Video clip earning money (can video clips make money?)

How can no newcomers do their own media through home, how can I achieve 8673.69 for a month?


Hello everyone, I am Xiaolifei! Since the media recently received a lot of fans, private letter messages, I want to learn from the media, but there is no direction! Today, Xiaofeng will share it.

(Since the media novice suggests to pay attention to the collection, only share it!)

First, find video material

mobile phone:

1: Download the movie paradise, only Need to search for the keywords you need material

2: You can record it through the screen of the mobile phone, record the wonderful content to him!

新手居家做自媒体视频剪辑,一个月赚了8673.69,方法送给大家 Computer:

3: Computer Search 80s, find directly above search box for search

4: Can be downloaded directly, It is HD without watermark

II: Specific clip step

1: Open the clip to import the downloaded video material into the editing software, set the screen ratio 16: 9 (otherwise confidering Y) [ 123] 新手居家做自媒体视频剪辑,一个月赚了8673.69,方法送给大家 2: Make video segmentation, delete excess portals

3: Fragment mix, each 10s segment can be added to add a transition effect

4: Add a soothing compliance Video background music, sound

5: One-click identification of our subtitles, and modify the style size

6: Add personal style tail, increase the original entrance

7 : Export Selection 1080p, select 60 frame rate

3: Publishing precautions

1: Works release selection excellent cover and title (very important)

新手居家做自媒体视频剪辑,一个月赚了8673.69,方法送给大家 2 : The video quality is best to export 1080p, and can not bring watermark

3: 16: 9 of the video format is the horizontal screen, the length of time must be greater than 1 minute (otherwise Y)

no You can refer to my video

4: Choose a good release time, it is best to get off work, such as:

noon: (11: 00-13: 00)

In the afternoon: (17: 00-19: 00)

Specific operations are taught The rest is the actual clip! During the clip, be sure to join your own ideas. If you are still a few fur, don’t worry, slowly, because every gain has a work process, stick to you can also hope that you are still confused, there is no direction you have help ~ [ 123]

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