Want to open a noodle shop to earn money?


Many people make marketing and promotion together, and the focus of marketing is the spread of the brand. For example, some bosses have 1 million advertisements, he I don’t sell it, he tells you what he is doing is to promote his brand.

In the promotion, more is to sell products, attract users through discounts, the purpose is to make money, so that the two are essentially different, the side focus is different, but the ultimate The purpose is to be the same, which is to sell products.

Today, I share the marketing cases of two local mighty gameplay. Why is it a mighty gameplay? Because his activity is too murderous. The average person does not dare to play like this, because it is possible to make money, but it is not good, it may lose money.

Let’s talk about the first case, Chongqing hot pot for one year, there is a hot pot restaurant in Chongqing to do a super membership card, eat a hot pot for free, how much is the super membership card? Ten thousand yuan. Said more, but there are few more, why? Because I have been a year.

如何开一个面馆?面条免费吃1年,不亏钱还赚钱的商业模式 Some people immediately said, this is definitely there back, how many times is 10,000 yuan? How much is it for each consumption? Wait, but you are wrong, because, 10,000 yuan is not limited, no number of people, that is, you can eat every day 365 days, you can come alone or 5 people, but consumption cannot More than 400 yuan.

Of course, the premise is that your hot pot is good. Comprehensively, it may be flat, or it may lose money.

However, they have reached a word of mouth propaganda, so this kind of routine wants to make money a bit difficult, so there will be quota restrictions, more than a loss, thank you for advertising, this routine Don’t play easily.

The following is shared with everyone is also a case, how is it? He launched \”100 yuan for free a year, 1000 yuan for life free to eat\”, how is he profitable? Here is you sharing:

A event has been carried out in the storefront, 100 yuan for a long eating noodles, 1,000 yuan for life free. This price can be accepted, 100, 1000 pieces is not much, now a bowl of noodles should be 10 yuan, eat 10 bowls of noodles 100, it is not something, but their noodles are 18 pieces of one bowl.

We count, if you eat a bowl every day, 365 days by 18 is 6570 yuan, but now as long as 100 dollars. In fact, this is just a matter, 1,000 yuan for free, how much can I eat, I don’t know how to count.

如何开一个面馆?面条免费吃1年,不亏钱还赚钱的商业模式 Some people say it is definitely a liar, how it is possible, set the money, but after reading this condition, you don’t think it is, because he is a limited number, only 100, another one It also restricts local people, only two places.

Although it is limited, if it is a selling noodles, it is definitely a loss. This is what people know, but what is the routing behind? I don’t know, there is a set of routines behind? For example, after mixing, it is a partner who will pull you into a store. You see you often eat our noodles, taste is good, do you want to pay some money to become a partner? Some are divided. If it is a partner, it is estimated that you will not come to eat noodles every day, of course this is future.

So this activity is so big, what is the benefit? If the user sees it, will it look at it? Will there be a user to help promote? 100 pieces for a year, this attraction is still very big. Do not propagate, even TV stations also engage in publicity, so after the decoration, many people know that there is this store, which store? 100 yuan to eat 1000 yuan for a life free of charge.

So, is they really selling noodles? Sorry, you are wrong, because they sell noodles just one series, and there are stone grilled lamb erolition, small cage stewed vegetables, vinegar squid stewed tofu, Bai Yan Huacua, onion burn sea cucumber, too much Because they are also a restaurant.

So how to promote normal restaurants? A certain name is open, 20% off the audience, there is a lottery, can you remember such an event? But how do they propagate? 100 yuan for free ate noodles, 1000 yuan for life free noodles. Which advertise you can remember? Which advertise will be promoted again? I feel that the next thing is easier to keep users remember, what do you think?

Free as a marketing strategy and even business models, it has become more common and widely used by more companies, and creates considerable profits, not only the Internet economy. The same is true of the entity market.

如何开一个面馆?面条免费吃1年,不亏钱还赚钱的商业模式 The resources you need will have this world, create far, not integrated!

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