Watermelon video earned money (watermelon video makes money easy)

Watermelon video app is short video software under the headline today, how do novices get a good revenue on the video of watermelon? Crazy tells you the answer.

First, friends who can make video you can make original videos. Then uploaded to the video of watermelon, remember to click on the original, and the ads, and then someone will watch the video you make. You will have a benefit.

疯狂教你如何在今日头条下西瓜视频app获得收益 The original content must be done to

Second, the small partner of the small partner watermelon video that does not make a video also has a simple acquisition method. That is to watch the video. There will be someone here. You said that this brush video is in other short video speed version, it’s all, but the watermelon video is given more and worry. As shown,


疯狂教你如何在今日头条下西瓜视频app获得收益 [123

In accordance with the arrow, you will see your income. Just open a video, watch the full screen, after playing this video back to automatically play one. Understand, don’t click on the next one, you can hang up the operation. Oh, the picture above is for seven days, hang up an hour every day.

Finally, I will remind everyone that I need a video to have a format of 16: 9, and it is easy to be sealed, everyone is careful.

疯狂教你如何在今日头条下西瓜视频app获得收益 Crazy original creation, welcome to comment on the praise to support [Anguang flashes]. We work together on the income topics [呲 呲]

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