Using a good college entrance examination, you will find that it is so simple.

In fact, we know that if you want to make money, it is relatively easy. Many times, it is a matter of time, it is easy to succeed; and after choosing things, it is a precise group. This has always been troublesome. The difficulty of many people; first to determine the needs of the group, there is a pain point where there is a need; the recent opportunity to be the college entrance examination, and the demand crowd is also clear, all students and parents.


First let’s analyze the feasibility, for the college entrance examination, I don’t want me to do it. Many explanations, everyone knows his importance, many people regard it as a springboard that changes fate, and many parents are also pinned in their children. There are a lot of hot news every year, such as a certain parent for Better supervising the children’s learning and moved directly to the school next to the school.


And we can see the data on the post, just the college entrance examination is close to 300 Ten thousand people, we also know that it is not a place that is very hot now, but it is very direct from data to show us the huge college entrance examination.

The college entrance examination showing Figure 1-1

利用好高考,你会发现挣钱既然如此简单 In addition to the original importance of the college entrance examination mentioned above, 2020 or A special year, this year, because of the serious impact of the epidemic, it is now in the late April, but many schools still can’t start on time. If you have experienced the college entrance examination, it should be very clear, the high three starts from the second half of the semester, There is basically very few lessons. Basically, they are a large number of questions, written, and the teacher once again analyzes the cruel points, and precautions, but now I can’t start, there is no atmosphere at the school, many students are If you can’t enter the state, no matter whether it is a student or a parents, it is anxious.

The college entrance examination knowledge points 1-1

Analyze the importance, how do we use this hotspot? Change analysis 1, online or offline training is the own institution, this obvious is not very in line with us, not everyone can operate; 2, selling and learning related learning items, such as stationery, books, and Suitable for all of our people doing, college entrance examination; 3, selling functional ingredients, or various drinks, etc.

In the case of the presentation, the basic first-line, we mainly need to operate; the most appropriate operation, of course, the second point of the college entrance examination; college entrance examination students generally have three phases; 1, Usually learn the difference, I want to upgrade myself in a short time; 2, study achievementsWait, I want to solve the problem of delayed problems, have excellent academic performance, and want to learn the skills to deal with the college entrance examination. 利用好高考,你会发现挣钱既然如此简单

The college entrance examination knowledge points 1-2

The first step is clear, which group is to do, for This group selects the right information; we can collect all kinds of test highlighters in Baidu, there are many people who have been doing, and then how many points have been improved, and they are very good, and the college entrance examination is still excellent. The deeds of the seed champion; we don’t need to go to see the true and false of these deeds. After all, this thing will not harm people, and this thing, as long as you organize imaging stories, many people like to watch, naturally, I will find you, these They are all inductive.

Example of college entrance examination Figure 1-2

利用好高考,你会发现挣钱既然如此简单 Then operate, there are two places, one is post, one is Zhi, the current focus is in knowing; before, many people have heard that many people have earned money by selling college entrance examination notes, they are generally posting questions to post the answer, come to get the source, and then boot to QQ or WeChat Go transformation.

Example of the college entrance examination Figure 1-3

Of course, this is also effective, after all, there is still a demand for people, it is also true. Existence; however, it is primarily to know, why do you know about it, because I know that it is a question and answer platform, I just confirmed the maximum demand before the college entrance examination to treat the test: After filling in volunteers, the targeted is very strong, of course, the customers obtained here are very accurate.

利用好高考,你会发现挣钱既然如此简单 Examples of college entrance exams 1-4

How should it be operated, you can search for college entrance examination in knowing, it will come out. Related questions, such as: one hundred days left, how to review; how to improve mathematics results; you may ask, these don’t, don’t matter, we have thousands of Baidu, and we collect us The college entrance examination is noted, covering the note screenshots of various knowledge points, or do more real, copy it with a pen; then equipped with his text, configure certain instructions under the picture, this answer will look high Some, and here is mainly a point; the question answering must be, the better the answer, the longer the answer, the basic answer is very long, the points of praise and the amount of comments, the exposure is very high; the middle must not A variety of contact information, or is a marketing, you can add the public number to your own personal information, knowing that this is not particularly restricted, but the quality of the content is more strict, and there can be At the comment area, you need an electronic version of the review area to reply xxx, II will send you private letter, give you a corresponding information; finally, it is guided to WeChat or QQ when private letter.

Examples of college entrance examinations 1-5

However, good programs still need to correspond to the actual effect, I don’t have anything directly to make money. The way to make money is basically written in the Constitution; so do things still need personal efforts, just follow the method steps, earn Money must not be a problem, you can predict it, if you can add 200 people a day, a month is 6,000 people, if you sell the yuan notes, a 50 yuan, that is, 6000 * 50 \u003d 300,000; still more considerable Of course, if you can create more income, you have to believe that every year is nearly 10 million people every year, you can market one or 20,000 people, the possibility is still very big; and as long as it is a group and WeChat In addition, there are still many kinds in the form of change, you can slowly explore.


Example of college entrance examination Figure 1-6

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