Use mobile phone vegetables, annual income of 400,000 hot search, can mobile phones also vegetables?

Recently, a \”Shouguang Cuisine Agricultural Using Mobile Philosophers Announcement of 400,000, withdraws more than 400,000, more than developed countries\”. Some netizens filed a question: Is the income of the vegetable really so high? Can a mobile phone also play vegetables?


According to a vegetable farmer in Shouguang, the mobile phone is a vegetable, and the income of the net is completely correct, but the income of the net is average income. In general, if you own a greenhouse of 150 meters to 250 meters, then a vegetable income of a greenhouse will reach 500,000 a year; but if it is the 60-meter-long shed, then the income is Will be low. \”

According to 2020 Shandong official figure: Shouguang has a total of 1.73 million vegetables in a vegetable planting greenhouse, with an annual vegetable vegetable. In 2019, Shouguang farmers had per capita disposable income has reached 22484. Yuan. Among them, most of the income comes from vegetables and related industries. It should be said that the vegetable industry has increased its farmers’ income, and its role is very obvious.

Shouguang’s facility vegetable industry, pregnant in the 20th century In the 1980s, it has developed in the 1990s. After the 21st century, it began to enter steadily improvement stage. Shouguang facilities, the scientific and technological level and the people’s ability of the Shouguang facilities and the people will always lead to the whole country, and the guests who come to the dishes have exceeded 2 million. And, Shouguang vegetables are also among the world’s vegetables production advanced ranks, with California, Netherlands of Lancinca, Spain’s Almeria, which is called \”World Four Vegetable Areas\”.


So, how does Shouguang vegetable farmers use mobile phones? 利用手机种菜,年入40万上热搜,手机也会种菜吗?

Last year, Local Local, China Shouguang Smart Glass \”In this greenhouse\”, in this greenhouse, there is a large space advantage of the Netherlands Wenluo Co-Co, and the heat storage feature of China’s daylight greenhouse is used. It can intelligently produce vegetables.

In Shouguang, there is also a \”tidal seedling factory\” covering an area of \u200b\u200bmore than 1,000 square meters. In this factory, the vegetable seedlings are intelligent.

Profile that most of Shouguang’s vegetable green shed is a standardized, smart production workshop. In this workshop, pesticides, fertilizers, all can achieve automatic control, not only reduced labor intensity, but also realize vegetables. Fine management, and also reduced production costs.

A greenhouse of Shouguang City said: Whether it is in the morning roll insulation, or at night, the cover is insulated, as long as the software on the phone, click a few Next, the next step will be installed in the green shed, which can be automated inspections, pollination, fertilization, picking and vegetable transportation. When the robot \”on\”, vegetablesVegetable production has fully realized full mechanization, intelligent.

We all know that a greenhouse will plant vegetables in many years, there will be a phenomenon of the increase in nutshell disease, and once this phenomenon occurs, it will inevitably affect the quality and production of vegetables.

How does Shouguang avoid the occurrence of local diseases?

It is alleged that from November 2010, Shouguang City launched Shouguang Vegetable \”Valan Plan\” Demonstration Project, and began to use biosafin to improve soil, so that soil activity has been continuously excited.利用手机种菜,年入40万上热搜,手机也会种菜吗?

According to the professional data measured by Shouguang Agricultural Technology Department, the organic matter content in Shouguang soil has been raised from 1.56% in 2010 to 1.87%, and the soil porosity has been increased from 47.7% to 49.2%, fertilizer utilization.It has been increased by more than 10%.

Under the joint efforts of the agricultural technologies and vegetable farmers, Shouguang City launched the \”Valan Plan\” with a fruitful result.

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