial experience of innovative entrepreneurship, closely combined with the classroom, and the \”micro\” of the dormitory can also do the wind.

There are many types of \”micro-company\” in the dormitory, and \”founding people\” also have different expectations for the harvest of their own business.

Li Xin introduced: \”I will first meet my hobbies, I often give myself a nail, and I also like to study these nail tools, sometimes give two or three customers for two or three customers. Although there are some tired, I really like this thing, so I don’t feel hard. In the future, I intend to develop the nail into my own side, so now I am in learning and grinding my own technical stage, gaining Some valuable experiences. \”

\” The initial opening of the small-selling department is a friend introduced, I also want to make some living expenses in the spare time, now I can basically achieve tuition and living expenses, no longer to home If you want money, it is still very accomplished. \”Liu Yang said.

大学生寝室开“微公司”:做美甲、开打印社、跑腿、开小卖部… Make money is not the only purpose. Like Song Dynasty, it will naturally enter the business sea, become a successful business elite.

The dispute dormitory \”micro-company\” is an embarrassment

The reporter also found that in order to start the store in the dormitory, the university student is still in a jurisdiction of the school. Some schools are clearly stipulated in the Student Manual, not allowing commodity sales in the dormitory; some schools do not limit the relevant regulations of the store trading in the student dormitory. But even for schools specified in the Clear Ordinance, due to the \”dormitory micro\” quantity, the school tube is invincible, and the students still \”have time to drill\”.

\”Our school is clearly stated that students do not allow students to sell in the dormitory, but as long as they do not affect the order of the dormitory, the school is doing these for us. In fact, there is no knowledge. This is also a ‘underground business’ Liu Yang introduced.

The armed police said: \”It is not very clear that this behavior in the dormitory is in the store. If there is a violation, we will rectify immediately.\”

Not only the school It is stipulated that there is a contradiction between the dormitory roommates in the \”micro-company\” \”micro-company\”. Because the dormitory is mainly a place to rest, open people from the dormitory to the storeIt is inevitably disturbing the normal rest and learning of roommates.

Li Xin took this problem. She mainly in the roommate in the dormitory, if the roommates are studying or resting, Li Xin will also remind the customer’s customer chat and whispering, the customer is also understandable.

Liu Yang said: \”My roommate is still more supporting me to open the small selling department, because the boys’ dormitory is not too heavy for privacy and noisy problems than the female dormitory. But if the big four The roommates have to postgraduate, maybe it will pass. \”

\” I really have a problem of disturbing roommates rest and learning, and then our dormitory print shop sets business hours, no lunch break and evening No longer printed, this can avoid affecting roommates rest. In addition, people can come and go to affect the normal life of the roommate, we will avoid customers waiting in the bedroom, generally print, then inform them to take, this saves Time. \”Armed Police Super Medicine.

Hunan University of Science and Technology Humanities and Communication College Lecturer Wang Chaoqun said that college students start a business, it is worthy of advocating, the key is how to start a business and how school management issues. Most of the current dormitory in the small selling department do not have a business license, there is indeed food safety risk. In the end, college students do business and need a business license. If you are involved in hard work, you can make the relevant departments of the workmanship in accordance with this situation. In addition, there is a valuable college students’ entrepreneurship should be linked to professional skills, and innovation in professional skills. It is like a dormitory nail shop. If you can integrate some innovative elements, such as adding some \”artistic creation\” on the armor. It will be better than one level.

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